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If you can’t find good fruits or vegetables in season, buying them frozen is okay too. Whole grains such as brown rice, wild rice, barley, corn, oats, millet, farro, quinoa, etc are all healthy and filling foods. Brown and Wild Rice – good with beans (as shown above), with stir-fries, in soups, in burritos, or even desserts (rice pudding). As mentioned with the rice and other whole grains – buying in bulk can save you money. Grocery outlet, Walmart, some 99Cent stores, Food Max, etc are just a few names (in California) of cheap grocery stores.
You can do this with friends, coworkers, or even start a group in your area to swap with other people who are in the same boat. This entry was posted in Clean Eating, How - To Cook Series, Tips, Weight Loss and tagged budget, cheap, clean eating, eat clean, eating healthy, groceries, grocery, guide, healthy food, on the cheap, save money, shopping, tips on September 22, 2015 by kelly.
Still, if youa€™re skeptical about eating healthier foods and sticking to your budget, here are some ideas. A pack of plain cereal or seeds will last you longer than boxed cereal and you can cut down the sugar, making it healthier. As you preheat your oven to 250 degrees, get your salt, maple syrup and oil mixed in a bowl.
A great trick to make healthy eating on a budget work is to choose versatile foods that come in big portions and can be used for different things.
While some vegetables can be on the expensive side, try eating leafy greens like collard, mustard, or kale. They are still healthy because they usually freeze them when they’re ripe and in season.

You can make many different kinds of beans and rice meals by just switching up the seasonings. I’ve also used it in muffins, as a pre-workout snack and as a breakfast cereal (in place of oatmeal).
People sometimes save so much money by clipping coupons – they pay only a few dollars for $100 worth of items in their shopping cart. Plan ahead by going online and seeing what’s online locally and planning out your shopping list accordingly. Making a large pot of any of these, eating what you can and storing the rest in single serving containers in the freezer is an awesome budget friendly idea. The cheaper cuts are usually less healthy, so avoiding them can be a good choice – or just stick with the lean and healthy cuts of meat (regardless of price) only 1-2 times weekly for saving money.
You can even change up your recipe every day in order to make things more interesting by adding whatever fruit you have on hand.Want to make granola, for instance?
When you pack your lunch you choose the ingredients youa€™re using and avoid any unwanted nasty preservatives that fast and vending machine foods contain. How many times have you gotten hungry and ordered out or went to a restaurant to satisfy yourself, only to realize you spent more than you should have and youa€™ve eaten anything but healthy food. So why not do a little swap with her – she gets some of your rice while you get some of her beans, that way now all you have is 10 lbs of rice, plus 10 lbs of beans! There is also tons of resources online and in books or magazines on how to grow your own garden. You can have yogurt at a lot of meals by eating it with cereal for breakfast (how about with your new granola?) or using it as a salad dressing in the place of mayonnaise. Go for whole wheat bread sandwiches for a quick, healthy meal that will be rich in protein, fiber and low in calories.

They are packed with dietary fiber, potassium, Vitamin C, A, and K, protein, magnesium, calcium, and iron. There are a few varieties of potatoes too: russet, red, white, purple, fingerling, sweet potatoes, and yams just to name a few.
At least you could save yourself a few dollars and that’s better than nothing when you’re on a budget! This is one of my favorite ways I’ve found to save money with eating healthy on a budget. One thing to think about seriously: they can sure make up for their price when you save on your health insurance and medical plans.
A low or non-fat yogurt takes care of your protein and milk nutrient needs and can even be used to make a quick smoothie if youa€™re on the go, making it perfect for every occasion. Or, pack a salad with your favorite yogurt dressing for an even healthier meal break if you have the time.
Sure, ita€™s more money to spend today, but if you average over a period of a month or two, you should find that your spending goes down overall. Stock your cabinets with the extra food so you dona€™t have to spend more long-term on smaller quantities.
Healthy eating on a budget doesna€™t look easy, but it can be, if you look at it the right way.

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