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On CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight, Janet Jackson talked at length about her constant struggle with self-esteem and body image.
Besides describing her own struggles with weight and body image, Janet gave a revealing look into the extreme lengths that celebrities endure to maintain their weight: "Some of the stories I hear .
Janet admits to only hearing the stories secondhand, but the idea of anyone eating tissue for weight loss is both shocking and sad.
As you are reading this, I am likely on a plane returning from a trip to the Walmart headquarters.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t stand trying to type on the touch screen, particularly when sending lengthy emails or trying to conduct anything for my business. The best part is that it holds my iPad up for me while I am laying in my hotel bed watching Parenthood episodes so that I can hold my Kleenex and cry without having to hold the screen at the same time. I told you a few weeks ago that I stocked up on the ALDI gluten-free offerings and was so excited to try them. That said, they had some gluten-free bars, but before they launched their line, they had these Cranberry Almond Bars that were a knockoff of those expensive Kind Bars, but these come in at $1 each and do not break your teeth.

When I was a kid the ultimate, ultimate, ultimate best thing in the whole world was getting to go to Claire’s and spend my allowance.
That being said, my new email obsession that gives me almost that same thrill of swinging those earring displays around is my Groopdealz email. The interview, which aired on Tuesday evening, is a revealing look into Janet's past and coincides with the release of her new book True You — part memoir, part advice book on dealing with the pressures surrounding body image. It's also a reminder of the unnecessary lengths many individuals put themselves through to look a certain way.
I had a feeling you might be disappointed if I dropped the ball on this week’s feature so I am writing this all up for you on a Monday, sweetly awaiting the weekend already! I found this Logitech iPad Keyboard and it has been one of the best tech investments I have ever made.
I would spend hours, if my mom would let me, just browsing those clearance racks to find something new and sparkly that would, for sure,  move me up on the totem pole of popularity. The only thing I have done near this is sip on Hydrangea tea to tie me over 'till lunch, Still, most of the time, I will also nibble on something if it's around.

Since I am traveling today, I thought I would share a few of my favorite things that that make me happy when I travel. They did lose us on the pizza dough mix which my husband likened to eating a graham cracker…Hey, you can’t win over everyone! I pack a box of these in my suitcase because anything that is gluten-free and is sold at an airport will cost you ONE MILLION DOLLARS. I may have picked the wrong earrings  though (*ahem*), but I still tried to wow my school friends. The battery life lasts forever before it requires a charge with a small cord, making it perfect for me to take to my conferences. The outside of it is metal and durable, helping protect your iPad screen and it latches together magnetically, as though they weren’t meant to be together from the start.

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