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Kickstarting the L’Oreal Paris Infallible Series with a simple look that is great for office wear or for casual everyday wear.
Step 2 : Using the tip of the third finger, blend the concealer using soft, dabbing strokes.
Step 4 : Now in short wind-wiper motion strokes, blend the eye shadow applied in previous step in the crease.
Step 6 : Using a damp angled eye liner brush (or using Inglot Duraline), line the upper lash line with Endless Chocolate eye shadow. Step 7 : With the left over product on the brush from the previous step, now trace the lower lash line halfway starting from the outer most corner.
Start by applying a thin layer of foundation concentrating on the areas that really need foundation.
Using the Revlon Bronzer, I have very faintly added some definition to the cheek bone and jawline but its very subtle as I wanted the overall look to be fresh and rosy.

Add some fresh color to the cheeks with L’Oreal Paris True Match Blush in True Rose (click for review).
Finish off the look by applying L’Oreal Paris Infallible lipstick in Intensely Mauve (click for swatch) on the lips. I was thinking if its too soft because I’ve seen many people wear colored liners with ease to office. I have heard so much about MAC Soba, I always thought it would not show up on my skin tone, I should have another look at it next time I visit MAC! The eyes are ares subtle and simply defined using only brown eye shadow and mascara, the cheeks and lips have a natural dusty rose color for a clean and fresh look. This is a sheer blush so one needn’t worry about going overboard in one swipe of the brush.
Make sure to moisturize before applying as it is a long stay lipstick and can be drying after a few hours.

My everyday look consists of neutral shadow (MAC Soba or NARS Cyprus), black or dark brown liner, mascara and a pretty neutral like Revlon Spicy Cinnamon or MAC Spice is Nice. Using a blending brush, pick up some of the brown eye shadow (Endless Chocolate, Review HERE), tap off the excess product picked up by the brush off the back of your palm and apply it lightly in the outer most part of the crease.
If you have heavy under eye pigmentation, I would recommend you not to wear kohl unless you’re using a corrector otherwise it will only draw attention to the dark circles.
I like this foundation because the coverage is medium but can be built up if desired and it gives a nice fresh glow to the skin.
Just a touch of nude lipstick, some mineral concealer for red spots and highlight your cheekbones and brow bones with shimmer and you’re ready.

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