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Spreads. Margarine, for example, contains both trans fats and saturated fats, both of which can lead to heart disease. Packaged Foods. Favorites such as cake mixes and Bisquick generally have several grams of trans fat per serving.
Fast Food. Those beloved French fries and other crunchy foods are deep-fried in partially hydrogenated oil.
Frozen Food. From frozen pies to pot pies to breaded fish sticks, frozen foods generally contain trans fat.

Toppings and Dips. Flavored coffees, nondairy creamers, whipped toppings, gravy mixes and salad dressings typically contain trans fat. One study showed how roasting added the presence of trans fats in sesame seeds, peanuts and various other kinds. Other non-butter spreads and shortening also contain large amounts of trans fat and saturated fat. The downside to these beneficial fats is that once exposed to high temperatures, they can easily oxidize.

They don’t only reduce the nutritional advantage; they can also add harmful components – trans fatty acids.

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