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January 3, 2014 by Mallory & Savannah 15 Comments It’s a new year and so many people make resolutions to get fit! Only negative for me is I do it in the garage and in this winter it gets a little cold (until the heater warms it up).
An easier version would be to squat, step back into plank position (rather than jumping), then step back up to standing, leaving out the pushup and the jump at the top of the move. Enter your email address to get DIY & craft inspiration, recipes, tips, tricks and tutorials sent right to your inbox! Like many, I’ve been so inspired by the images, recipes, products and creativity I see on Pinterest. If you also have a resolution to lose weight, Pinterest has all sorts of exercise charts and images of bodies to inspire you.
I knew these were all exercises I could do at home without purchasing any special equipment. If you like my version of the exercise chart, you can download it to print for yourself as well. I have strategically placed the chart next to the treadmill so that I can perform the exercises after a brisk cardio workout.

Whether you have a gym membership or not, sometimes you just want to get a great workout without having to go somewhere to do it.
But, because I hear so many comments from friends about how much time they waste on Pinterest, I’ve decided to challenge myself to DO SOMETHING with the inspirational things I see on the wildly popular site.
It’s quite another to lose your mind and think you can do 100 chin ups on Day 1 of your new exercise regime.
I have many amazing photos stored digitally that would look great in there; however, the errand fairy has not yet taken my digital media to the local kiosk to make prints. It should be noted that the chart is also equidistant to the adjacent chair-and-a-half that folds out into a twin bed.
I agree that the barely dressed chicks don’t do much for me, but these lists are great. How about ways to stay motivated and fit exercise into what you are already doing every day? And with traffic and road construction the way it is now, I swear leaving the house is terribly overrated! We are the brains behind Classy Clutter, your one-stop-shop for all things creative from DIY projects and home decor to fun crafts and tasty recipes. Click to meet us!

I have to make it, buy it, cook it, craft it or do it twice per month…and report to you how it goes. I was doing well with nursing and slimming down a little, then hubby was deployed to Iraq for a year. I was a gymnast basically my entire life and it was a part of who I was for most of my life. This 15-minute workout hits everything you need for a great at-home fat blaster – no equipment required. I’ve seen it online for at least a couple of years (basically since I discovered Pinterest). I post twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays, so feel free to stop by again tomorrow or sign-up to receive posts via email as soon as they are posted.

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