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You might find foundations and concealers to be the magic solutions for those uneven skin tones and dark patches and spots. Colors look good but colors all over your face might make you look older than you expect them to do!
Eye pencils are what you need for your aging eyes because liquid liners make your eyes look hard. Here are some super beauty tips to look younger- your guide for makeup application for aging face!
It is natural to get wrinkles on the eyelids with age, the eyelids also lose moisture with age.
If you happen to wear, eyeglasses, even for the sake of reading, make sure that you choose the right ones. FOR WOMEN OVER 40, PLASTIC SURGERY, MAKEUP DRESS SEXY, CELEBRITY STYLE, SUPERMODEL, HOLLYWOOD ACTRESS, STAR! Anti-aging eye shadow tutorial for concealing aging eyes and skin discoloration using natural makeup. In the middle of the eye makeup example photograph are a bunch of really good examples of corrective makeup. Looking at all of the eye makeup examples shown at center of the eye shadow examples you see really good aging coverage. The second step is now bring down the concealed coverage to a natural looking color that is a near match to your real skin tone. The third step is to check out the result and now get your eyes blended seemlessly into your face using a pressed or mineral powder makeup. Wrinkles under your eyes are not only due to the age factor; but there are several other causes that can lead to the fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes such as stress, pollution, exposure to harsh climatic conditions, unhealthy diet, consumption of alcohol or smoking. Although, under eye wrinkles cannot be covered or hidden completely; make up can surely reduce their visibility. Thick makeup will crack and make your under eye wrinkles appear darker, deeper and more pronounced.
Light makeup will cover the problem area; whereas layers of make-up will grab more eyeballs, attracting the attention towards the wrinkles around your eyes. If you aim to camouflage the signs of aging or stress with makeup, make sure you pick up the right foundation, which matches your skin tone.
Stick to cream concealer and moisturize the under eye area well, before application of makeup. Shimmery eye makeup is in-vogue and looks glamorous; but if you have fine lines or wrinkles under eyes, avoid shimmers and opt for matte shades to camouflage them. Contrary to the concealer, powder eye shadow is better, if you intend to hide the wrinkles under your eyes. The smart way to cover the wrinkles under your eyes is by shifting the focus to your beautiful eyes. Animal tattoos are very favorite to fashion conscious women who like to have different kinds of tattoos in their body.

However, a thick layer of these can make your wrinkles look more deeper adding years to your age. A high-quality skin primer fills in your fine lines and smaller wrinkles making them less visible. If your eyelids tend to droop, you should apply makeup in such a way that draws attention away from the lids and toward your eyes.
Bleeding lip color will draw attention to wrinkles around your mouth as the cream (of lipstick) tends to stray into the fine lines around your lips. Powders settle into fine lines and wrinkles whereas creamy cosmetic formulas plump up the skin making you look younger than your age.
There is nothing that we can do to reverse the age, that’s a universal truth that everybody knows. If you have received a lot of compliments about your eyes, it makes sense to highlight them, and keep them looking younger.
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Here are some of the makeup tips to cover under eye wrinkles to give you a smoother and younger look.
A tinted moisturizer is also a good option to get a smooth dewy finish with complete coverage. Reflecting concealer pen or concealer with white or yellow base is the best and most effective cosmetic to cover the wrinkles under your eyes. Keep your cheekbones subtle and light to avoid unnecessary glances directed towards the imperfection on your face. Cream eyeshadow will form creases to make your eyes look tired and invariably attract more attention to the signs of aging. Use darkest black eyeliner to highlight your eyes, to make it the centre point and divert the attention from wrinkles. If you are habitual of wearing dark lip liner and matte lipstick, you might end up drawing attention towards the fine lines around your mouth. When you use foundation, first apply a moisturizer that will give a smooth appearance to these cosmetics. For example, if you wear rosy blush on your cheeks, go for nuetral eye make up or if you want a loud eye makeup, go neutral with lips and cheek makeup. Apply moisturizer, then primer, and then a light liquid foundation tapping it in softly with a sponge. However, here are tips by Dr Prem Jagyasi and his team members to camouflage aging of the eyes.
There are certain makeup tips that will make you younger and fresh, have a look at the below written tips!Avoid shimmer while getting done with makeup! Tinted moisturiser will not get gathered into the creases and you will get a fresh, youthful look. Use brush, instead of powder foam for a light and even distribution of powder, just to lock the foundation.

So when you wear a lip color, top it with a lip gloss to give your lips fuller and youthful shine.
Often women apply the concealer by massaging it and that causes the delicate areas of the skin to stretch. It has been noticed that when aged women apply shimmer on their cheeks then their wrinkles and lines get more prominent. However, aging skin with wrinkles, age spots, dark circles and all the other signs of aging requires you to wear makeup to look younger.
If you want to further soften the line, smudge it with an angled makeup brush after dipping it in dark shadow. Always go for matte finish makeup touch so that you can give smoother look to your face and look younger.In order to avoid patches and the signs of aging on your face, always go for light makeup!
So, is it all right to do heavy makeup or should we go for subtle makeup that doesn’t shows off too much but make us look younger? On the other hand, matt shadows (silky matt will also do) blend well with aging skin and hide those fine lines well to make you look younger than your age. Your fingers can also do if you don’t have an angled makeup brush but be extra careful when using your fingers to smudge the liner. Take care that you do not go in for dying more than once a month as it may cause loss of hair. If you are going to have heavy makeup on your face then the signs of aging will get more visible.
Try the universal colors like peach or a light tone of champagne to get a younger looking eyes.
You can then dot concealer on the dark spots or patches that require extra coverage like under eyes and around nose.
Make up experts have suggested making use of light base or foundation so that the look of your face can be maintained and you may not look older too!Whenever you go out, try to put lip gloss!
If you have small eyes, don’t line the inside of your eyes as it will make them appear smaller. However, if there is puffiness on your eyelids, use medium shades on the whole of the lid which will give an impression of natural crease.
Always fill in your eye brows because with age they lose density and may hinder your attempt to look younger with the right makeup techniques.
We have seen that all those aged women who put lipstick, their lips get bigger and deeper and they start attaining an aged look.
On the other hand, lip gloss will make you extra young and will give you juicy and luscious lips.Go for a base shade that matches with the formulation of anti aging!

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