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Aging is the fact of life but wrinkles and fine lines showing up on your face is an ugly fact indeed. When we apply anti-aging makeup it should fulfill certain criteria which will help you understand that you have achieved the desired look. Once you find your makeup provides all these you know that you have achieved the desired effect.
Applying anti aging makeup primers is one of the best makeup tips to look younger because it absorbs the extra oil secreted by your skin glands making you appear fresh all day. Apply foundations that are light in texture with moisturizing effect for your skin to cover up your age spots and wrinkles.
Some face powders are available with minerals and anti-aging elements; apply these to get the desired effect. Remember, that you have to achieve a softer look for your eyes and thus apply the liner closest to the eyelash and smudge it with gentle hands.
Key to the makeup tips to look younger, a concealer as the name suggests conceals the fine lines, dark spots, wrinkles on your face. With age the lips lose its rosy so start using rosy lipsticks to make them appear full, hydrated and beautiful. Crucial to makeup tips to look younger is a good hair style that makes your hair appear voluminous, soft and shiny.
You might find foundations and concealers to be the magic solutions for those uneven skin tones and dark patches and spots. Colors look good but colors all over your face might make you look older than you expect them to do!
Eye pencils are what you need for your aging eyes because liquid liners make your eyes look hard.
Here are some super beauty tips to look younger- your guide for makeup application for aging face!
Using proper skin toned foundation is among the most important makeup tips to look younger.
When used properly on the apple of cheeks and blended nicely it can provide the best result and you will appear half your age.

Makeup experts advise applying liquid concealer of a lighter shade than your skin tone on the inner and outer corner of the eyes to achieve the desired effect. Get long and loose curls on your hair to make them voluminous and bouncy and use hair color sparingly. However, a thick layer of these can make your wrinkles look more deeper adding years to your age.
A high-quality skin primer fills in your fine lines and smaller wrinkles making them less visible. If your eyelids tend to droop, you should apply makeup in such a way that draws attention away from the lids and toward your eyes. Bleeding lip color will draw attention to wrinkles around your mouth as the cream (of lipstick) tends to stray into the fine lines around your lips. Powders settle into fine lines and wrinkles whereas creamy cosmetic formulas plump up the skin making you look younger than your age. That is faithful because the duplicate of lean is many times changing everyday where we require undertake in innumerable malls today. Unlike what many women think, you really do not need to go for harsh skin treatments only to end up hurting your skin; instead you can use your makeup kit in a slightly different way to achieve a younger look. Mineral foundations render a glow to your skin without the oily effect and blending it properly can work wonders. Also apply a shimmery shadow on the cheekbones to provide an uplifting effect for sagging skin.
Use brow powder or eye shadow to fill in sparse eyebrows and sweep it gently over them to make the brows appear voluminous. If you are habitual of wearing dark lip liner and matte lipstick, you might end up drawing attention towards the fine lines around your mouth. When you use foundation, first apply a moisturizer that will give a smooth appearance to these cosmetics. For example, if you wear rosy blush on your cheeks, go for nuetral eye make up or if you want a loud eye makeup, go neutral with lips and cheek makeup. Apply moisturizer, then primer, and then a light liquid foundation tapping it in softly with a sponge.

So when you wear a lip color, top it with a lip gloss to give your lips fuller and youthful shine.
By following makeup tips to look younger you will continue to receive compliments from others on your young look. It is also recommended to use creamy blushers instead of powders for a healthy rosy glow on your cheeks. However, aging skin with wrinkles, age spots, dark circles and all the other signs of aging requires you to wear makeup to look younger. If you want to further soften the line, smudge it with an angled makeup brush after dipping it in dark shadow. So, is it all right to do heavy makeup or should we go for subtle makeup that doesn’t shows off too much but make us look younger? On the other hand, matt shadows (silky matt will also do) blend well with aging skin and hide those fine lines well to make you look younger than your age. Your fingers can also do if you don’t have an angled makeup brush but be extra careful when using your fingers to smudge the liner. Try the universal colors like peach or a light tone of champagne to get a younger looking eyes.
You can then dot concealer on the dark spots or patches that require extra coverage like under eyes and around nose. If you have small eyes, don’t line the inside of your eyes as it will make them appear smaller. However, if there is puffiness on your eyelids, use medium shades on the whole of the lid which will give an impression of natural crease.
Always fill in your eye brows because with age they lose density and may hinder your attempt to look younger with the right makeup techniques.

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