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Some make-up looks never go out of style and basically will suit everyone, such is the case with silver smokey eye. This first video shows how to do quick silver smokey eyes makeup look with creamy eyeshadow to add a modern and fresh vibe to the whole look.
From season to season, smokey eye makeup styles differ, just like the fashion and makeup trends and the mood every season brings with it. Once you have fetched all the necessary products for doing this fab smokey eye makeup look, let’s start the most enjoyable process: makeup application! Step 1: Start by prepping your face for the makeup, washing it and applying the makeup base. Step 4: Next to the orange shade, use a warm brown color, not completely reaching the end of your lids.
Step 7: Repeat all these steps on your lower lid, applying the same eyeshadow colors in the same sequence. Step 8: To the inner corners of your eyes and under the brows apply a highlighting eyeshadow to open up your eyes and make them bigger. Step 10: Apply black mascara and false eyelashes to make your orange & brown smokey eyes more dramatic!

This is a great makeup look for any occasion, from everyday work style to party nights when you want to have dramatic and smouldering eyes to compliment your best outfit. In this second video tutorial Lisa Eldridge shows you how with step-by-step video tutorial you can learn to do silver smokey eye makeup look that she did on Cara Delevingne for W Magazine party. A question that seems to have such a complicated answer, however, when you have a makeup guidebook at hand, nothing seems to be impossible already! While in summer, you are welcome to experiment with brighter shades, creating daring, summer-ready smokey eyes, in fall, when colors automatically become muted and dull, you instantly become to love smokey eye makeup in warm, autumnal shades. After you have primed your eyes well, apply an orange eyeshadow hue to the inner corner of your lid, hardly reaching the middle part. Blend all the colors to the crease line with the same warm brown tone that you have used on the middle part of your lids.
Keep in mind not to use too bright lipstick hues here, since your eye makeup is already well defined!
When she's not busy examining the latest fashion trends and news, she's exploring a new style for herself or is pursuing new adventures and dreams. You don`t have to be a professional make-up artist to pull off the perfect silver smokey eye.

Smokey eye makeup is the style that every single fashioniser loves without exception due to the melancholy, mystery and femininity it features. Best of all, creativity has no limit, when it comes to smokey eyes, as you can mix and match different eyeshadow hues, combine different colors and styles and every time come up with a fresh new look that is unique, trendy and special.
If you seem to lack new ideas on creating smokey eyes, have a nosey at the orange & brown smokey eye makeup tutorial below, ideal for the bleak autumn months! We turn to celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge for some easy tips and tricks on how to create this eye look. Exactly that special factor makes smokey eye makeup the loveable style among makeup junkies!

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