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Millions of people worldwide try to lose weight and for that they jump into every new thing hoping to solve their need for weight loss. So if Weight loss is your mission then one of the most important ingredient for your success is commitment. So Is it possible to make meaningful changes to your body without putting yourself on DIET? Though regulating diet is one way to control weight there are other methods too which are equivalent to a perfect diet.
Having firm commitment and a little change in lifestyle is all you require to make your weight loss program a success and help you to live a truly healthy lifestyle.
Repeat entire workout doing 9 reps, then 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 each – and you’ll get your 1 BIG BURPEE experience!

Hi Bonnie, so glad you focused on one of the classic exercises, all too often we dismiss these tried and tested routines and as with so much in life always go with the new big shiny promises.
Each year almost tons of new diets come out that promises to solve their weight loss problems. Even if you are enrolling yourself to a program which has almost 99.99% of success, you can fail if you fall short of commitment.
It does not require to cut short on your daily eating plan but ensuring to eat only good and healthy food. I think many people think they have to have a new set of moves or learn a whole new exercise in order to really get a good workout – but the truth is, you can take 1 single exercise and turn it into an entire workout if you get a little creative. What if you took just the first part (the squat), then the 2nd part (the thruster), the 3rd part (the plank or push up), then back to the thruster again, and finally the last part (the jump) and you did each movement separately.

You might have access to best information to help you lose weight but you have to commit yourself that you will take action and allow your mind and body to accept the change for better reason.
Suddenly, you have quite a challenging workout – all created and inspired by one simple exercise. So what ever program or plan your make for loss of weight don’t deviate follow it regularly and surely the success will come.

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