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Fat, flab, pudge, beef, podge, bulge and chub, no matter what you call fat, it’s still there, hanging around your torso, vital organs and extremities. No matter what your social and biological stats say, there’s one thing you need to remember; excess fat is poisoning your body. Every workout worth it’s time will always come back to the very base movement of the squat. Inhaling, push your butt out and bend your knees – always start from the hips, never begin the movement from the knees and thighs. Keep your legs straight, flatten your back (this is essential), keep contact with the bar and push those glutes forward, keeping them engaged as you rise. Make sure your arms are not rolled – if you’re feeling the temptation to do so, it’s too heavy or you need to work on your posture. At the peak of the movement, your abs and glutes should be engaged, your thighs strong and your arms straight. Push your hips forward, raising from the shoulders steadily– shrug your shoulders and pull the bar up as high as you can.
Squat and pull yourself under the bar, straighten and rest at chest height; rotate your elbows so they’re positioned under the bar, keeping the abs engaged and go for the final thrust above your head. Lying on your back, hold the object (small weight, bar or kettlebell) in the air with a straight arm.
Tighten your shoulder and ensure your joint is supported; your accompanying leg should be up, with your foot beside your knee.
Your left hand and right foot (or right hand and left foot) should be firmly planted as you push yourself up and bring the opposite leg through to a kneeling position.

Take a deep breath, get your balance and engage those muscle groups again, lunging forward into a standing posture.
Plyometrics often get a bad rap, as more athletes injure themselves trying to leap onto too-high boxes. Face the platform or step (bonus points for an adjustable aerobic step) and ensure your shoulders are back.
You may be young now, outwardly healthy, treating yourself to generous lashings of cardio (the same, stale treadmill workout) and late nights out. It can be difficult to budge, as metabolisms vary from person to person, but you can do it.
Love them or hate them, squats are essential to the fitness environment, building the foundation for many movements and lifts. We believe it’s the staple of every weights regime, building muscle and toning those highly desirable areas in one compound action.
Take a big gulp of air into your lungs and ensure you have contact with the bar (it should touch your shins on lift).
Those shoulders should be proud, so ditch the weights until you’re comfortable on practicing with the bar or dead lift machine. Your back should not be rounded or hollowed, your head should be up and eyes looking ahead. The Clean and Press is one of those foundation movements every PT worth their salt will show you given the chance – think of it as a- mini workout in itself. Point your elbows, angling the shoulders over the bar; make sure your back is flat and strong and keep contact with your shins.

If you haven’t attempted an Olympic lift before or started with some of the foundation movements and plenty of technique sessions.
For this movement to be completed correctly, the bar needs to be positioned on the crease of the hip.
Start lighter, building up as you become accustomed to the movement – remember, big gains come from perfect form and continuous practice. Your position should go something like this – left knee floor, right foot floor and weight overhead in your right hand (or reverse). If you’re nervous about making the cut, start with tuck jumps and get your height down before attempting the box version.
Do you feel the urge  to master your body, your brain and bring the body dreams of others to life?
To help you reach your goals, in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers, we’ve come up with 6 Fat Burning Exercises to send your weight problems packing.
Use a small dumbbell or a beginners kettlebell until you’re confident with the movement and muscle range. Get in touch with AIPT and get your PT goals on track before the train leaves the station – the industry is growing, are you ready to grow with it?

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