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In a recent study, 45 volunteers who ate avocados every day for 7 days experienced an average of a 17% drop in their blood cholesterol. InstructionsToast bread until goldenThen spread pesto, mayo, mustard (or other condiments of choice) on bread.Layer all other ingredients, slice in half and dig in!
It’s the fastest way to lose weight, look good and feel great WITHOUT starving yourself or living off of boring tasteless food.
It seems many people view food as the enemy – something to be avoided rather than used as a weight loss tool.
Eating just four cups, which is roughly the amount you’d need for a decent sized salad, contains 10 grams of fiber and enough detoxifying agents to aid your liver in ridding the body of toxins for 48 hours.
Get more kale in your diet: Make a crunchy kale salad complete with yellow peppers, grape tomatoes and avocado for a super fat burning meal. The monounsaturated fat within this super food plumps cell membranes, making it much easier for the cells to communicate with fat-burning hormones. Lastly, the fat protects the energy-producing part of cells from free radical damage, which in turn speeds up metabolism. Get more avocados in your diet: Avocados are versatile in that they can be either sweet or savory.
Chia seeds are a great source of protein, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, which speeds up the metabolism and suppresses the appetite.
Get more Brazil nuts in your diet: Snack on a handful of Brazil nuts alone, or drink a glass of Brazil nut milk.
Get more oysters in your diet: Oysters are an acquired taste, but with a little help from other better-liked ingredients, you can begin reaping the benefits of oysters in your diet.
While you’ll never get six-pack abs from eating salmon alone, you can trim some fat from your waistline by eating this fish regularly. Get more salmon in your diet: Wild salmon in any form is excellent, but smoked salmon with dill and mustard is to die for.
While not as super as other foods on this list, cinnamon holds its own in the fat-burning category. In order to reap the fat-burning benefits of coffee, you have to drink it black, and you have to limit your coffee intake to one cup a day.

Whether you only add one or two of the foods from this list to your diet, it’s a step in the right direction. While there is no miracle food that magically melts away body fat overnight, there’s no doubt that including some or all of the foods from this list will certainly contribute to weight loss. According to the USDA, a California avocado has about 20% fewer calories, 13% less fat, and 60% less carbohydrates. We turned our lives around through fitness & nutrition, and now we're ready to supercharge your life with fun workouts, recipes & more to help you do it too! While it’s true that a lot of food choices are the wrong ones, there are many right food choices that can actually help speed up your metabolism and burn fat.
Start your day off right by eating half an avocado with a sprinkle of sea salt and a slice of tomato. Broccoli rabe contains a phytonutrient called sulforaphane that essentially stimulates enzymes that tell your fat cells to burn fat. Sauté it with some chili flakes and lemon zest, throw it in with some sweet Italian sausage or toss it together with some summer squash, olive oil, lemon juice, mint and pine nuts. This special fat actually stimulates the production of energy, thereby preventing the fat from becoming stored in cells. This in and of itself is amazing, but these tiny seeds also turn up the fat-burning hormone glucagon. Those are Brazil nuts, and next time, rather than throwing them away, you might want to chow down on these little fat-burning beauties. If you eat out at a place that has a raw oyster bar, be sure to add a squeeze of lemon or a dash of Tabasco for a boost in flavor. That’s because the omega-3s in salmon increase insulin sensitivity, which in turn melts away fat from your waist. You have to eat at least a quarter teaspoon to reap its benefits, and eating an iced cinnamon bun doesn’t count.
While many people love a good cup of coffee in the morning, it’s not usually for its fat-burning capabilities that they do.
Adding milk to your coffee reduces its fat-burning properties, and anything more than one cup actually interferes with your body’s ability to manage the fat-storing hormone insulin.

Eating foods that allow your body to burn fat naturally is the best way to trim a few pounds and inches from your waist and lead a healthier, happier life.
When combined with a complete healthy diet and plenty of exercise, you’ll achieve your weight loss goals quickly and easily.
Two of the biggest benefits of eating kale are its ability to suppress appetite and its toxin clearing properties.
The best way to prepare chia seeds is to soak them in water for about 15 minutes before consuming. For example, add soaked chia seeds to pineapple and coconut milk for a refreshing pina colada dessert.
Cinnamon works by moving glucose into the cells faster so insulin, a fat-storing hormone, exits quicker. However, drinking a cup of black coffee increases adrenaline in the body, which tells the fat stores to start burning fat. The cool thing about eating fat-burning foods such as these is, almost always, they contain a bevy of other health benefits, too.
When you can, eat fat-burning and other nutritional foods raw as cooking sometimes reduces their nutritional benefits. Doing this will make them swell to 10 times their size, and much like oatmeal, the bigger the seeds are, the faster your stomach releases the trigger that lets the brain know you’re full. Make chia seed pudding by soaking the seeds in almond milk and then topping them with slivered almonds.
You can find a happy medium where you use coconut oil for cooking and olive oil for your salads. Now that you know food doesn’t have to be the enemy, you can begin making the right food choices for better fat-burning results.
Not only will you notice a change for the better in yourself, your doctor will most likely notice, too, and that’s definitely a good thing.

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