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In order to build and maintain this solid foundation of muscle, you need to feed the muscle properly, especially after intense workouts. After a workout, a protein smoothie is a good idea as the protein will quickly be absorbed and utilized by the body to begin the building and maintenance of muscle tissue. Are you tired of gimmicks, fads and workout programs pushed by steroid users and surgically enhanced models that don't work? The Fat X Program has been my secret behind incredibly efficient body and fitness transformations since 2007.

The 12 day Fat X Program includes 11 fat burning workout videos (Day 9 is active rest) and the Workout Manual. If you haven't done so already, add them to your diet and start charging full speed towards better health, fitness, and achieving your fat burning goals. My professionally designed fat burning 12 Day Fat X Program is the powerful jump start you need! No gimmicks! The fat burning workout routines are short, yet intense so that you get the most out of the afterburn effect (EPOC).

Download the complete 12 day Fat X Program today for less than half the price of a high quality personal training session.

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