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I then enjoyed my soup out of a can for many years and eventually got addicted to making healthy soups for both summer and winter. There is cream of broccoli that I adore and is super cheap to make, then there is butternut squash and leek and wow this is like luxury soup but without the price tag, then there is the trusted tomato.
I remember the first time I enjoyed broccoli soup and it was all thanks to the local cash and carry.
I love cauliflower and it wasn’t until I was experimenting recently that I actually put it into a soup. It is like Leek & Potato Soup BUT……much creamier, better for you and its like a fabulous invention that you could serve at a dinner party! Celery is known as a negative food but not in this recipe J this is because it takes more effort to eat it, than it does to the calories that are actually in it.
Having said that, there is still calories burned cooking it and it is also a super low calorie food!

This is not for everyone (especially if you are not that keen on onions) but it gives you a fantastic health kick and tastes rather good too!
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Once you make this Flush the Fat Away Vegetable Soup, you'll want it as part of your regular menu! My parents had a Makro card and there was some lovely luxury broccoli soup that all the restaurants used. I love vegetable soup and this is one of my favourites and comes with a blast of heat to give it that little bit extra.
I just love tomatoes but for many people unless you have a LOT of salt they can be really boring and bland.

It was more or less just reserved for cheese sauces; yet living in Portugal I eat it a lot more. I remember when I first made soup about twenty years ago it just looked like this red mush and tasted just as bad. This is my take on the traditional local vegetable soup and it tastes delicious and will have you wanting to go back for more.

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