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But if you’re not expecting them to be lighter than air, it is possible to make biscuits that are a new type of comfort food, tasty and filling without fat or white flour. If you want to make the dough itself a little sweeter, substitute agave nectar for a couple tablespoons of the soy milk. Ooh oops you already mentioned the icing haha I skimmed through the blog in excitement and didn't take the time to actually read it lol!! These look delicious–and thanks so much, too, for the gluten-free link, too, for those of us who need it. They have only a very light pumpkin flavor, and I think they would be terrific with a spicy curry. I confess, with each new FFV post I invariably want to step right into your photos, snarf up all the food, steal most of your dishes, raid your garden, and just basically be adopted by you. CharlieBean, I know apple puree will work, and carrot puree might work, but I can't make any promises. I've been stalking your blog for a long time (and making many of your recipes), but this one is so fantastic I actually had to post.
I cut them in half and served them with apple and pear fruit spread and a blob of soya yogurt – like an English cream tea, but none of the guilt! My boyfriend (who claims he can’t bake) made these last night to use up some leftover canned pumpkin we had in the fridge.
They’re best served warm from the oven, but will keep about 3 days in an airtight container. Just made these with gluten free flour, and coconut milk (just what I had on hand) and they were amazing!
I noticed that I didn’t need to use much if any olive oil when I made pizza crust using pumpkin or butternut squash dough, so I am glad for the confirmation of biscuits.
There are few things I love more than squash or biscuits, and I especially love them together! I’ve been working on my biscuits lately (it’s become a bit of an obsession) and these are going to be attempted next!
I was raised on my mom’s Bisquick biscuits and sometime during college graduated to baking and devouring Southern-style biscuits made with White Lily flour and lots of butter or margarine.

Or, if you want sweetness without calories, try adding a little stevia or your favorite sweetener to the batter. All comments are read and appreciated, and if you have a question, I will try to respond within a couple days. I love this alternative to buttery biscuits (my thighs will thank me as well!) Can't wait to try this. And I love the orange icing you are pouring over it, that would take this treat to the next level I am sure! I've had the unfortunate experience of letting my pumpkin purree rot in the fridge during my flu days. I ended up needing quite a lot of extra soymilk (I’d estimate just shy of 3 tbsp) but otherwise, the recipe worked great for me. I subbed cherry Craisins for the raisins and topped them before baking with coarse sugar and pumpkin pie spice.
I have already made several batches of your recent recipe: Banana Walnut Date Muffins, and I’m ADDICTED to them!! It tastes almost like wheat flour with a nutty flavor, which enhances the taste of these cookies.
In a mixing bowl, blend butter, vanilla, lemon zest and cream cheese until soft and fluffy. I was working on a freelance assignment about sneaking extra vegetables into food and I ended up with some pureed squash left over at the end of the day.
It’s soft and supple and incredibly easy to work with, resulting in tender, flakey biscuits that are practically fool-proof. Living alone in my tiny student apartment, I would bake up batches of huge, fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth biscuits on the weekend and eat them all by myself, and it didn’t take long before I developed huge, fluffy thighs to match. I could indulge in a biscuit or two for an occasional treat, but the truth is, I don’t want to re-develop a taste for them. These will be a nice change from the many batches of pumpkin muffins I will make this winter.
Since I recently tried the ropes of fresh pumpkin cooking, I'm pretty confident that these will soon be baked up for dinner.

I'm thinking about subbing dried cranberries for the raisins, since I have some, but they sounds so good either way! They are similar to shortbread biscuits, only lower in fat and sugar-free, which makes them diabetic friendly. I decided to use it in place of the butter in my favorite baking soda biscuit recipe, just to see if it would work, and was surprised to find that it was my favorite recipe of the day! Once you’ve made them a few times and are familiar with the recipe, you can have them in the oven in 5 minutes flat.
The biscuits don’t taste like squash at all (promise) but they do have a very subtle sweetness that makes them perfect with a slip of butter and a drizzle of honey. But D, who doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth, preferred them plain, and E and I liked them spread with apple butter or drizzled with agave nectar for a sweet yet more natural taste.
I could even do some sweet potato puree instead of pumpkin…the possiblities are endless! My family definitely needed the sugar icing to go with them (perhaps we are all just sugar addicts) but agreat recipe for leftover pumpkin. So I crossed out the word ‘muffin’, and wrote Banana Walnut Date Mini Bread Loaves! Roll your cookie dough into a tube, wrap in wax paper or plastic wrap, and put in fridge for 30 minutes.
They’re also fabulous with raspberry jam or as a little breakfast sandwich with a slice of ham and a fried egg.
If all flour is not moistened, add additional soymilk a teaspoon at at time until dough forms a ball.
This Priyagold Fat free Marie Lite Biscuits contains the goodness of natural fiber and quality wheat. The Fat free Marie Lite Biscuits are available in 16 gram, 75 gram, 150 gram, 250gram & 350gram packs.

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