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So it’s really out of character for me to have been thinking about the Thanksgiving meal for the last couple of weeks. During this period of trial and error, I’ve managed to come up with three recipes that could be considered worthy of serving at The Big Feast. Cook the quinoa and lentils in about 4 cups of water until lentils are tender, about 20 minutes. I started with a small pie pumpkin, which I cut into slices, peeled, and then cut into 1-inch cubes. Those were just the vegetables I had in the house, but you can roast any vegetables you want. Bonnie, I made this recipe before I ever even tried quinoa flakes, so this is just a guess.
This will most definitely be on my thanksgiving menu as the center piece for the vegans…aka just me in reality. Many thanks for all the time, effort, inspiration, and creativity that goes into making this site. Any suggestions for how to make the Quinoa and Red Lentil Cutlets without using the vital wheat gluten? Brown lentils will take longer to cook, so you would need to start them earlier and add the quinoa after they have cooked for about 20 minutes. This is the first-ish recipe I made from the site (also made the green bean and potato dish last night), and it was great! Photos, original recipes, and text © Susan Voisin+ and Fatfree Vegan Kitchen, 2006-2016.
Baked Tofu (above, with Jalapeno-Orange Cranberry Sauce): This is the simplest main dish of them all and the one my daughter always asks for.
Seitan Scaloppine: Leave off the sauce and add mushroom gravy and these scaloppini become an easy main dish.
Thanksgiving Meatless Loaf: This grain-free loaf is tender on the inside and crispy on the outside and contains all the savory flavors of fall. E’s Super-Awesome Brussels Sprouts and Mushrooms: My daughter created it and still loves it.
Impossible Vegan Pumpkin Pie: Much lighter than other pumpkin pies because it forms its own crust. There are three reasons why I’m including this Mushroom Seitan Roast on our list of favorites from now on. The parchment goes on top of the foil to keep your seitan from coming into contact with the foil. Hi Susan, am planning your roast for Christmas, can it be made, cooked and frozen – then thawed and reheated? I really, really want to make this but I have family who are allergic to both soy AND coconut. I made it for thanksgiving to acclaim; and I made it immediately after, to see if I still liked it.
Hello, I am a year 11 food tech student who is trying to complete 30% of her GCSE on studying vegan meal options. I’ve had this dish three times, and it was always prepared with oats in place of the quinoa flakes. Even though the Canadian Thanksgiving has already passed, I think I will definitely be making this sometime soon.
You could try using a second can of white beans, though I can’t promise that the results will be the same. Since I work thanksgiving (I’m a nurse) and we’ll be doing pot luck, I think this will be an easy, tasty thing to bring!! Your all time favorite recipe that I’ve ever made for a holiday meals is your Tofu Triangles stuffed with Rice.
Great idea to make a gluten-free variation of my Comfort Loaf recipe — I’m sure all those who avoid gluten will find this version more comforting! I came to a similar conclusion in my musings overnight–that you chose this option because the shaped loaf allows for more browning surface, which is a nice thing.
To see Robin’s original recipe, click search inside and type Comfort Loaf into the box. But this year, no vegan should be left behind, forced to eat a wilted salad and an apple while the rest of the diners stuff themselves silly with holiday grub.
Get the Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Sherry-Mustard Vinaigrette recipe by What Would Cathy Eat?

Get the Wild Rice Pilaf With Butternut Squash, Cranberries and Pecans recipe by What Would Cathy Eat?
All comments are read and appreciated, and if you have a question, I will try to respond within a couple days. I ended up using some extra gluten because it was wet, but otherwise did everything the same.
I think I cooked my quinoa and lentils a little too long, but the end result was a really tender middle with some crunch on the outside. And while I appreciate and give thanks for each day, I love gathering with friends and family on Thanksgiving to honor all the love we have in our lives. I subbed in GF flour for the gluten, and I’m sure it changed the texture, but the taste was out of this world!
The fiance thought it tasted a little earthy, but this type of cooking is a big change for him as well. When you buy something through my links, I receive a commission that helps support this site at no extra cost to you. I’ve been determined to come up with a new main dish, a simple adaptation of my Seitan Stuffed with Walnuts, Dried Cranberries, and Mushrooms. So before I get to the recipe, I thought it might be helpful to make a list of all of her (and our) favorite holiday dishes. Does the roast go into the oven wrapped in parchment paper and two pieces of aluminum foil? Just make sure you store it very tightly sealed–maybe keep it wrapped up and put it in an airtight container.
The only thing I worry about is it being wet heat rather than dry and retaining too much moisture.
I wasn’t going to make a vegan main dish this year, but after seeing this, I decided to try it. I would turn it after 20 minutes and check it again after 20 more to see if it seems done in the middle.
I will be trying to create 4 meals which suit the vegan lifestyle and was wondering if any vegans would be happy to quickly fill out my survey so I can make the meals best suited to the lifestyle. But if you like savory, Thanksgiving flavors so concentrated that you can just skip the gravy and dressing, you will want to give this recipe a try. I’m going to make this soon after Thanksgiving, since I already have our Thanksgiving menu planned – your very own delicious Quinoa and Red Lentil Cutlets have been the centerpiece of our Thanksgiving (and lots of non-Thanksgiving) dinners since you posted the recipe three years ago! The suggestion of oatmeal (just rolled oats, either quick cook or regular, I assume) is a less processed and no doubt healthier option, though.
We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here, but it looks like it could work perfectly for Christmas too. I mostly liked the texture though so any loaf that doesn’t taste like meat is fine with me!
Year after year, those who follow the plant-based diet get the short end of the Thanksgiving stick. Below, find a fantastically delicious line-up of recipes that'll satisfy both vegans and carnivores alike.
Mix in the gluten and then use your hands to gently knead the dough for about 5 minutes, to develop the gluten.
I poured all the gravy over the burgers and they pretty much turned into vegan salisbury steaks. If it’s something you can eat, you could add a teaspoon of corn starch too just to make sure they hold together. It took me a couple of tries, but I finally came up with the perfect savory, mushroom-infused seitan roast.
These are not necessarily the fanciest dishes on this blog, but they’re the ones we come back to year after year. Of course, if that doesn’t bother you, you could probably skip the parchment paper, but I think it helps prevent sticking and gives another layer of insulation. Do you think it would be possible to prepare this and then hold it in the fridge a few days before baking?
When you reheat it, use a low temp and keep it tightly wrapped so that it doesn’t dry out. I’m not vegan but love to incorporate vegan components, especially in typically meat-heavy holiday meals.
Never seem to have luck with baking seitan…either comes out like this, or like a rubber ball.

And this year we’re having your Oatmeal Cookie Crust for the first time with our pumpkin pie. Can I safely leave it out, or maybe there’s something else I could use for a similar result?
I’m actually trying to figure out what to make for my first Thanksgiving away from family. They receive incessant, if well-intentioned, interrogations about what they'll be able to eat from the table.
Our feast always includes at least one dish from each category below, as well as mashed potatoes. They break up the texture of the seitan a little so that it’s more tender than most gluten roasts without being noticeable themselves. You can do this quickly by cutting each vegetable in quarters and then pulsing in a food processor until finely chopped. Just would like to know your thoughts on this, or if you experimented with either of these.
I love pumpkin pie in a graham cracker crust so was delighted to recently find your fat-free version using oats! Their non-vegan counterparts almost always seem to forget that neither chicken stock nor eggs are considered vegan.
Turn each one over and bake for another 10-15 minutes, but be careful not to overcook or they will be dry. I let them cook for about 10 minutes and then added a package of mushrooms, half a diced red onion, a few cloves of minced garlic, and some more seasonings. I was just now dithering between getting another, larger, Field Roast or making your other seitan stuffed with walnuts, cranberries and mushrooms.
My husband D and I loved it as much as she did, so it’s quite possible I will be making it a third time this week. You don’t have to stuff one thing into another or baste anything or stand over a stove. Obviously my fatfreevegan fairy must have heard me over the internet, and I just opened your latest mail!
I seem to do better with seitan that is simmered in broth… I guess I will try frying slices, with gravy to see how that goes. Add the minced vegetables, including garlic, and cook, stirring regularly, until they become tender, about 6-10 minutes. Add water by the teaspoon if necessary to keep the vegetables from sticking or becoming dry. When I get blokes making passes at me, I laugh, as the poor dears have no idea how old I am. Once they’re softened, add the drained beans and mash them lightly with a slotted spoon or spatula. Place the peeled sweet potato into the food processor along with the tofu, soy sauce, and all seasonings, including nutritional yeast. This roast firms up in the fridge overnight and makes the best thin-sliced sandwiches ever. Scrape the tofu mixture into a large mixing bowl and add the quinoa flakes and the cooked vegetables.
Place them on the counter with one overlapping the other horizontally by about half its width.
Cut a piece of parchment paper about 20 inches long and place it over the aluminum foil with the bottom edges even. Put the uncooked seitan in the middle of the parchment, and shape it into a loaf about 9-10 inches long. Fold the short ends over the seitan and then bring the long edge closest to you over and roll it up. You can test for doneness by cutting into the middle and making sure that it is firm and not dough-like.

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