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The weight scale can demotivate you as it doesn’t show improvements in body composition. Its importance cannot be stated enough, especially when it comes too fat-loss and fitness training. Your body is not sure when its going to get its next meal so it tends to store more in case of perceived famine. During a session of cardio, warm-up for 5 minutes, then do 20 minutes at a high intensity pace. So when you are at rest, even sleeping, the more lean muscle mass you have, and the more calories you will expend.
It's difficult to place a number on how much below your consumption you should go, because everyone is different. This is definitely a tough thing to do because of busy schedules, but if it is possible, do a 15-minute cardio session first thing in the morning and another session later in the afternoon or early evening. Research has shown that compared with subjects that did a 30-minute cardio session, those that did 2; 15-minute sessions burned twice as many calories. Warm-up for 2-3 minutes and then goe all out for 13-15 minutes, then cool down for 2-3 minutes. These are 8 simple (well, not so simple if you do them well!) ways you can maximize fat burning while increasing the likelihood of not losing much muscle.
If you have hit a plateau in your journey to lose fat and gain muscle, it’s easy to blame your lack of progress on genetics.
When it’s time to take your fat loss to the next level you need to skyrocket your motivation in order to help you overcome any obstacles, challenges or setbacks that you may face along the way. I have been incredibly happy with my fat loss progress and muscle gains during the first 35 days, especially considering all the junk food that I have indulged in, including the 8 slices of pizza, chips, cookies, kielbasa, and boxed cereal that I ate this weekend. Balancing your proteins in your smoothie is what takes it from a “treat” to a healthy snack or meal.
The Blended Salad – Drink your Spinach on the GoKick-start Your Sex Drive With Libido Boosting Tomatillo Avocado Smoothie! You might already know that you require a calorie surplus to build muscle and a calorie deficit to lose fat. Because of this, many people have often stated that it’s impossible to build muscle and lose fat at the same time. Let’s take a closer look into the issue of how to gain muscle not fat and what you can do about it.
First things first, you have to understand the concept of how you can go about building muscle while also burning fat. Since this objective does require you to utilize two very different diet approaches, what you’re going to need to do is use a zig-zag approach.
The first way is to dedicate a period of two weeks to building lean muscle mass and once that period is over, switch over and dedicate another two week period to working towards the goal to burn fat.
Additionally, having the variety in the plan helps to keep you interested and committed to the program, which is also very important for maximum results.
The second approach that you can use to help lose fat and gain muscle is the weekly approach where you incorporate both set-ups into your full weekly period. In this scenario, you would dedicate your weight lifting days to muscle building days and then dedicate your off or cardio days to your fat loss days. Calorie intake would be adjusted according to whichever day it was and your body would constantly be shifting in and out of fat burning or muscle building mode. This type of set-up tends to work great for those who struggle with high or low calorie eating for longer periods of times since every other day you’re doing something different. Most will be able to get through one hard day of dieting without too many problems when they know the next day they get to feast. Now, before getting into the actual set-up description, you’ll want to make note that when working towards both goals at once, progress will be slower. Fortunately, the advantage to this is that you’ll stay very lean throughout the entire muscle building period and completely avoid a lengthy diet period that many people have to go through after reaching their goal weight. As long as you know ahead of time that your progress may be a little on the slow side and are willing to accept that, then you’re all prepared for the set-up and design. Once you have that number, add 1500 calories to it to get your total weekly calorie intake goal. After arriving at that number, you want to designate high calorie days and low calorie days.
Just remember that the total of all seven days must equate out to your total weekly calorie target that you figured out above. Once you have your calorie targets set for each day, then place your weight lifting days on the high calorie days and your cardio days on the low calorie days. If you choose to do the two week approach instead, then add 500 calories per day to your maintenance calorie intake for 14 days straight and then subtract 500 calories per day for the fat loss period and use that for 14 days straight.
For help figuring out a precise plan to follow, please check out the No-Nonsense Muscle Building program. No-Nonsense Muscle Building because it's a complete step-by-step muscle building success system based on the little-known secrets discovered by an ex-skinny guy nicknamed Skinny Vinny.
Simply Enter Your Email Address Below To Receive Your Free eBook " Muscle Building Essentials"! I'll have you know that I still get emails from potential clients of yours asking what I think about your program. Thank you so much for your kindness and patience that you have provided me with in the last 15 months.
I changed from being the enquirer in the gym asking all the big bulky guys questions to being the enquired (everyone wants to know how to do it).
I have now completed my muscle building phase while on higher calories until I can resume this in the future again. My weight has increased from 67 kg to 89 kg, arms from 35 cm to 45 cm, and chest from 89 cm to 109 cm, while still managing to decrease my fat percentage from 8 percent to 7.2 percent. Of course, I strive to continue improving on my physique naturally, something which I know is possible if I continue to stay extremely dedicated and committed to musclenow. In addition, I'd just like to say that I have experimented with several other programs as an experiment and interest sake over the years.
I'm delighted for you that it seems your business is going fantastically well and busy at the moment!! In the past I have tried to do my own research to see what exactly needed to be done to maximize results.
I had dedicated one summer to your system (approximately 12 weeks) and the results I saw were incomparable to any other weight training that I had done in the past.
I wasn't going to submit pictures or a testimonial but I changed my mind since there are so many false, fake, and fraudulent things on the internet.
I virtually gave up weight lifting until I decided to enter the EAS Body For Life challenge.
Anyway, I was just dropping a line to say that I really appreciate what you have done in writing this MuscleNow manual.
Hopefully things are still going well for you and I wish you much prosperity for this new year. I am sending you an update on my training, and hopefully you will use this for your testimonial page. It amazes me how some people are very hesitant to spend money on an all natural weight lifting course but have no problem spending 60 dollars on a 5 pound container of junk protein. Also, I would like to inform you that my wife has been training with your program and is achieving phenomenal results. I bought your program three years ago and today that I have a lot of training systems and I have also an ISSA certificate of personal trainer, I consider your program the best!!! Whatever method, course, web site, instructor, personal trainer, if good he has to do the same things written by Mr.
I just want to say to anyone reading this; Francesco has truly made an easy to use program that can help anyone achieve his or her goals whether it is to compete or to get in shape. When I buy a product, I am usually skeptical, but with your product, I have no reservations with recommending it to anyone.
I purchased your program because I was tired of being the 120 pound weakling I had been for the first 36 years of my life.
When I came across MuscleNow it was because I had been using supplements in a very dangerous way. I started at 69,7 kg, waist 80 cm, chest 101 cm, arms left 37 cm, right 38 cm, sovrailiac plico 5 mm.
Dear Francesco , as promised here is another update after another mass cicle , i stayed on 3500 cal difficoulties cause of my life stile same and sometimes worse , can t weight food most of the time when i eat out (20 days a month ) , try to match quantity by eye balling the food i weight at home , and all other problems i wrote u about in my last mail , but i don t give up .
Hello my name is Titus LeFlore I’am 30yrs old and I’ve been using the MuscleNOW system for the past 6yrs. I had to change both the way in which I thought about training and how I lived, and I knew it had to be a lifetime commitment and not just a minor inconvenience for the time being. Some of the reasons why I like MuscleNOW is that it is a natural bodybuilding program; there are no adverse side effects, no expensive products to buy and most importantly no gimmicks! This has been the most comprehensive resourceful book I've found on muscle training and development. The information was very easy to understand, comprehensive, and most importantly effective. Thanks to your extremely well thought out MuscleNow system I am finally on the road to having the body I always wanted. The funny thing is, I am not working out any harder or dieting any more stricter than I was in the before picture. After a friend pointed me to your site, I decided to invest the money in myself and get your course. Now my self esteem is unshakeable because I know that the way I look doesn't have anything to do with my genetics or buying supplements that somebody wants to sell me, it only has to do with me using the MuscleNow system.

If anybody ever wants to talk to any of your students because they are on the edge like I was, have them e-mail me. Constantly grazing on meals every 3 hours will allow your body to burn off what it has consumed quicker and more efficiently. Make each meal consist of higher protein (builds muscle), moderate carbohydrates (fuel for the body) and low fat (energy and protection). Not necessarily from the cardio you just did, but from the fact that doing cardio increases your metabolic rate so that the rest of the day you will burn off more calories as well. The recumbent bike is good also, because you can focus on high intensity without worrying about falling off. Weight training will not only strengthen existing muscle, but will add additional lean muscle tissue to handle any future demands placed on the muscle.
But in order to properly lose body fat, you need to determine your daily energy expenditure or caloric maintenance level.
Make each 15-minute session still very intense, which is easier to do if you are going 15 minutes.
Once again, if you can fit 2, 15 minute cardio sessions into your day (avoid doing it on weight-training days), you will burn twice the amount of calories than doing a 30 minute session. The more muscle you have, the more energy your body expends to maintain that muscle, even at rest. Cardio and proper nutrition are two of the most vital areas to focus on when attempting to shed fat and gain muscle.
We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist,your supplement expert, your lifting partner, your support group.
Now before I move onto the valuable lessons that I’ve learned about genetics, it is important to note that we do have some genetic limitations when it comes to transforming our body. If you have been following my current body transformation and mission to lose fat and gain muscle, you already know that this has been a very amazing experience for me where it has felt effortless for me to put forth great effort. If you don’t have any issues with Peanut Butter and Bananas this is the only shake recipe you will ever need. Things that are fast, easy to […]Blend your own Protein Smoothie at home and fuel your muscles the right way!
This means that if you’re eating a higher calorie intake, the body may not be building up muscle as quickly (and could be actually adding more fat instead) and likewise, after two weeks of a very low calorie diet, the body is going to slow its metabolism down, making it harder and harder to see results. Figure out how many calories it takes to maintain your body weight (most people will require 15-16 calories per pound) and then multiply that by seven. This will produce a weight gain at about a rate of half a pound per week, which is going to be ideal for staying lean and burning up fat while you build the muscle. Aim to make your high calorie days around 700-800 calories over and above maintenance to really promote solid muscle building and then make your low calorie days around 400-500 calories below maintenance to promote fast fat loss.
Make sure protein is high and carbs are low on the low calorie days and protein is high and carbs are also high on the muscle building days. While this process does take a little more intricate planning, it will really pay off in the end when you see the results that it delivers.
I owe my dedication to reaching goals in my life to the simple principles I learned from Bodybuilding.
And I always speak very highly of it seeing how I owe my personal bodybuilding success to you and your program, and I also know that the bodybuilding mentality that was sparked from reading MuscleNow contributed to my personal success in life!
The pre pics were taken about 7 months after my knee reconstruction surgery, and the post pics were taken after a 6 week period.
It is nice to have the truth about bodybuilding available and not have to rely on the muscle magazine adds for advice. I started your program 15 months ago as a 5 foot 9, 147 pound 16 year old that loved the game of rugby. At 21 years of age I have achieved a physique which I believe many guys aspire to, but never reach due to lack of knowledge regarding nutrition. I think many people come across your website and read what you have to say, but never end up purchasing the program because they simply believe that you are a fraud, and that achieving a physique like yours is not possible without the use of anabolic steroids. However, if it's muscle size that you are after, I personally don't believe that there is another program out there which is nearly as effective as Musclenow. I really do find it amusing and unfortunate how some people continue to believe weird and crazy training and nutrition ideas, when there are people around who clearly have the recipe for success (all your musclenow users). I had picked up a lot of things on my own, but after reading your program, all the bits and pieces that I had put together on my own had finally come together. Bottom line, anyone looking to either start or modify there own weight training program will DEFINITELY benefit from MuscleNOW. Even though I didn't place (no Corvette, EAS Contract, or $10,000 - $100,000), I surpassed achievements of 94% of the 700,000 plus competitors who entered the challenge. Eventhough it has changed since I first purchased it 8 or 9 years ago, the experience has been deeply integrated in the way I approach life itself and the pursuit of my personal goals.
Your program worked for me and everyone I see I tell them that I use MuscleNOW to keep myself fit and in shape. I have been using your program for around 3 years now and I have to say that I owe you a lot more than the money i paid for your program! I started lifting at home and due to my schedule I could only start lifting at about 9 or 9:30 in the evening. Thanks so much Francesco for sharing with us ur effort to build a strong and healthy body and for helping us to achieve it! This book has been the single most important investment I've made since I started a consistent training routine. Before reading Muscle Now I used everything from weight gainers to numerous supplements only to have lackluster short-term results.
Your body-weight can stay the same while your muscle mass increases and body fat decreases. If you’re making progress after years being out of shape, you might still consider yourself out of shape when looking in the mirror.
You need a reason to keep going, to do cardio first thing in the morning, to skip that extra slice of pizza. The inconvenience of constantly using the bathroom is a minor drawback compared to the benefits you will receive. Then continue to observe the effects in the mirror to determine if this number needs to be changed. In order to make constant and significant gains, remember to train intensely and for short durations. We provide the technology, tools, andproducts you need to burn fat, build muscle, and become your best self. I still feel this way after 35 days, but I know that I can dig even deeper and find even greater motivation that will drive me toward achieving my very best. I just wanted you to know that I finally did that Bodybuilding show that I was telling you about. Just about a year ago, (3 weeks after my last competition) I blew out my knee, and needed reconstructive surgery. I was one of those people at age 16, but thanks to the knowledge that I gained from Musclenow, I have achieved feats that I never thought were possible. I was one of those people several years ago when I first came accross this website, however I went with my instinct and ended up purcahsing the program mainly due to the 90 day money back guarantee.
So many guys have asked me how I've managed to achieve what I have, and I honestly do refer them to your site and briefly tell them how the Musclenow sytem works, but yet they refuse to believe that it's effective since they argue that by watching me train (by following the musclenow routine) I'm overtraining, how my rep ranges are too low, how I don't do enough exercises etc. In fact, I sometimes catch myself in conversations concerning weight training techniques with friends and they really seem to listen to what I have to say; all of which I learned after reading your program. If anything, the journey alone, if FULLY engaged, will serve the individual for the rest of their days in a subtle sub-concious way.
I am an independent professional wrestler and at one point I thought to myself that I would never be big enough to make it in the big time. However, I was at 6'1 206lbs when I started and as good as I looked then, I look even better now.
Before Musclenow I was as confused as anyone else on training techniques, nutrition, and supplements. I've tried all the pro bodybuilding training programs and diet programs, but have all failed. I also read a lot of training systems and visit all the web's sites about body building and fitness.
I am now pursuing a modeling career and I thank you for helping me by writing this program. I plan to do many more competitions, but with this program, I truly stay in shape ALL YEAR LONG.
For me this gains are amazing as i i have a very busy and messy life style being a long haule flights attendant for the italian airline and working often on night shifts, going through various jet leg, sleeping when i am meant to eat and eating when i am meant to sleep, sometimes i have to eat 2 meals at one sitting because of time limitations and use protein powder for convenience with simpe sugars (fruit juice) on non work out meals. That s 2 ,5 kg more from my last update 2 cm more on my chest and 2 cm on my right arm and 1 cm on my left arm , fat gain just a little on my waiste . Francesco let me thank u again for all ur hard work and for helping me with ur e mail when i asked , the money i spent for ur course have been the best spent in 16 years of training , where i waisted thousands of euro in useless supplements and magazines . I've made tremendous gains in my physical goals and achievements and I still reference some of the principles used throughout this guide.
On my path to develop an athletically functioning, strong, good looking body, I read a lot of muscle magizines and trained the way they said to train and ate the way they said to eat.
If you do not want to lose body fat enough, you will continue to give yourself reasons not to work out. Skipping meals altogether will actually cause your body to store fat as a defense mechanism.
When you add muscle to your frame, your body has to expend more energy (burn more calories) to maintain that muscle tissue. If you continue to see no results, try reducing your energy consumption to 300 calories below your energy output.

This will cause you to maintain high enough resistance to add overload to the muscle, causing more muscle growth. BUT, most of us are nowhere close to achieving our genetic potential or reaching those limits.
I upped the milk to 36 oz, added a second Banana, second tablespoon of Peanut butter and Cocoa powder. I decided a few months back to do another show, so I dieted and trained for 12 weeks, and dropped about 40 lbs.
Although I went to the gym after surgery, I could not put up the weight numbers that I used to, and put on a few lbs. Most backline rugby players these days weigh around 200 pounds, but I was about 53 pounds short of this. I got the nod ahead of some of the other candidates at inside centre because of my immense strength and power (something that I never would have achieved without your help). I know for sure that there is absolutely no way that people wont achieve great results from your program if they stay committed and follow it as they should.
Since beginning the program, for a majority of the time I have been performing weight training only 3 days per week.
Long story short I stumbled across Francesco's "MuscleNOW" course, followed it precisely and VOILA!
I am stronger than I ever was, I have veins everywhere in my body, including my neck, chest, shoulders, arms, and even my legs!!! Well, now I know that the future is in my hands because your program ensures success and results.
Then after an operation of gall bladder that make me only 59 kg of body weight on height of mt. I had no desire to be a body builder or gain the bulking abouts of muscle most mags and others sites show, I just wanted to add a little meat to by body. I also damaged nerves in my groin area as well, which caused alot of problems, however i won't go into details about that. Training as well is affected because of my job i use plan c from 2 up to 4 times a week as my shedules allows any days of the week and sometimes my recovery abilities are very limited. I will take advantage of the hot season to go on a fat loss cicle for a while till my waist and plico get back as it was at begin of the program and try to mantain as much mass i can . I can honestly say I wouldn't have been able to come close to what I've been able accomplish without the aid of MuscleNow. I've gained and maintained significant muscle growth and more endurance throughout each workout.
It's everthing I need to know about eating right and working out to get the body I want and it will last me for the rest of my life.
I spent hours in the gym each day, tried all kinds of supplements (including the ever popular creatine). I am currently in my summer holiday and have some spare time and decided to follow your five day plan for the next 8 weeks as I was tremendously excited about the potential effects that it could do if the three day routine could do so much. What makes these results so amazing to me is that for a majority of the course I had only been following the 3 day per week program and the only advanced technique that I have applied is extending the 5 set week. I'd also like to add that I suffered 2 serious sports related injuries about 4 years ago which resulted in me being unable to train for about 9 months. Yet, I look significantly better than them (by following your principles) and they are the ones asking me questions.
It is such a relief to know that I no longer need to take supplements to look the way I want to. Musclenow has given me the knowledge of proper techniques and nutrition that have gotten me to where I am today and where I'll be in the future. I also had a bodybuilding show under my belt (which I placed 2nd in the northwest natural comp). And that is because, like Francesco, I have chose to make this program a lifestyle rather than just a summer program. I also had no desire to start taking all of the supplements and junk the other places want you to use. To just show you how much I have improved when I first started Francesco's program I only benched 115, now I'm up to 180. But just wanted to tell you that this whole experience has made me want to switch my major into physical therapy or something like that where I can understand how different muscles work etc.
During the cicle i have been sick twice with fewer and stomach upset after a trip to Africa, i train often down routes in differents gyms with different equipment and often i don't find all the equipments i need.
Since using this program I've read up on other programs but they don't come close to the information provided in this book. For me, it was the most convenient way of getting an additional 1000 Calories, without consuming what would be a lot of whole foods. I decided to get in shape again, and using the MuscleNOW workout, and food list from the program i transformed my body in 6 short weeks. I am only 18 pounds away from my goal and wish to increase my biceps to 45 cm (17.75 inches) and my chest to 112 cm (44 inches). Therefore, I really achieved these results in 4.5 years, all natural, and without the use of any supplements (except protein powder from time to time for convenience). But when you want to help them they still refuse to believe it (instead believing that I'm using steroids), and continue to smash into a brick wall by following flawed techniques some pro bodybuilders have written, or which they've read in some bodybuilding magazine.
I always thought it was a prerequisite to take supplements in order to gain muscle, but your program has taught me the total opposite. Proper nutrition combined with proper weight lifting techniques is the formula for success. Your program has basically brought everything I knew into perspective while helping me see a couple new techniques and how to incorporate them into my lifestyle. I have since joined a gym, which I really enjoy, and making myself get up in the morning and go in. But then one day when surfing the net for ideas on how I could reach my goal of 200 pounds I came across your website by either luck or the kindness of God. He has spent alot of time talking to me on email, sometimes about nothing that has to do with weight training.
I have found it gives me a lot more energy for the day after a good work out in the morning. All i did was trying to follow ur course as it is as much as i could and u helped me with advices to fit it into my life stile!
Those models in those magazines must be roiders, and those stupid routines and complicated exercises must be written to sell supplements. If you can’t find what you like on this list, checkout my ultimate protein shake recipes list. The diet and weight training techniques in Musclenow helped me to learn how to get over that and pack on good lean muscle. I have had a couple different training partners in the last 3 years and both have made very impressive gains as well! I have so many people saying looking buff today bro, have you been lifting, dude you're huge!
That's the reasons why i say that this gains are amazing, i am sure that if my lifestyle allowed me to follow the course and diet just as it is written in ur program i would have made better gains!!!!!! I think they give you bad routines then once you don't get any results, they tell you it's because you NEED these supplements! I did not have time to train more than 3 days per week due to school and other sporting commitments. Even my mother (away in military), sister (away at school), and cousin (relocated) didn't recognize me after beef-n-up. I know some people question me being natural, but I know the hard work I have put in and that's all that matters. I'm glad I have the knowledge Musclenow offers because I'm no longer an easy target for supplement pushers. But still i look forward to start another cicle following ur course as muche as i can, training, diet modification after measurements, raising calories or diminishing them if i need to and i am sure that in 5 weeks time i will post another pics with 5 kg of mainly muscles more on my body.
So I closely followed your three day per week workout plan and every aspect of the course for 15 months and completely transformed my body and my life.
If you have any questions, concerns, or there's anything I cna help you out with please feel free to email me.
People definitely accused me of taking steroids and said "you cant put on that much muscle that quick naturally" but I know otherwise.
Last thing, anytime I had a question Francesco was more than willing to help me out, no matter how stupid my question was. By the way this gains r even more amazing if u think that i am 37 now and just recovered from a shoulder surgery that made me to lose lots of weight. My body fat percentage has increased from 9 percent to 9.5 percent (negligible amount when considering I have gained 35 pounds). I felt like a celebrity because guys and women came up to me with questions and were wondering what I did to develop SO much in such a short time.
The pictures in of myself in the red trunks are from the competition you helped me with (then, I was 163 lbs with around 3% bf). I had some questions that you helped me with thru email, along with information I used from your program.

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