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Fat is the main cause of obesity and most often an imbalance diet cause fat deposition under the skin. There are a lot of foods and things that accumulate fat on body, beside food some habits also a cause of fat deposition.
Mostly women and girls get fat due to inactive lifestyle just as many individual spend their most of the time in sitting position, they watch television and busy in computer work. Reduce or see off all those foods which contain white sugar and direct white sugar consumption.
Starvation is not a suitable method because it loss more energy and best way is to reduce your food.

Once the fat deposit on body it is difficult to reduce it because it needs hard work and high temperature or regular exercise.
The lifestyle is also a factor for fat accumulation and less body movement or walking is also a cause of this obesity. The current era has many facilities and they provide a lot of facilities to modern man and that is why the man become inactive. On other hand the food consumption is more than the calories utilization, in this way extra calories deposit in the form of fat under the skin, which is mostly deposit in belly area. The fat deposition is not only a physical hurdle, but it also has the health of individuals and it damages the coronary vessels.

Our environment and surrounding is also responsible for obesity because we do not have some basic facilities just as walking tracks, parks and gem clubs. Some time obesity is also inherited from parents to offspring, similarly age and over diet also a factor for obesity. The inactive lifestyle is a major cause of obesity, sugar is also an element behind the obesity so it is necessary to avoid sugar and its products.

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