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Developments in oil-based emulsions could tackle flavor and texture problems associated with fat reduction in baked goods and snacks, say experts.
Over the past decade numerous fat replacers have been developed, from polysaccharides and fibers to hydrocolloid and gum blends, but experts from Campden BRI and Leatherhead Food Research said next-generation water-in-oil, gel-in-oil and double emulsions were the future for fat reduction.Charles Speirs, bakery science manager at Campden BRI, said the latest generation of fat replacers had evolved from emulsion technologies used in margarines and low fat spreads. The biggest challenge for manufacturers with fat replacement was ensuring the integrity of the product was maintained, Speirs said.“The functions of fat in bakery applications are many, including shortening ability, lubrication, emulsification, aeration, shelf life and of course eating quality. Get FREE access to authoritative breaking news, videos, podcasts, webinars and white papers. Almonds deliver nutrition, distinctive taste and versatility, making them a top choice when it comes to new product development. The introduction of the Food Standards Code on 20 December 2002 for manufactured and packaged foods in Australia and New Zealand has made Reading Food Labels easier to understand. Being overweight is related to many chronic diseases and eating fewer kilojoules will reduce weight. Sugars in the nutrition panel includes, naturally occurring sugar in fruits and milk and added sugars. The product outlined in the example above has a fibre content of 3.5g per 100g fits into the criteria for suitable fibre product. Sodium or salt can occur in large amounts in some foods including cheese, canned foods, processed meats and some cereals. If a product makes a claim such as low in fat or gluten free for example, information must be given about that nutrient in the nutrition information panel. If the product is brown and crunchy it has probably been sprayed with oil before baking and may contain as much fat as the fried variety. This usually means free of sucrose, but other types of sugar may be present which contain the same amount of energy (eg. These terms may refer to being light in colour, flavour, texture, taste or fat content of the food.

Reduced fat does not mean less fat compared to the product next to it, but less fat compared to the manufacturer’s normal product of that type.
These products may not contain cholesterol, but it doesn’t mean that they are low in saturated fats which can increase you blood cholesterol. Surveys have shown that a high proportion of people use food labels to understand the foods they buy and that the people know read nutrition labels have better diets. With a growing pressure to reduce fats in baking scientists look at novel means of structuring fats and cite waxes oleogels and emulsions as potential alternatives, but this will depend on the market.
Nestle UK & Ireland has reduced saturated fat levels in Kit Kat by around 10% by changing the palm oil in the wafer filling. I am terribly disappointed that Nestle's has decided to continue to use palm oil, which is a saturated fat, instead of dropping this controversial oil which is causing much controversy & causing imminent extinctions. Great so Nestle is reducing the saturated fat in their candy bars and the only downside is that they are contributing to the murder and desecration of the Orangutan to get their Palm Oil.
These emulsions, he said, ensured better fat distribution throughout the product which had a number of advantages.“Many flavors are fat soluble and by removing or reducing fat there is a potential to also reduce flavor.
The challenge of fat replacement is to make sure you tick all these boxes required for any specific application.”Osborn agreed that fat replacement was a challenge because its purpose in food was multifunctional.
Therefore, look at the amount of kilojoules on the nutrition panel, and where possible, choose the product with the lower amount. When they are digested they break down to form glucose in the blood stream, but they do so at different rates – some slow and some fast. You should aim for at least 30g of dietary fibre per day or products that contain at least 3g of dietary fibre per 100g.
Manufacturers can face fines of up to $100,000 for misleading or incorrect labeling of food products. Seeing it contains zero percentage of cacoa - how do they get away with labelling it chocolate?

I believe that Nestle is very particular and have stricter rules in sourcing their raw materials not just palm oil.
Simply adding back flavor might not necessarily work if there is not sufficient fat distributed through the product to carry the flavor,” he said.“An approach which replaces fat with water-in-oil or gel-in-oil emulsion rather than simply reducing fat allows for better distribution of fat through the food.
The Glycaemic Index or GI describes the way the carbohydrate affects your blood glucose levels. Cholesterol free frozen potato chips are high in saturated fat because they are cooked in palm oil. To be approved to carry the tick the products must meet strict criteria for the fat, salt, sugar and fibre contents. However, fat reduction strategies should be holistic and the goal should be to deliver a balanced product where possible.”Speirs said for baked goods like biscuits where fat played a functional role – contributing to the ‘melt in the mouth’ crumbly texture – texture impacts had to be considered with fat reduction whereas in snacks it was more about desired flavor characteristics, rather than function. Foods with a low GI raise blood glucose more slowly (compared to foods with a high GI) and are recommended for weight control. It is only found on some types of foods and doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best choice, but only a guide. We’ve looked at fat properties, the mixing process and what happens when you get to baking, heating it,” Smith explained. As some foods with a low GI also contain a high amount of fat, only those foods that follow the Australian Dietary Guidelines (low in saturated fat, low in sodium and high in dietary fibre) can carry the GI symbol.
The nutrition information panel will reveal whether the product really is low in fat by comparing the fat content per 100g on the back with similar products.
Food such as bread, pasta, fresh fruit and vegetables are healthy choices although no tick appears on these products.

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