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This high intensity fat shredding workout will set a flame to that fat – and you do not have to step foot in the gym! This exercise starts in the standing position, squat down and then quickly kick your feet out to be in a pushup position. Perform a regular pushup, then bring one foot underneath your body and reach with the opposite hand so that they touch. We at Atlas Men's Health are proud to be members of the American Board of Obesity Medicine. HIIT (high intensity interval training) will not only help you shred your body fat faster than endurance cardio, it’s going to help you hold onto more of that hard earned muscle mass as your cutting as well. I have two favorite routines I use for my HIIT training when I need to get my abs ripped for a photo shoot or a competition. 10 second incline sprints, 50 sec rest – Set the treadmill to a 15 degree incline and while straddling the belt, crank the speed up to a speed that’s going to make you struggle to run at for 10 seconds. You only have to do 10-15 minutes of either of those routines at the end of a weight workout to kick start that resting metabolism for hours and hours after you’re done. If I only have a couple of weeks to get ripped I have a couple of carb rotations that I go to but I don’t like to do those for more than 2-3 weeks.
The number one reason why people stray from their diet plan is that the good food they know they should be eating isn’t immediately available and when they find themselves starving in the middle of the afternoon they turn to a quick fix and shove down the first thing they can get their hands on.
Whatever you do, if you screw up and have an unplanned cheat meal or miss meal, get right back on track with the next meal. If you’ve built all that muscle mass by lifting heavy in the 6-10 rep range don’t suddenly cut the weights in half and start doing sets of 20 with the hopes of burning more fat. When it comes to shredding fat, many people believe that cardiovascular activity is the best way to go about things. There is a need to combine cardio with weight training on order to achieve great fat loss in a more effective time. When working with weights, it is important to note that the rest and recovery period is important for developing muscles.
When you are resting but hopefully still benefitting from an increased level of metabolism, you should be carry out cardiovascular activities. While there is a need to take your time and develop any work out plan over time, there is a lot to be said for high intensity level workouts.
It is important to ensure that your nutrition is at a good level when working out regularly. Weight training is often the best way to lose weight, so make sure that you add an element alongside your cardio workouts. A common scene really, but it’s uncommon that someone’s efforts actually payoff the way they originally intended.
Be it if you are trying to compete in a bodybuilding show, gain the notoriety from the opposite sex, or just look good for your upcoming vacation. Fat loss and carbs just don’t go together in the eyes of most people looking to get into shape. Two guys with similar training programs, ages, and weights will often require two different approaches nutritionally.
Use as many carbs as you can, as they will help power through your workouts in the gym, keep your metabolic rate healthy so you can lose fat longer and more efficiently and not just make progress the first month. So while it’s cool, and I am always intrigued as to what other guys have done to get into magnificent shape, my interest has nothing to do with me wanting to mimic their approaches. Some guys need to get in 3-4 hard cardio sessions a week, and others can count the number of cardio sessions they do during their whole diet on one hand.
Hard work and persistence is going to really make a big difference, the other half will come from using more sound physiological approaches, and not some copy and paste job.
On the contrary what you will commonly see is guys abandon the lower rep work for the higher rep work.
Such as banning specific macronutrients (fat, carbs and protein) completely, as many popular diets have in recent years. For example the guy who decided to diet on 1,000 less calories than he required, and then binges out of control on the 3rd week of his diet. The most perfect diet will not work if the person cannot adhere to the details that actually matter. Immediately bring them back underneath you into the squat position, and then come out of the squat by jumping as high as you can. When the treadmill hits the 1 minute mark, carefully step on to the front middle of the belt holding yourself with your hands until you get your stride, then pump your arms and sprint for 10 seconds. The body needs all of these to function properly and when one of them is absent you’re going to crave it like there’s no tomorrow!
Often you’ll find that you may be craving a cheeseburger and ice cream but once you’ve eaten that healthy, scheduled meal that craving goes away.
Your muscles became that size because they had to get accustomed to moving heavy weight, if they don’t have to move that heavy weight anymore they will decrease in size.
You can see people on the treadmill or on the bike sweating away but they may not be doing the activities that provide them with the best results.
A good routine will start off with a cardiovascular session because this raises the metabolism of the body.
This is why there should be space placed in your workout regime for letting the muscles recover and grow stronger.

Alternating between the two groups will provide you with sufficient time to rest your muscles while still working hard to lose weight.
This is where you should look to train as hard and as fast as you possibly can in a short period of time.
When people are looking to lose weight, they are often tempted by fad diets and crash diets. With the hot months on the horizon, everyone at the gym starts talking about their upcoming diet and how excited they are to get the ball rolling.
Much like the judges don’t get on stage and caliper myself and the other competitors, neither will that young lady at the beach. Some people might need to diet on 100 grams of carbs, others might require double or triple that amount.
I enjoy reading these protocols because it confirms the notion that we are each very unique and a wide array of approaches do work.
Not only is it a waste of time, but there could be better things you can spend fluff time at the gym on. The main reasons behind this is one, they have a hard time holding on to strength because they attempt to keep volume at offseason levels. I have had my share of slip-ups, but also from working with countless bodybuilders over the years. Be it the 80’s with their extremely low fat approaches, or in recent years the ketogenic type diets. Or perhaps a diet were you must eat 8 meals a day to keep the metabolism fast (which is more fitness folklore) and one day misses a meal and loses his mind.
This circuit works great for fat shredding because it is a workout that will improve core strength with the pushup with toe touch and plank to pushup, while it crushes the rest of the body with the burpees to start every round. In the ideal diet, you can incorporate all 3 three of the macros while shredding fat and hanging onto muscle mass. Heavy training will also do a number on your EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) which keeps the resting metabolism elevated, allowing you to burn fat for hours after a workout. Muscles are made of up of approximately 75% water and they don’t get hydrated through chicken breast and salad. This 60-minute workout is pure high intensity interval training – compound total body strength moves, intense burst of cardio, and fun and fast abs and core are all used! In order to shred fat, you really should be using weights because this will have a greater impact on your weight loss activities and ambitions. This should then be followed up with a weight lifting session as this style of workout raises metabolism not just at the time but it maintains the metabolism at a higher rate for some time to come. This doesn’t mean that you have to do nothing, it just means that you should alternate which muscle groups you work on. If you consider athletes who and bodybuilders who work out in this sort of fashion, you will see that the overwhelming majority are extremely lean. These are not good in the long term and they are certainly not advised when carrying out a weight training program. Check out his 5.62934% bodyfat!” Truth is you are either in shape or not, and aiming for bodyfat percentages is a waste of time, a distraction at best. While you will have to cut out some of your carbs when you start your mission towards getting lean, usually the amounts that are cut are too extreme. One thing is for sure, most folks low ball their carbohydrate threshold and diet on too little food. It would be great because I would no longer need weeks and weeks to get a feel for a client’s metabolic rate.
However as intriguing as these protocols are, what most likely makes these athletes successful is trial and error over the year, attention to detail, and being consistent. For example prehab work, foam rolling, as in all the things that will help keep you healthy and progressing for a long time. This is why I am a fan of moderate approaches, because if you swing the pendulum too hard one way, it’s going to push back just as hard. You’ll have a hard time dieting in the real world where you can’t always eat every 90-120 minutes. Diets that leave both variables unaccounted for are usually setting up people for failure, rather than helping them reach their full potential. This metabolic circuit stimulates the entire kinetic chain which is composed of nervous system, skeletal frame and muscular systems collectively. Marathon runners train at a steady pace for long amounts of time while sprinters train by going as hard as they can for a short amount of time followed by a recovery period to get the heart rate back down and then they go hard again.
Start by setting the machine to it’s slowest setting and just go through the motions for the first 30 seconds. You need to be running at a speed fast enough that you wouldn’t be able to run for 12 or 15 seconds. I even put on 4 lbs of muscle in the last month while dieting down to a shredded 3.6% bf for my last show.
Know exactly what you’re going to eat and when you’re going to eat it and stick to the plan. This HIIT workout mashup uses a combination of weights, body weight, cardio, strength, core, balance, and more… to get you feeling and looking good!
Some trainers who work their clients at a high rate of intensity have found that a higher rate of metabolism can be sustained for days in some cases.

Combining high intensity cardio workouts with sensible weight training is the best way to get lean and to achieve the body you are looking for. The human body needs sufficient energy and if you do not provide it with what it needs, it will not be able to provide you with the performance you require. As a competitive bodybuilder and contest coach, I get to hear my fair share of rants from these guys and it’s the same issues over and over.
I will get asked often “so how man carbs should I take when dieting?” The answer is simple: as many as you can while still losing fat at the desired pace. When you diet on less carbs than you require you will see the following occur: You will come out flying at the start, and then it will drastically slow down, and from there you will likely have to apply more aggressive protocols.
Actually it would not be a good thing because there would be a “secret diet’ that would be applicable to everyone, and in turn I would be out of business. Quite often I will get curious inquiries from clients about dedicating a whole workout to abs in an effort to tighten up the mid-section. The latter is still one of those bodybuilding fables that I wish would go away, but like fanny packs they are still a sight for sore eyes at gyms today. However, so much of this can be avoided by not sweating the details that don’t matter and avoiding specific pitfalls. Marathon runners generally have less muscle and more body fat while sprinters have low body fat and hold an impressive amount of muscle mass. For the next 50 seconds, just standing there catch your breath, calm your heart rate, and get your legs back. These principles will also allow you to have more energy and not go brain dead while dieting.
This means making a habit of cooking all  food, getting them into individual containers and taking them with you. If dieting water is going to help keep your appetite in control and also have a positive effect on resting metabolism as your body works to process all that water. All joking aside, there is enough variation from individual to individual that one diet plan simply can’t fit all. For these guys almost anything will work, and let’s be blunt for a moment, if you were genetically predisposed to being muscular and lean you would likely not be reading this article. Which still leaves me in awe since we can’t spot target fat loss, and why would a bicep grow when you use it, but the torso muscle shrink and tighten up? In reality, if you want to keep your hard earned muscle, you need to continue lifting heavy throughout your diet. When designing a diet for someone, I never hand them an envelope labeled “the diet” as for the numerous reasons discussed above it just doesn’t work that way. Fat burning is a strategy of hours not minutes and interval training will keep your metabolism burning fat for hours after your done while endurance training allows you to come back to normal minutes after being finished. When I write a diet for myself or a client I get much more specific about percentages of carbs at certain times but for the general population these rules of thumb will work. It’s also going to help hydrate your muscles, which in turn keeps ATP (your muscles energy source) levels high. In this article we will name a few of the most common traps that slow down, discourage, often leave cutting phases unfinished, and with results that leave so much more to be desired. Truth is a little goes a long way since abs are involved in some of the bigger movements we do in the gym, and also what works best for other muscles works best for your ab development.
If it’s getting harder to hit those heavy sets I would first abandon the higher rep work so that I can save my energy, and recovery for the heavier weights.
After 30 seconds bring the speed back down to super slow and focus on catching your breath, calming your heart rate, and getting your legs back under you during this short 30 second rest. What if you get callipered at the 8% you were aiming for, but don’t quite look the way you anticipated? Weighted ab exercises in the 5-12 rep range, at about 3-4 sets twice a week is more than enough. If they have foods that lead to binges we get rid of those right away, if they have special occasions coming up were food will be eaten we adjust. Not only does this add a little flavor to that bland water, it also helps support lean muscle mass while cutting. Real definition and true sculpting is going to come via fat loss, but like any other muscle in your body it can be very well developed, but if you are not lean enough it won’t show. The last few weeks where things can get tough at times, as not only does the weight seem heavier, but energy can take a hit. If they are a busy mom and eating six times a day is too much, well then we will only eat three times a day. ROCK SOLID NUTRITION makes a product called “MUSCLE PUNCH” that combines a healthy dose of BCAA’s with arginine to pump them into your muscles and taurine for a little mental clarity, and who doesn’t need more of that when their dieting! Which brings me to my next point: bodyfat testing in general is pretty hit or miss, at least all the affordable ways are. This is why I never have my clients send me bodyfat percentages in their weekly reports to me.

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