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As promised I have another fitness video lesson for you :), this lesson is about common mistakes people make in very common exercises. Before I do my workouts and especially if I have new moves I always get in front of the mirror and practice the exercise, you have to feel the form that’s how you are going to remember it.
I already have a post when I go over the critical importance of the proper form so in this post I will just let you watch the video. Yes proper form is more important then speed, because if you are doing your exercise fast but in bad form then your results as well as your spine will suffer.
Oh yes be very careful with squats, those exercises are very tough on our back, form is so important and it definitely needs to be emphasized more in Fitness. But, let me tell you something… I saw myself when you were doing the wrong form in more than a couples of exercises. Thanks for your dedication and for taking the time to explain this in a funny, but still so clear way!! I knew it LOL :), it’s a pretty common mistake, at least now I know you are watching your form !!!
Awesome video Tati!  A lot of people get caught up on WO sites and forums competing with others on reps and time.  I certainly have done it.
I know the proper form but since I had my kids I cannot get my shoulders off the floor during ab exercises that involve having the legs up.
Wow Tee_w I am surprised you have kids, you have so much energy and you workout so much, my hat is off to you :).
I work opposite shift of everyone, I go to work and kids come home, it’s a bummer but have to make a living!
I start my planks with hands under shoulders, but if there are movements I find my arms getting more and more of an angle.
Well my darling, I know that planks can be boring but they are effective in strengthening your core like no other! Mountain climbers are actually pretty hard exercise if you do them in the proper form as well as controlled.
If you are planning to do another video like this one, would it be possible to request proper form on dive bombers?
We are actually starting a new Booty challenge on Monday :), it will help you to lift your butt and get rid of that lose skin under. Everyone knows that bodyweight has some amazing exercises for the upper-body—pull-ups, push-ups, dips, handstand push-ups, and so on.
This philosophy is a pretty new one, and it’s come from the powerlifting and bodybuilding community. My husband and I are in our 30s, but most of our neighbors have lived in our apartment building forever and are 70 and up—sometimes way up.

Our gym equipment is a fossil record of fitness trends: Soviet-era weight machines share space with bright, injection-molded step aerobics platforms and newer, semi-inflated stability balls. At my old gym full of taut, sexy, young thangs, it took me weeks to feel brave enough to show up without makeup, given the intensity of the side-eye there.
One could argue that my geriatric neighbors are the original health goths: You’d be hard-pressed to find a demographic that contemplates its mortality more rigorously than theirs does. By clicking "Sign in", you confirm that you accept our terms of service and have read and understand privacy policy. By clicking "Create Account", you confirm that you accept our terms of service and have read and understand privacy policy.
Before I made this video I looked at many many videos on youtube of people exercising, trainers and regular people as well. Because if you have been exercising for a while and with bad form then it can be quite difficult to get you learning all over again, but with dedication you will be able to achieve it faster then you think. I picked some of the most common exercises, but I am planning to make several of these videos at your request, just let me know in the comments which exercises you think you need to work on. I think it must be my abs, I should probably just practice holding a plank, but that’s boring!
Maybe it’s just a matter of practice though, as front weight seems to challenge my balance. Actually, I thought i knew how to do all of them, but someone at the gym pointed out how my crunches were wrong, just yesterday. I was wondering if you could either explain some exercises to target or a workout to target the area of lifting the little lip under the but cheeks and around the outer side that comes off the lower but and how to get rid of the loose skin under there and around the back and sides of the lower back? Use progressive techniques to build up to the point where you can perform pistols (deep one-leg squats) perfectly for multiple sets of 20 reps.
Follow my methods and you will have healthy, strong, springy legs well into old age, just like he did.
Foods like sausage, burgers and pizza contain cholesterol: and far from being bad for bodybuilders, cholesterol is the major building block of testosterone. Testosterone is dropping like a stone in every new generation, and dwindling quality sleep is the reason why.
The majority of REM sleep occurs later during periods of sleep; so if you wake up earlier, you miss your shot. No reproduction, transmission or display is permitted without the written permissions of Rodale Inc.
Name a training craze that’s swept the nation in the past three decades, and you can probably find evidence of it at our place. Behind her, creeping at a snail’s pace through the door she’s holding open, is one of our building’s original residents, a diminutive man who appears to be closing in on one of the seltzer-and-ice cream birthday parties we throw when someone turns 100.

I’m guessing since I can do it when legs are down or able to move that I use my hip flexors to compensate.
I also need to work on contracting my muscles more (glutes, abs, etc), but I make no excuse for that, it’s just laziness on my part. I am totally on board:) if I workout on Monday and Tuesday, take Wed off and then workout on Thursday and Friday should I do just alternating the upper and lower body?
Some of the gear still gets attention: The '80s-esque step aerobics platforms do seem to be somewhere different every time I see them, for example. In their company, I’ve finally embraced the fact that I look like a drowned rat after an hour of hard work. That guy—the one who needs assistance switching from his walker to a treadmill—is my personal fitspiration.
Most people don’t know how to exercise then they wonder why they are not getting results.
I always wondered why I never really felt much while doing mountain climbers and now I know why. Have to say i was rather embarrassed, since I don’t consider myself a beginner, but it really got me thinking and made more aware of my form.
The opinions expressed on this site are my own personal opinions and do not represent anyone else's view. Who is this ex-junkie jerk telling me not to lift weights, eat junk food and that I don’t need supplements? Other pieces are as long forgotten as the fitness gurus who promoted them—a reminder of the fact that what’s touted as the very best way to get into shape today might well be obsolete tomorrow. When I feel too sleepy, too crampy, too interested in another episode of Game of Thrones to lace up and head out, I think of him and how he still manages to hit the gym—and I get up. All that crushing with a giant barbell will destroy your knees, hips and vertebrae eventually (just ask a veteran powerlifter). Moral of the story: Feel free to fall in love with the latest It Workout, but don’t worry if it doesn’t grab you—something else will come along soon enough. And you don’t, either!” They prize the padding some of us run ourselves ragged trying to shed, and no wonder: Research has shown that once we hit 40, having a slightly higher BMI can make us look younger. Or your smartphone, or the DVD, or Netflix, a dozen miniature suns keep us awake and bleary-eyed. Aim for health and strength, and don’t run yourself into the ground at the gym trying to ditch every last pinch of baby fat.

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