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BufferA&C is fuelled by passion, determination, creativity, hard work…and maybe a touch of insanity. We have muddled our way through learning the basics of social media in an effort to reach a wider audience than the existing field hockey community and to reach those already in the sport and help them understand what we do and how we can help. We are so incredibly proud of what our small band of coaches and behind the scenes staff have been able to create and absolutely bursting with pride at what our athletes have achieved, but more than that we are so proud of who they are.  They are dedicated, driven, hard working, humble, and loyal and their appreciation for our small part in their journey and the joy of watching them succeed is the real success. BufferFrom time to time it’s a worthwhile exercise to stand back,  take stock and have a look at the big picture.  We are so often so caught up in the trenches and so busy in the day to day busy-ness of running our programmes and thinking of how we can do more and better, that we sometimes need to remind ourselves of the fruits of our labour. One of our devoted A&C parents did a little digging around recently and presented us with a summary of the successes of the athletes who have come through our “doors”.  We are floored!  Gobsmacked! And these are just the individual successes of athletes whose journey we have been blessed to be a part of.  We are also working hard at making a difference in the bigger picture by bringing the awareness of the sport to more people, by creating playing opportunities for all at a recreational level (high school) and a more competitive level (senior) – through leagues and tournaments.
The passion and commitment of our athletes, our coaches, our parents, and the many people behind the scenes is paying huge dividends.  And is keeping us motivated to keep doing what we’re doing! The reality is that Canada, whether we are talking about provincial, national, or university level opportunities, simply does not funnel the same level of resources into developing its programmes.
When these athletes return to Canada they come home with more playing experience, against more teams, having had access to greater on and off field support and training, on enviable international level playing surfaces. The biggest downside risk for those going to the US, and it is a considerable one, is the inconsistency in the quality of education in the US. Yes, it would be brilliant to keep our athletes here.  But if we do, do we do them a disservice in terms of their ability to develop in their sport?  If they have an opportunity to benefit from the NCAA system, and it fits with their educational goals, shouldn’t we encourage then and help them get there?  By leaving for a few years, they are not rejecting Canada, they are putting themselves first and taking the most realistic pathway, for themselves, to become a stronger athlete so that they can have a greater chance of playing for their country when they return. If we want to keep more athletes in Canada, we need to make it appealing to stay here.  Because a US education comes with a high price tag, the scholarship piece goes part and parcel with playing in the NCAA. Despite the value of his field hockey experience and knowledge, without a doubt his true strength lies in his character, his genuine spirit and love for people, and his passion for this sport.   We are proud of our Head Coach and thrilled that through him and his assistant coaches we, as an Academy, are able to have such an impact on the development of so many talented athletes.  Thank you, Coach Cass!
BufferA&C is back from their third, and most successful, trip to the Disney Field Hockey Showcase in Orlando, Florida. With 4 games under their belts, at the end of Day 2 and pool play, both teams were well positioned with the U19s in second and the U16s in first spot in their respective pools. So incredibly proud of this entire group of athletes who played with heart from the moment they first stepped onto the field until the final whistle.
We are honoured to have such an amazing group of athletes and such an incredible set of families and are grateful for your trust and belief in the Academy to help your children achieve their dreams. Alison Lee, one of our alumni, is representing Canada at FIH’s Indoor World Cup in Leipzig, Germany in February. She had never heard of field hockey until high school and tried out for the team thinking that any sport with the word “hockey” in its name was worth checking out.
She stumbled across A&C the following spring when her school coach handed her a flyer for a camp and suggested she check it out. She had a lot of catching up to do and by the end of the first summer with A&C she had decided that if there was a way for her to play field hockey in university then that was what she was going to do.
As the summer wound down she was preparing to focus again on AA ice hockey, when the discussion of the Indoor Field Hockey came up.
With a season of indoor field hockey under her belt, her outdoor game had improved dramatically and she was offered a spot on the University of Toronto team in spring 2012.
At one point the Academy, with coaches with university, provincial, and national level coaching experience, put the idea in her head that the National Team was something that was certainly achievable for her if she worked hard enough and stayed focussed. Congratulations to Hilary Ziraldo of Bishop Allen and Margaret Pham of Clarkson, our Players of the Game in the final match.  Overall tournament MVP was selected by our National Team umpires and was awarded to Emma Young of Clarkson.  Well done to all our award winners!

And thank you most of all to the coaches and players (and parents) who have a passion for the game and made the trek to Mississauga and braved the cold and windy (but sunny) day to ensure the day was a great success!  Without you we could not do what we love…bringing more field hockey to more people! The Sports programme is aimed at providing a balance between individual and team sports and between competitive and recreational sports. We are more than a soccer school we can now deliver over 20 different sports to your school in curricular time. We deliver differentiated activities for all individuals and our objective is to meet every level of ability, detailed lesson plans are produced for all session in which we deliver in curricular time. Our reputation is second to none in providing real, long-term solutions to the curricular staffing needs in numerous primary schools. We have specialist staff that can offer sports to your school in a safe, educational and stress free environment.
We are currently offering curricular sessions within numerous schools so we have vast experience with delivering these sessions. The equipment we use on all our football sessions is based on what is used within famous clubs all over the world. 17 athletes representing rugby, hockey, GAA, track and field, rowing, and pentathlon have joined the UCD Elite Athlete Academy for 2010. Recognising that a dedication to sport at the highest level can sometimes prevent students from achieving the CAO points they require for their chosen degree, this scholarship programme offers student athletes a supplementary route to degree programmes at UCD.
Students who join the UCD Elite Athlete Academy receive financial assistance, campus accommodation, sports science mentoring, sport medicine and physiotherapy support, elite strength and conditioning training, nutrition and psychology support and tailored training and testing.
Joining the UCD Elite Athlete Academy 2010 was Pentathlete, Arthur Lannigan Oa€™Keeffe who is studying business and law at UCD. Hockey players, Brenda Flannery who is studying Physiotherapy, Luke Chadwick who is studying Health and Performance Science, Niamh Atcheler who is studying Sports and Exercise Science, and Chloe Watkins who is studying Physiotherapy.
GAA Hurlers, Matthew O'Hanlon who is studying Commerce International at UCD, and Joseph Lyng who is studying Agricultural Science at UCD. Rugby players, Sam Coughlan Murray studying business and law, Robert Hynes studying commerce international, Eoin Joyce studying arts, and David Doyle studying physiotherapy. Three years in a row the United Brothers and Toros have taken top spot in our Annual Invitational Seniors Tournament.
If we could run programming on it from the first of May until the end of October every year we would.
Competing against 190 teams and making up two of the four teams from Canada they excelled as they showcased themselves to the more than 100 NCAA recruiters on the side lines. She was an important part of the Pan Am Cup team (competing in April 2014), coming 2nd in the tournament for goals scored, and helping Canada win the Gold to earn a spot in the World Cup. Up until that point, aside from school sports her summers were devoted to golf and soccer and her winters were devoted to ice hockey.
She thought she was so out of her league, figured that this was only for “good” players, and almost didn’t walk through our doors. Since she was in grade 12 she had to focus on her school work and was playing hockey outside of school and field hockey, ice hockey, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and lacrosse in school and she was hesitant to take on any more activities.
When she gets back she will be heading to Vancouver to train with the Outdoor Squad with the goal to be selected to play on the Outdoor National Team in various tours as they prepare for the Pan Am Games in July 2015. As such, physical activity is an integral part of the programme at Emmanuel Anglican College.
The NCSA provides an avenue for students to progress to State representation via the Combined Independent Schools (CIS) system and All Schools.

Inter-house competition takes place between these Houses to select teams to represent the College at regional (NCSA) level. Our experience has taught us exactly the right equipment to help our coaches deliver first-class sessions. It takes into account a studentsa€™ capability to simultaneously achieve in sport and academia.
Sean won the Bronze medal at the Rowing World Cup in Munich 2008; and took 10th place in mena€™s four at the World Championships in 2005. In the men’s division, the United Brothers defended their title in a shoot out against the Lions, after no score in regulation time. And win or lose, the consensus is that it is just a fun place to be for the weekend, to soak in the spirit and passion of the sport. The field was the first in Ontario, installed two years ago for the Pan Am Cup and now we have two more downtown Toronto being readied for this summer’s Pan Am Games. And completely motivated to keep building and growing and challenging ourselves to continue to make a difference. We absolutely can do it.  We just have to make more people aware of field hockey in Canada, get more kids playing at a younger level, make them aware of the opportunities in Canadian universities and understand the pathway from there to the national programme, and provide opportunities for the universities to find these athletes.
The summer after grade 10, she discovered that Halton had a field hockey club and signed herself up. At A&C’s graduate “send off” BBQ at the end of the summer she received a Canadian flag. This tournament and the passion of the participants, every volunteer behind the scenes, and every supporting spectator defines and exemplifies what IS the sport of field hockey. We know that there is enough interest and enough passion to sustain a tournament like this every weekend. We have been fielding phone calls all week from coaches enquiring about our younger athletes.
Although she only played house league, she had an opportunity to play in the Ontario Summer Games, and came home from Sudbury with a gold medal and passion that continues to grow. Prior to April 2011 she was not aware that there was a Provincial field hockey programme, she was not aware there was a National field hockey programme, she was not aware that there was field hockey in University. The Academy was willing to accommodate to a certain extent, because she had already committed to ice hockey back in April, but they asked her to at least come to the Scarborough Cup in December 2011 to give it a try. Excellent, fast paced, skilled field hockey with competitive and passionate teams…amazing for newcomers to the sport to watch.
Next week she will proudly wear the Canadian uniform and represent her country on the World stage. As she moved into her first apartment the following fall that was the first thing that went up. She absolutely wanted to do field hockey…so she had a tough final year of seeing out her other commitments while continuing to develop as much as she could in field hockey. That flag, and that goal of representing her country, has stayed in the forefront of her mind and instructs almost everything she does. Coaches were incredibly proud of how this relatively inexperienced group pulled together and played in this challenging tournament.

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