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CrossFit Thames - Londons most effective fitness programme.Squat, jump, climb, throw, lift, run, results. From the initial results, we are making a few improvements that will notice almost immediately. Programming update; Stripping it back and focusing on whats really important, your training and your results, see the details below. Equipment investment We are looking at getting a whole bunch more rowing machines (along with some other little bits and pieces)…Don’t blame us when these get used in the workouts! Water filtration system; We are getting this installed on Tuesday (see right)…Chilled protein shakes anyone? We have some other exciting improvements we will be making based on your feedback, we will give you all the details in the coming weeks.
We are updating our programming structure a little, and by updating we mean stripping it back to the old school!

This will enable you guys to have an idea of how many sets you should shoot for based on how you feel and what % you should be hitting. If so, you could well be Pre-Menopausal or Menopausal in which case my Menopause Body Plan could be just what you need.
We are all so busy these days so how about doing something for YOU and YOUR HEALTH!  No time to go to the gym or classes, how about an Online Programme that you can follow. Disclaimer: Pressbox disclaims any inaccuracies in the content contained in these releases. The aim of the programme is to get NSmen to choose a healthier? lifestyle that are suitable for their training needs and goals.Check out the Programmes below!IPPT Train and PassThe IPPT Train and Pass Programme is to help NSmen closer to their IPPT requirement each year.
We want to thank all of you who took the time to complete this, we love to hear what you have to say!
Getting back to the basics, the art of coaching movement and the goal of driving your results.

Don’t worry if you don’t know your 1 Rep-max lifts just yet, and the end of each 3 week cycle you will get change to hit a new 1RM!
Hotel guests and club members can book personal fitness training sessions with just 12 hours’ advance notice. Whilst we obviously encourage you not to cherry pick your workouts, if you have certain goals you know when to attend.

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