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This method of training involves 2 people or partners exercising side-by-side with one of our personal trainers.
This type of training is primarily for the athlete who may want to get bigger, faster or stronger at whatever sport he or she plays.
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While muscle is metabolically active (each pound of muscle burns approximately 35 to 50 calories per day), stored fat is not, burning far fewer calories.
What’s more, while aerobic activity burns fat during exercise, weight training utilizes fat hours after exercising, so your metabolism stays slightly elevated for a longer period of time following a strength-training session than following an aerobic workout.
All in all, they’re very comparable to squats in terms of their effectiveness for helping to change the way your body looks. Many people often get stuck in the rut of performing the same variety of lunges over and over again however.
Let’s have a look at a few of the different types of lunge variations that you should consider to help change up your workout and make sure you stay interested and on track to success.

When performing the reverse lunges, you want to step directly behind you and move down into the full lunge position.
Be sure to do this using a slow and controlled movement pattern with no weights at first until you get used to the activity.  It will take a bit of time to accommodate to before you can go and start adding more weights into the mix.
The second of the exercises that you should consider adding into your workout program is the stationary lunge.  This one is going to work the abs to a slightly larger extent compared to the walking lunge and is also ideal for hitting the quads. Since you won’t have that follow through motion, more emphasis will be placed on the front of the thigh as well as on the butt (glutes) as it brings you back up to the starting position. Cross body lunges are going to strengthen the core as well as you’ll struggle to maintain your balance the entire way through. When performing these just do be sure that the knees are tracking over the toes the entire way through as this will help to prevent the onset of knee pain. Really concentrate on not allowing the body to lean forward at all when you perform these as that will ensure that you maintain a good position that has you fully working just the glutes and less of the quads and hamstrings. One-on-one allows for a dedicated workout environment in which the personal trainer and the client to work closely together on the performance of individual goals.

Usually, this provides a more driven workout setting for both participants striving to reach the same or individualized goals.
The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn throughout the day, whether you’re walking, vacuuming . Results will vary accordingly to individual physiological, hormonal and hereditary constitutions and health conditions.
Training with more than one person guarantees a motivated environment for a fun and challenging workout. Participants should seek medical advice and a Medical Practitioner Clearance Certificate before participating in any form of exercise or dietary changes as a part of our programs and products, any advice or guidance given within them."* The advertised results of the success stories on this page and throughout this site are only typical of people who worked really hard and followed every instruction and recommended action, outlined in the products and programs they purchase from us. With less muscle, our metabolism slows down and we gain fat—averaging about 15 pounds a decade.

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