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LogYourRun was earlier my first choice to put on this list of websites that provide free marathon training plans. This is probably the only website on this list that is entirely dedicated to marathon training. Bonus: While researching for training plans, I came across this printable PDF from Furman Institute of Running. Surely, it is important to be guided by a professional trainer during the training program. If you're an experienced runner, this 8-week, 10k training program is designed to improve your times by incorporating more advanced forms of conditioning. The program makes use of intense tempo and interval training and some strength training should also be incorporated into the plan.
Warm Up & Cool DownAs a more experienced runner you will know the importance and benefits of warming up and cooling down. Distance RunsTuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays of this 10k training plan incorporate steady-state runs of varying distances.
Strength TrainingYou may or may not want to perform some strength training sessions as part of this plan. Fitness Tests - Step Number 1 To Athletic Success Mar 25, 16 11:53 AMFitness tests form the foundation of any good sports training program. This entry was posted in Training and tagged Excercise, Training on November 20, 2010 by Ingo. WordpressWP Cumulus Flash tag cloud by Roy Tanck and Luke Morton requires Flash Player 9 or better. Since Sean Sarantos and his body dona€™t always agree with a set workout schedule, he bases his routines off how his body feels each day. Since Sean Sarantos and his body don't always agree with a set workout schedule, he bases his routines off how his body feels each day.
Sean used to run marathons and triathlons, but his cardio these days relies on CrossFit 3 times weekly and some weekend runs. These website provide week by week details for the marathon training program that you are advised to follow to be well prepared for your marathon. I like running, but I believe my laziness to spend so much time that running requires overpower the joy that I get from running. But I have added this marathon training website at the top because it gives most details about training plans than any other free website I came across. Most of the plans are paid, but it has a section which has some good free marathon training plans. Unfortunately, it is only for half marathons, and I wasn’t able to find any full marathon free training schedules.
If you are planning to run a marathon and follow these plans, do share your experience in comments below.

It is particularly important before and following high intensity sessions such as interval training and tempo runs (see below). If not this session simple involves splitting up a set distance into smaller chunks, or intervals and running them at a higher intensity than you would the full distance.Interval training takes place on Mondays and Thursdays in this 10k training plan. Wednesday is a longer run, which peaks at a distance greater than the race over the 8-week period. After a spring with a rather high activity level for me with training for and completing the Brolopp in June and lot’s of roller skating with Friday Night Skate during the summer, some of my joints (not the smoking type) have been a little bit congested.
We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist,your supplement expert, your lifting partner, your support group. Some of these websites only give training plans, while some also let you log your daily runs. In addition, you can choose training plans as per your skill level: beginner, intermediate, advanced. It offers training plans at different levels: Couch to Marathon, Beginner, Experienced, Elite. And if you know of some better websites out there that provide free marathon training plans, let me know about those too in comments below. Warm up with 10 minutes (or a mile) of light jogging followed by stretches to all the major muscle groups.
These are easy runs and should be performed at less than race pace - roughly 70% VO2max or 80% maximum heart rate. The aim is to build up gradually over the first 10 minutes reaching race pace or slightly higher and maintaining if for 10-15 minutes. Contrary to some misguided beliefs strength training is not detrimental to the endurance athlete.
You should also purposefully reduce the intensity of interval and tempo runs during this week.The final week sees a tapering off towards competition day. It's a delicate balance, trying to improve one lagging muscle group without wrecking your overall physique. As long as we keep in mind that the benefits will outweigh the insecurities, we can put one foot in front of the other and BOOM! We provide the technology, tools, andproducts you need to burn fat, build muscle, and become your best self. In addition, some of these websites are especially for half marathons, which is a good stepping stone if you have never ran a full or half marathon earlier. However, they seem to have been created by professionals and people seem to be using them, so I would go ahead and recommend them.
It has three plans actually: One for beginners, second for intermediate, and third for Experienced. So, you can easily print them and paste on some wall where you can easily keep a tab on your marathon training.

You may then want to perform a few 100m bursts of speed work before you begin interval training.Cool down with 10 minutes of light jogging and more stretching to all major muscle groups.
One of the most common mistakes more advanced athletes make is to over train in the time immediately leading up to a race.
The plan is to do this program, that I got from a instructor at Novo Nordisk, 2 times a week. And I believe that if you have decided to run for a half or full marathon, then at least having some training plan as a guidepost is better than no plan at all.
For each day of each week, it clearly shows the number of miles expected to run, as well as difficultly level. The trainer will give you the Fitness Training card which will be used to take notes over your training program. At the end of the program, the list will be used to make some reviews over the training program. You will find plenty of static and dynamic stretching exercises in the flexibility training section. You may want to run the shorter o.5km intervals at slightly higher than race pace but don't get carried away!
The 30 minute tempo run does not include the warm up or cool down, which should be performed before and after.
So, if you have not been able to find a better free marathon training plan, go ahead and use the ones mentioned below. For each week, it gives a clear schedule of the miles that you need to run on any day, as well as rest days. In addition, the website also provides many free resources around general marathon training tips and nutrition.
So, if you are preparing for half marathon instead of full marathon, this should be your go to website for free half marathon training plans.
This template below is a sample that could give ideas on how to make your own training plan. Circuit training in particular lends itself well to distance events.For more information on strength training click here. In addition to the schedule, it also details what is expected from you each day, so that you can know whether a 3 mile run is expected to be at a normal pace or fast pace.
While you are on the website, you can also check out some great articles around nutrition, running tips, hydration, safety & comfort, etc. But one very big advantage that comes with this website is that you can log your runs on this website, if you create an account on this.

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