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Caption: Participants in the Adapted Fitness and Personal Training program work out at the Natatorium at the University of Wisconsin-Madison during a training session on Dec. A football training program lasts 12 months - even if the competitive in-season only spans from September to December.
Speed & Agility TrainingIn the early pre-season speed and agility work is optional and should be low in intesnity.
The transition phase is as important as any other in the 12 month football training program.
Notice how the amount and intensity of running drills varies depending on the strength phase?Too much intense interval training alongside strenuous hypertrophy training can leave you physically exhausted.Notice also how the volume of speed and agility work increases alongside power conditioning. Fitness Tests - Step Number 1 To Athletic Success Mar 25, 16 11:53 AMFitness tests form the foundation of any good sports training program. Let’s face it, golf is hard enough as it is without the constant over teaching of the swing, the intricacies of balance, sequences, timing and the fine art that is the short game. People make this game harder than it is and to be honest, many professionals in the swing teaching and golf fitness worlds want it to be that way because they make a living from over complicating the golf training techniques and methods to transform your golf game. I of course do advocate the swing and ball flight analysis tools and readers that many centres and teaching pros alike, and I myself utilize physical assessments, but they should only be part of the bigger picture.

Yes you do need to work on the right fundamentals in your golf game and physique but the principles of feeling natural and suiting the swing to your natural mechanics and leverage points as well as correct technique in each and every exercise you do in a golf fitness program. One of the reasons we offer the coaching and customized golf fitness programs is to simplify the golf training maze for you and take a lot of the guess work away.
You might not have the resources (or the inclination) to train 6 days a week.And you don't have to. Do that and you cannot fail to improve.Any effective training regime should be built on the back of a solid fitness assessment. Your degree of range of movement impacts on your speed, agility and to some extent your power. This makes sense as it compliments the objectives of the phase.The intensity row is a rough guideline for overall training intensity. The class, which is part of the kinesiology department's Physical Education and Personal Training program, pairs student helpers and clients with disabilities to accomplish their training goals, and is overseen by Tim Gattenby, faculty associate in the department of kinesiology.
Explosive power conditioning for example follows maximal strength training, which in turn follows functional strength training. It will also help to prevent injuries resulting from over stretching.While too much flexibility is not beneficial either, most football players are a long way from being overly supple.

Often that can be a subjective measure so pay close attention to how you feel.More football training programs and articles will be added on a regular basis.
Pictured are student helpers Michelle Usset (right) and Kara Mathys (center), as they assist client Shantel Brown (left). Maximal strength training is an important element also and leads to significantly different adaptations than bodybuilding.Linemen may want to place more emphasis on the hypertrophy phase than other players.
Spend at least 3 days a week stretching - this is on top of stretching exercises performed as part of the warm up. But this is the place where they all fit together into one cohesive, highly effective plan.Yes, it does take a little planning to bring everything together. The cycle just prior to the season start should focus on developing peak power.For a detailed look at strength training for football, click here.
It takes only 4-5 weeks of complete sedentary living to loose most of what's taken you the best part of year to build up.

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