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This ladies weight-training program is ideal for helping you shed those extra kilos and gain some lean, toned muscle.
Cardio sessions are done on all four days and must be performed after your weight-training workout.
Surely, it is important to be guided by a professional trainer during the training program. As A Special Thank you to all our team and followers we wanted to offer a great discount on the custom golf fitness program!
The golf season for many of you, at least in the northern hemisphere is drawing nearer and I hope you realize this is the best time to start progressing in your physical development for your on and off course performance.
We are very grateful for our connections to you, the AGT family and your feedback to best serve you. Turn your body into a golf swing machine for the power, strength, balance, and speed you need for vastly-improved accuracy and mind-boggling distance … in 10 Weeks … or your Money Back! After purchase of this product, you’ll receive (by email) a golf and fitness questionnaire to complete and return, giving the vital information needed to design your individualized golf fitness program.
You can also send through a video of your swing to assist the prescription of exercise to best enhance your golf swing. Once the questionnaire is received, our team of golf fitness coaches will develop an individualized golf fitness program for you. Are you interested in an on-line individualized golf fitness program developed by Alex Fortey to improve your golf game performance and athletic ability? Long Distance RunsAll three marathon training programs, from beginner to advanced, incorporate only one long run per week (of course "long" varies with program to program). Recovery SessionThe day following your long run you may experience DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Short Distance RunsThe shorter runs are completed at a faster pace than the longer runs but are still comparatively easy.
Interval RunsInterval runs are more intense sessions of the marathon training program and are completed above race pace. Strength SessionsIf you have time and the facilities available, some strength training exercises can be highly beneficial to your overall marathon training program. Notice from the chart above how the distances vary and taper off 3 weeks before the race?This is an example of a simple periodized marathon training program - nothing too complicated because it doesn't need to be.You can adjust these peaks and troughs in intensity. Fitness Tests - Step Number 1 To Athletic Success Mar 25, 16 11:53 AMFitness tests form the foundation of any good sports training program. After four weeks you should start targeting other areas of your muscles by replacing these exercises with alternate ones. You will be working three body parts per day and supersetting two body parts, plus you will be doing one single set of a specified exercise.
To get the maximum fat burning effects from your cardio, you should try and stay within your target heart rate zone.

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Wanting to say thankyou and give you even fewer excuses not to be playing your very best golf, I am offering the discounted programs for you to snap up or until Sunday night time. Tell us about your age, golf game, goals, current fitness level, personal preferences, the time and equipment you have (or don’t have) available, any special requests, etc.
The program will be delivered via email in a downloadable file format, allowing you to either print a copy of the program or view it directly from your computer. You'll notice from the chart below that the distance of these "short runs" actually builds up to what, at the start of the program, was considered a long run. Rest days are every bit as integral to overall marathon training program as long runs for example.
Please keep in mind that this program will only be effective as part of sensible, low calorie and low fat diet. Supersetting not only saves time, but also helps you add intensity and gets your heart rate pumping. It takes time to build a tolerance for long distance running and building up the miles has to be a gradual process.This marathon training program also assumes you are in good health and you've had medical screening before you begin. Here are few key considerations we need to take into account to build an effective marathon training programOver-TrainingThe fitter and more capable an athlete becomes, the more likely he or she is to over-train. It takes longer than most runners realise to fully recuperate from a long distance run.The long run is also performed at a comfortable pace NOT your anticipated race pace.
One session per week is enough at this level, two at the most on low volume weeks.Circuit training is an excellent format to follow.
Take the day off completely - no exercise - no digging the garden or building an extension.
With supersets, you basically combine two exercises directly after one another without having a rest period in between. The false logic goes that because they are fitter, their bodies can cope with greater and greater demands, more and more miles.
The ONLY goal is recovery - it's just that active recovery is more beneficial than bed rest! Just be sure to use lighter weights and higher numbers of repetitions (20+ reps).Full body exercises are much more appropriate than isolating body parts. After successfully completing a superset in this program, take a 45 second rest, complete your single exercise (orange block), take another 45 second rest and then start again until you have completed all four supersets. To work out your target heart rate, using this formula, simply take your target heart rate and multiply by 65%. The trainer will give you the Fitness Training card which will be used to take notes over your training program. At the end of the program, the list will be used to make some reviews over the training program.

But in actual fact, as mileage increases, the longer the body needs to recover - even for experienced athletes.
If on any particular morning it is 60bpm or higher, that can be an early indication that the body is overstretched and needs more time to recover. This template below is a sample that could give ideas on how to make your own training plan. And because the speed and intensity of each run increases this doubles the importance of adequate rest.Avoid performing long runs at race pace. Setting a target time and race pace is something you can only really do if you have previous marathon experience.
Leave this for shorter, more intense sessions.PeriodizationPeriodization is the preferred method for designing any kind of intense training schedule.
At an intermediate level try to keep walking breaks structured and scheduled rather than 'as and when'. As each exercise becomes easier you can add extra weight or resistance - just avoid lifting loads so heavy that you can perform less than 15 reps. Quite simply it means to break the overall plan into smaller cycles or chunks, each with their own specific outcome.The opposite - a progressive marathon training program would simply have you run more and more miles at a faster and faster pace indefinitely. This approach is one of the best methods for avoiding over-training.TaperingClosely related to the above two points is tapering.
This is simply a planned reduction in training volume and intensity as the weeks and days draw closer to the actual marathon.
Even for many experienced runners, tapering equates to a day's rest before the 26 mile run.
In fact, as you'll see below running distances close to marathon length less than 3 weeks before the race can be disastrous. It can take that amount of time to fully recover.Aim to peak (in terms of training miles) 4 weeks before the race.
Avoid runs of more than 10 miles during this time.Hitting the wallYou've heard the phrase, you may have even experienced those energy-sapping effects 18 miles in affectionately known as "hitting the wall".
The weak legs, light-headedness and strong urge to stop are caused by a depletion of glycogen (carbohydrate stores) and an almost complete reliance on fat for fuel.
While fat can power a runner for days in theory, it can't maintain the same speed and intensity as carbohydrate. Eating the right foods at the right time, before during and after long training sessions will compound to make your overall marathon training program that much more effective.

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