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Add the chopped peppers, tomatoes, wine, a pinch of salt and pepper and herbs and cook for 30 minutes until the sauce has thickened. Chop all of the vegetables and add to a roasting tray with a drizzle of olive oil and a good lug of balsamic vinegar.
July 12, 2013 By Carolyn 60 Comments Golden brown zucchini fritters with the salty tang of feta cheese.  A great way to use up zucchini and a perfect low carb appetizer or side dish. You wouldn’t know it from the way I have taken over the kitchen, but my husband is actually an excellent cook.
So when I decided to try low carb zucchini fritters, I used that recipe as my gold standard.
With all the hoards of zucchini I know I’ll be getting in my CSA Box, this recipe is definitely come in handy Carolyn.
I make zucchini fritters all the time because they like to go crazy in my garden… them and the mint are taking over!! The zucchini and feta combination is a classic Greek recipe – that was how my mother always made her fritters growing up and its how my family in Greece makes them today.
It would be your photo, my description of the recipe, and a link to get the recipe from your site. The zucchini leek latkes recipe is a delicious low carbohydrate dish, which tastes best with the sour cream.

Heat the oil in a frying pan and spoon half cup of the batter into the pan, flattening them into thick patties with the help of a spatula.
You can also shallow fry these latkes instead of deep-frying, as it may contain high quantity of oil. Next: Can you help me with some awesome quick food recipes for my party, expecting fifty guests approx?
The can of Enchilada sauce we bought was 14 oz and still was not enough (usually 1 can covers the top and bottom of the casserole) but since some sauce was used in the filling, and I still had to use some for the bottom of the pan, I adjusted it by using Pace Picante sauce to the top with the little remaining enchilada sauce. Once they are lightly browned add all of the balsamic vinegar and cook until it has evaporated and the onions are a rich, dark red. Throw all of the leeks in and stir them around, allowing any remaining surface moisture to evaporate. I made mine into a white pizza, followed the directions for the crust, then sprinkled 1 cup of feta, some chopped spinach, and topped with a little extra mozzarella. That being said, if he would come up with dishes like this one, I’d give him free rein! We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us. I put together all my favorite Mexican low carb recipes from many awesome low carb bloggers into one  big roundup.

I used shredded chicken rather than ground and also added some adobo seasoning and chopped jalapenos to the mix (we like it spicy). You will receive the odd email with helpful nutrition & fitness advice which we hope will be of value to you, if not you can simply unsubscribe.
We've made a simple, yet very tasty, high protein meat loaf that is gluten free and can be included in your low carb or paleo diet plan. Rinse the washed leeks in a strainer once more and spread out in a single layer to dry a bit. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Yes, add me to your mailing list. Next, I used Contadina marinara sauce (very low in sugar and carbs) and added plenty of oregano, garlic powder, minced garlic, red pepper flakes, and parsley, and let it simmer for the entire time that the pizza was cooking.
I've done it all different ways, and by spreading the "dough" out on such a large surface, it was the perfect texture and had a great crunch to it, just like real pizza!

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