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Have a really fast metabolism and need to increase your caloric intake by some extra calories? We created a special Monday to Friday 3000-calories diet plan that will surely help you to reach the goals.
This healthy diet plan is especially good for active and energetic men between the ages of 20 to 50.
Bedtime Snack: five graham crackers, , 1 cup dried fruits, 1 cup skim milk, two teaspoons peanut butter.
Breakfast: four whole wheat waffles, two cups cottage cheese, 1 sliced banana, 2 cup sliced strawberries. Breakfast: French toast (two slices wheat bread dipped in a batter of one large egg topped with two tbsp. Breakfast: Sandwich (1 English muffin topped with ? oz cheese, 1 egg, sliced pepper and onion), turkey sausage link, ? cup non-fat and sugar-free yogurt, 1 cup orange juice. Snack: 2 medium slices of grilled bacon placed on top of ? cup sliced and cooked tomatoes, 2 oz.
If 50% of your diet is made up of carbs, then you need to eat 1500 calories worth of Carbs per day. If you are a bodybuilder or an athlete, then you should know that 25-35% of your diet should come from fat. I read quit a lot of info about meal planing and I’m amazed at the amount of d-bags that claim to know so much about it. Lol this is hilarious I can’t believe grains are still accepted you don’t need carbs at all you can get all you need for energy from ketones which are fats!! For steady yet aggressive fast weight loss that DOES NOT require very moderate calories, OPTIMUM Body™ can mean the difference between fast weight loss success and fast weight loss failure! OPTIMUM Body™ has been designed for many functions, with an alternative to the PRIME diet being one of them.

With Life Prime International's OPTIMUM Body™, there is no need to restrict your calories, thereby allowing a majority of people to lose weight at a comfortable rate, all while balancing glandular and hormonal functions.
OPTIMUM Body™ is designed to safely complement any and all fast weight loss and weight management programs.
Homeopathy, with its long history of safety, has NO known contraindication with any other medications. If symptoms persist or worsen, or if pregnant or nursing, take only on advice of a health care professional. Life Prime International has chosen to protectively go beyond the current PRIME diet craze in fast weight loss.
Always on the cutting edge, instead of addressing just one hormone, Life Prime International addresses many hormones and glands in their formulas to naturally balance body functions, body weight and related symptoms (hunger, appetite, etc). Life Prime International has combined specific HPUS and non-HPUS Supplement Ingredients to bring into balance the hormones and glands that, when out of balance, contribute to fat storage on the body: Liver a€? Pituitary a€? Adrenals a€? Thyroid a€? Thymus a€? Hypothalamus. With our combination of homeopathy to balance the gland, hormones, and symptoms such as hunger, appetite and low energy,, customers have reported they have found it much easier to adopt healthy lifestyles.
Alternative to PRIME or OPTIMUM ; Improves glands, hormones, lean tissue and whole body metabolic balance - Not just for fast weight loss!
READ MORE - About the NEW improved fast weight loss program based oue new, superior product to oral PRIME or OPTIMUM.
Note: The OPTIMUM Body™ label is out of stock for an extended periore, and we are substituting the same formula under another label (ULTIMATE Body™) we use in the mean time - This way, you don't have to wait. So, if you need a 3000-calorie weight maintenance diet, then you’ve come to the right place. However, 3 healthy meals and 2 or 3 snacks a day means you are eating something every 2 or 3 hours, so you’ll never let yourself be very hungry. By knowing this simple formula you can easily count how many Carbohydrates you need to consume.

It is recommended to consume most of fat from almond butter, peanut butter, nut butter, olive oil, flax-seed, fish and nuts.
No matter, how hard you train, if you don’t supply the body with the necessary amount of calories and nutrients – you stop the progress.
While using our homeopathic formula to help balance the glands and hormones responsible for appetite and weight, Life Prime International™ promotes consuming a nutrient-rich, whole food diet focusing on complete proteins, alkaline vegetable sources, and select fruits. That means anyone following a fast weight loss program or who are on hormone replacement therapy (hrt) or other programs or products, including programs prescribed by physicians, can safely use this formula, too. OPTIMUM Body™ is a much more comprehensive and complete approach to whole health and fast weight loss, rather than restrictive diets famously promoted in conjunction with PRIME.
It is often difficult to find a suitable sample diet plan to gain lean muscle mass or to go on a bulking up diet. Plus you’ll get excellent tips on how to create a successful 3000-calories bodybuilding plan. Making your objectives clear won’t be so difficult if you will make your diet work for you! Place the bacon with tomatoes and cheese into the microwave and cook until the cheese is melted. The truth is you are your own experiment you need to truely try a diet for 3 months at least to see results. Life Prime™ suggests consuming an average of 1200 calories of these foods while focusing on fat loss. Some people are candidates for restrictive diets while others respond better to a more comprehensive approach.

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