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If you have a special event is in your future, Selkirk Classic Catering to provide you with a memorable experience. Selkirk Food Services are offered on four campuses, including cafeteria-style breakfast and lunches, classic catering services and a student-run dining room in Nelson. If you experience a technical issue or would like to see an edit on the current page, feel free to leave us a message.
Pickard's distinctive shapes and elegant designs speak eloquently for themselves as they grace the tables of the nation's finest hotels, Fortune 500 boardrooms, state mansions, country clubs and leading universities. The result is a superb product and proven track record of dependability that has earned us our reputation as the maker of America's Finest China. We offer a wide variety of stock pieces to blend with your dinnerware, and these plates can instantly be turned into custom food service with the simple addition of your artwork.
Pickard was proud to be selected by the South Carolina's Governor's Mansion Commission to produce a custom fine china service as part of the mansion's restoration plans. Pickard's "Gold Lincoln" pattern was selected along with Galaxy service plates, incorporating the seal of the state of South Carolina in 24k gold matching the pattern. Pickard's Wind & Wings pattern featured on a copper charger was a finalist in Food Service Equipment Reporter magazine's annual new product contest.
During food prep a server or line cook can be handling several different types of food at the same time. Food service gloves also create a positive customer perception about the cleanliness of your business operation. Vinyl gloves tend to be considered an acceptable alternative to latex but they have problems of their own. The Centers for Diseases Control and Protection (CDC) recommends that instead of requiring businesses to use food service gloves it would be better to revise food prep methods to reduce the number of times an employee needs to wash their hands. The issue of food service gloves and their safety is important because it can directly affect the public’s health.
To me when I prepare a dish with gloves on, something about it seems filthier then had I done it bare handed. The State Dining Room and the Palmetto Dining Room are two of the rooms where the china will be in service.

Once the gloves are on people feel as though the food being handled is safe and not being contaminated by the server’s hands. The journal reported that hand washing was less likely to occur when employees were wearing gloves.
Most of these gloves are disposable and pairs can be discarded a dozen times an hour just by one employee.
If one of these foods is raw meat then the server is required to change gloves before picking up a different piece of food. This as mentioned before may be a false sense of security for the customer but either way they have a positive outlook about the restaurant. From latex to polyethylene they’re all a little different and they all have their own benefits and problems. These gloves may be affordable but are far from durable because they tend to tear easily and can not be exposed to heat.
These gloves have been described as “infection control nightmares” by Food Safety Magazine. This can be done by limiting the number of times the worker has to handle raw meat or other contaminating materials.
Whether you decide it is better for your servers to use gloves or practice regular hand washing it is important to commit to making sure your food is safe.
I’ve worked in many restaurants where working barehanded when preparing ready to eat food was the norm. The monarch butterfly from the Wind & Wings collection is one of six different designs (including both butterflies and dragonflies) available for a mix and match concept. Without changing gloves the worker proceeds to top the grilled patty with lettuce, tomato and onions.
This can be true if the server closely follows the right protocol but the majority of the time the gloves are not helping and in some cases they are hurting the situation. Gloves do not provide the level of protection that many people think they do and still require hand washing.
This is a frightening trend for restaurateurs because these gloves will not fully protect food from being contaminated when the hands they are covering are not clean.

Or if the worker opens a refrigerator, sneezes, coughs, handles money or touches any other contaminated surface they are required to change gloves. Because these workers are handling raw fish they need to take certain precautions to ensure customer safety and gloves make it easier to do so. The main problem with latex is that some people are severely allergic to the material and use of these gloves has been banned in 3 states. This can be done by training the staff on the correct way to use food service gloves and on maintaining proper hand hygiene. Also being able to feel the actual food you work with adds to the satisfaction when working with it. After sending out the burger the line cook starts the process over without changing his gloves.
In fact, gloves can act as a breeding ground for bacteria and actually raise the risk of food contamination.
If servers are changing gloves as often as they are required to, which most of the time is not the case, they will be using a large amount of disposable gloves and slowing down the food preparation time. For example, if a sushi chef is preparing a roll with shellfish and a customer orders a different roll and is allergic to shellfish, gloves make it easy for the chef to switch materials safely. Make all of the necessary equipment readily available to make this easy for your employees. In their 2010 study the Journal of Food Protection concluded that the warm, moist conditions inside a glove are necessary for microbial proliferation and can increase pathogen transfer onto foods through leaks in the gloves, exposed skin or just by taking the gloves off. Do this by always having a supply of gloves near the food prep area or by always making sure your sink is stocked with enough soap and towels. The problem is that this scenario is probably not uncommon and is just one of the many ways food can be contaminated through improper glove use.

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