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Nut Butters are a delicious way to get fiber, protein, anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals.
Sunflower seeds have selenium (cancer fighting agent), magnesium, Vitamin E, and anti-oxidants that help decrease heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes. A new study from Florida State University neuroscrientists says that stuffing yourself full of high-fat foods can cause you to lose your sense of smell and the researchers are taking a closer view at how our diets could impact the range of human functions that weren’t usually considered when examining the impact of obesity. This research was conducted over a six-month period in the lab of Biological Science Professor Debra Ann Fadool and their work is published in the Journal of Neuroscience showing that a high-fat diet is connected to major structural and functional changes in the olfactory system.

This was the first time researchers had been able to show a connection between bad diet and loss of sense of smell.
The research involved giving mice a high-fat diet on a daily basis while also being taught to associate between a particular odor and a reward (water). Mice that were given high-fat diets were slower to learn the association than the control population and when the researchers introduced a new odor to monitor their adjustment, the high-fat diet mice were having difficulties to adapt, showing a reduction on their smelling capabilities. Thiebaud and his colleagues will begin to study if whether exercise could slow down a high-fat diet’s impact on sense of smell and whether a high-sugar diet would also cause the same negative effect on smell as a high-fat diet.

This research comes at an important time with obesity rates are at all-time highs all over the world. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which funded this research, more than two in three adults in the United States fall on the overweight or obese category and about one-third of children and adolescents from ages 6 to 19 are also considered to be overweight.

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