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To help enlighten those who are attracted to the Mediterranean diet for its tasty recipes alone, you might like to know of these EXTRA beneficial facts and findings. Receive FREE tips, news, recipes, learn about the food pyramid and valuable research all on the Mediterranean diet. This free registration will provide you a host of information about the Mediterranean diet. Mediterranean diet Articles-Report – I have compiled over thirty of my favourite Mediterranean diet articles for you in the format of a report for easy reference and reading which you receive minutes after confirming your free registration. Mediterranean diet information about its effects on weight loss – Verified information is available on the subject of the Mediterranean diet and its effects on weight loss.
Disease prevention – You may already be aware the Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of disease such as heart disease, osteoporosis, dementia and more. Nutrition and food values – Ever wondered what the nutritional value of Mediterranean foods might be? Mediterranean diet news – Often breaking news related to new discoveries involving the diet makes good reading.
Mediterranean diet unique and special offers – I often provide discounts on special offers related to and on the subject of the Mediterranean diet and I will ensure you receive this information from time to time. If you are looking for a low maintenance diet that will help reduce your risk of heart disease, cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, look no further. The rubric to follow in the Mediterranean diet is a simple one, first and foremost, get plenty of exercise.
Though whole grain bread is perfectly fine to eat on the Mediterranean diet, butter and margarine should be avoided entirely. One other part of the Mediterranean diet that many people seem to enjoy is the recommendation that a glass of red wine be had with dinner as often as possible. If you are serious about losing that stubborn fat or building muscle the Mediterranean Diet is amazing.

Later, more tips, exciting recipes and interesting verified health facts will also be sent to you!
Dementia – The Mediterranean diet has been verified as reducing the risk of Alzheimers and other types of Dementia through research at the Taub Institute for Research on Alzheimers and the Aging Brain at the Medical Centre at Columbia University. Weight Loss – Weight loss and weight loss management have also been identified as a positive outcome by practicing a Mediterranean diet. Osteoporosis – Professor Campbell found in a study that the longer a person continues the use of the Mediterranean diet the less the chance of developing Osteoporosis. Diabetes – A study which ran for four years, resulted in 44% of people consuming the Mediterranean diet required diabetes medication for blood sugar issues in comparison to 70% of individuals who practiced a low-fat diet. Cancer – Athens University Medical Centre professors discovered there was a direct link when it comes to diets and cancer issues.
This information along with the rest is provided by university, foundation and institute research across the globe.
We regularly research food items in the Mediterranean diet and give you our results by way of email. Yes, you will also be able to access the Mediterranean diet eBook for purchase immediately after registration if that’s the reason you joined. The Mediterranean diet is a simple and cheap way to lose weight and to increase your overall health for the rest of your life. Instead of butter, use olive oil when cooking pasta and dip bread in olive oil to give it more flavor. It has been proven time and again that eating too much red meat is not good for heart health.
The researched and traditional Mediterranean diet has been verified for providing mankind with many and varied health benefits. Studies performed at Navarra University indicate the diet can reduce the body fat of people undertaking the diet.

The Mediterranean research group ended up with better blood sugar (glycemic) management and were unlikely to require further medication for diabetes to reach healthier blood sugar levels. It is so beneficial and widely accepted that almost every major scientific organization encourages healthy adults to adopt the Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean diet is based on the common eating habits of the population near the Mediterranean Sea (south Italy, Greece and Crete) which involves very little red meat but includes large amounts of fresh vegetables, fruits, and seafood. Every meal should be built around plant based foods, such as whole grains, legumes, nuts, fruits and vegetables. With the Mediterranean diet, fish and other seafood should be eaten at least twice a week and poultry should replace red meat at most of your meals. The research was over three years and monitored people at risk of heart disease to the number of 1.055 individuals. Red meat is not banned with the diet, but portions should be kept small and only lean meat should be eaten on a regular basis. Katherine Esposito, MD (from Second University, Naples) said that intervention lifestyle diets should never be ignored and the results of the study reinforce their importance. Though nuts are also a major component of the diet, their intake should be limited as nuts are high in calories, so a handful a day should be fine. Dieters can also switch to skim milk, fat free yogurt and low fat cheese if they wish to increase their portions.

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