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Free Workout Plans For Busy PeopleYour Home Fitness Advisor3Day Workout Routine For Busy People!
This 3day workout routine helped me shed body fat and maintain muscle while working out less than ever! All of this was achieved working out LESS and doing FEWER exercises that those prescribed in 90% of recommended workout routines.
Not only did I get the results you see above but this workout program fit my hectic schedule as I was in and out of the gym quickly.
Luckily for people like us, you don’t need hours of exercise to lose fat, quite the opposite in fact. It nicely sums up the reality that you don’t make progress in the gym by doing more exercises, working out for hours etc, you make progress when you challenge your body to do something it hasn’t done before.
Yes it might be difficult (nothing of value is easy!), yes it might hurt for a few days after your workout but that’s the reality.
Compound exercises (movements that work multiple muscles) form the base of this 3day workout routine. Lifting heavier weights in these moves each week is all you need to do in order to lose body fat AND maintain your muscle.
Isolation exercises (movements that work only one muscle) are restricted as they generally do not add anything of value and only increase the volume of work and the time you spend in the gym.
However, there are a handful of exercises which are isolation exercises, these are known as assistance exercises. Ever heard the saying you’re only as strong as your weakest link?Well that’s where these exercises come in, they help keep you injury free and help you move consistently heavier weights. If isolation exercises are not complementing the big lifts then they have no place in your 3day workout routine. Your biceps are a small muscle so they don’t need much volume and if you’re lifting heavy enough in the 4 key movements they’ll be getting plenty already.
Adding additional isolation exercises like bicep curls won’t further your progress, it will simply add time to your workout and be ineffective. I know people have a tendency to add exercises and do things they enjoy but please just trust that this 3day workout routine has all your bases covered and don’t waste your time doing more than you need to. Most workout plans have you complete all of your sets with the same weight or have you increase the weight with each successive set. Bearing in mind that you become weaker as your sets continue, adding more weight to a movement doesn’t make sense. RPT addresses this by STARTING with the heaviest weight you can handle and then reducing the weight for the following sets. Lifting heavy weights requires you to warm up thoroughly, part of this is warm up sets in the specific movement you are about to perform.
Not only does it allow you to practice the movement with lighter weights, it also allows your muscles to become accustomed to the demands about to be placed on them. After you’ve warmed up properly your top set is your first real “work” set and it’s this set that you will lift the heaviest weight you can for the prescribed number of reps.
Once you’re able to perform the required number of reps with that weight, increase it at your next workout. Your absolute focus should be on adding weight to the bar or by completing more reps with the same weight.
Do not, under ANY circumstances reduce the weight of your top set; this is a sure-fire way to lose muscle.
The goal of a back-off set is to allow you to stimulate your muscles further without completely exhausting yourself. For your back-off sets you should reduce the weight you used in your top set by around 10%. Taking your mobile phone into the gym is usually a bad idea as it’s a distraction but the calculator can come in handy if your maths isn’t sharp.
By the way, the 90% is never going to be scientific due to the weight of individual plates and dumbbells so round up or down as you see fit. Using the example above (us Brits work with kilo’s) I would round down from 108kg to 107.5kg for my back off set as its closer than 110kg. During your warm up sets (where you slowly increase the weight while reducing the reps) you should only need 60-90 seconds rest between sets as you should not be exerting yourself. Don’t try to circuit train by implementing short rest periods; this is about progressively lifting heavier weights not trying to lose fat by burning calories while training. Free Workout Plans For Busy PeopleYour Home Fitness AdvisorFree Workout Schedule Busy Executives Can Use To Lose Fat Fast! The free workout schedule I’m going to share with you below is a powerful tool which is perfect for busy people in need of quick workouts. Using techniques time management consultants charge hundreds of pounds for, it can supercharge your workouts and deliver results in half the time! The Highly Sought After Formula Corporate CEO’s Use To Meet Their Goals And How It Can Electrify Your Workouts!
Once you understand how workouts for busy people should be structured, you’ll be startled with the results and horrified at the time you wasted in the past! I know this is starting to sound like one of those horrible sales pages offering you 11 free e-books and a 30 day guarantee on another useless product, but there’s nothing for sale here. I simply want to share with you the free workout schedule tips that ensure you make the most of the limited time you have!
Corporate CEO’s and other successful executives are some of the busiest people around and represent the extreme of time constrained lifestyles.

They are the perfect example which shows that being busy doesn’t need to mean you can’t reach your goals no matter what they are. Quite simply, despite their lack of time and an abundance of tasks they focus on the tasks that bring the most rewards. Time management consultants charge thousands of pounds to help busy executives manage their time and workload by focussing on key tasks. Whilst it sounds completely obvious from the outside looking in, when it’s your diary that’s jam packed and your to-do list is extensive, you simply don’t even have the time to think rationally! You get so consumed in ticking things off your list you actually become very ineffective, this is the problem that time management consultants “solve”.
These guidelines form the basis of the “Secrets of Success” that time management consultants use to focus high-powered busy people. Applying these very principles to your workouts is a sure-fire way to reduce your workout time drastically. There are also supplementary articles which explain why reducing your workout volume and exercise frequency are key to a successful workout schedule! Free Workout Plans For Busy PeopleYour Home Fitness AdvisorWeightlifting Routine For Beginners Ensures You Gain Muscle & Size Rapidly!
When looking for a weightlifting routine for beginners it’s critical that the workout plan you find is completely geared towards the needs of a weightlifting beginner. As a weightlifting beginner you have unique needs that must be met if you’re serious about building muscle.
If you’re looking for a weightlifting routine for beginners or a workout plan for teens then I have what you need right here! As a weightlifting beginner you will be able to gain muscle mass quicker than any other time in your life!
As you have probably never trained regularly with weights your body will respond positively once you start your workout program. You will be able to build muscle faster than a 200lb bodybuilder with 10 years training experience. The single biggest mistake beginners make is training too often, they believe that the more you train the bigger you get.
To build muscle it’s important that you train hard but not too much, in fact training too much will prevent you from gaining muscle! As a weightlifting beginner you should not be training with weights more than 3 times per week.
This is critical as whilst you stimulate and break down your muscles in the gym, your time outside of the gym is when you grow.
Ensure you keep activity to a minimum on your off days and provided your diet provides the nutrients your body needs, you will gain muscle. The biggest muscles in your body are your legs, chest and back and as such they should receive the most focus. Weightlifting beginners tend to focus on the “T Shirt muscles” such as are biceps and abs, whilst these need work too; they are smaller so need less attention. A good weighlifting routine for beginners will have you work these muscles first in your routine followed by the smaller muscle groups. An example of a compound lift would be the bench press as this involves the shoulders and triceps as well as the chest.
An example of an isolation exercise would be a bicep curl where the bicep is the only muscle involved in the movement. They usually allow you to lift your heaviest weights thus boosting development as heavy weights make your body release more testosterone and IGF-1 (Growth Hormone) than lighter loads. It’s important to learn the basic exercises that will form the foundation of your weightlifting future, learn them properly now and it will pay off in the future! Along with rest and recovery, nutrition is key to all progress in the gym so you should ensure your diet supports your training. The weightlifting routine for beginners below is set up specifically for newbie’s and will ensure you don’t over train therefore keeping your body primed for growth!
Stick to a workout plan for at least 4-6 weeks before switching to a new one, whilst varying the workouts are good you need to give your body time to adapt to the workouts too. You should aim to progressively lift more poundage each session, once you can meet the required amount of reps and sets increase the weight. You now have a solid weightlifting routine for beginners which will help you gain muscle quickly! We are starting a series of publications helping you to find a workout plan which suits your needs. These cardio and weightlifting workout routines were developed by one of our readers Bob Jones from Texas to help him to return to a good level of cardiovascular and muscular fitness after his ankle surgery.
The heavier you are the more calories you will burn during simple workouts, so it is much easier to lose 20 lbs at the beginning of your weight loss journey than 10 or 5 pounds later on. Free Workout Plans For Busy PeopleYour Home Fitness AdvisorAn Interview With Natural Bodybuilding Champion Layne Norton!
I recently had the privilege of interviewing bodybuilding celebrity, nutritional scientist, IFPA and NGA Natural Pro Bodybuilder and RAW Powerlifter, Dr Layne Norton PHD!
Layne is someone whose opinions I respect and whose articles have impacted greatly on my own training and nutrition. Layne brings together the brawn with the brains, this is clearly apparent if you read any of his articles published in Muscular Development, Planet Muscle, Ironman, Fitness and Physique, Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness and countless other publications both in print and online. Layne is a source of inspiration for natural trainee’s as he clearly demonstrates that natural bodybuilders can achieve great things if they work hard enough!

I caught up with Layne to talk training, dieting and just how he manages to be so productive while juggling so much! You’ve spoke a lot about growing up being picked on and that bodybuilding gave you confidence and self-esteem. I have always had an intense fear of failure and that has made me run towards success I believe. Skye: As part of your PHD in nutritional science you studied the current protein recommendation to establish the benefits of a higher protein intake and the appropriate levels of protein required at each meal. We also demonstrated that the leucine content of protein sources was largely the anabolic driver. Skye: Intermittent fasting is becoming popular and people have been reporting great results without that “I’m on a diet feeling”, what’s your view on intermittent fasting? My PhD research definitely demonstrated that proper distribution of protein intake makes a difference in muscle mass.
But I also think that at the opposite end of the spectrum people put too much emphasis on having to eat every 2-3 hours which is really nonsense. Skye: Do you think people convince themselves they can’t eat carbs while dieting when in fact they might be able to tolerate them just fine?
I’m not saying refeeds are useless but there is a big difference between a short refeed and a controlled increase in calories over time. Skye: How do you prepare for a contest in the final days and hours before you step on stage? Skye: You’re a professional RAW powerlifter, do you think your powerlifting training has had a positive impact on your physique? Even if you have great genetics or piss poor genetics, it doesn’t change the fact that to be great you are going to have to work super hard, so why waste any time worrying about what your genetics are like? Skye: Judging by the Olympia results these past few years, it seems the judges are looking for the biggest athlete. Do you think the “bigger is better” message that sends out could pressure natural trainees to using anabolics in order to achieve their goals?
Skye: I really enjoyed an old article of yours where you talk about people using bodybuilding as an excuse to be selfish, sacrificing family and friends in the name of being “hardcore”. You spoke about wanting to see bodybuilders introduce more balance to their lives, how do you keep things in balance whilst still being strict enough to get results? I think the things people regret at the end of their life is not spending more time with their friends and family. Huge props to Layne for the interview, I hope you all enjoyed finding out a little more about Dr Norton.
Step 1 is jogging tips for beginners: things you should know about running shoes, running cramps, controlling your breathing, etc. This free exercise program combines a cardio workout routine and weight training for beginners, consisting of various exercises to build muscle. Maybe you have reached the point where your weight loss has slowed down as your body has adapted to your fat burning workout routine, or you have even reached a plateau, that frustrating point when your progress has stalled.
Most of all, you need to avoid injuries, as excess weight makes exercising harder on your joints. Start your workout with stretches, then onto the upper body exercises: abdominals, biceps, lats, pectorals and tricep exercises, then onto calf raises, finishing the workout with cardiovascular exercises on the treadmill and a bicycle. That is why it is so important to start with strength training for beginners and slowly progress to more advanced free workout plans below.
Toned muscle will help you to burn more fat during and even after your fat burning exercises. Very fast explosive exercises such as plyometrics are very good for shedding the last pounds, as they increase your heart rate and work multiple muscles at the same time. Step 3 will help you to build your fitness or running endurance, improve your speed and get ready for long distance running.
Twice a week do at least 30 min of moderate intensity cardio exercises such as swimming, running or a cross trainer routine to build endurance, plus do this strength training routine 2 - 3 times a week. New research found that women who did strength training exercises boosted their resting metabolic rate, and continued burning calories for up to 16 hours after their workout. Do your interval training twice a week and the plyometrics training with the top 5 exercise plateau breakers, 2-3 times per week.We hope you enjoy our free workout plans. So, to increase your metabolism to lose weight, do this resistance workout 3 times a week in combination with your interval running program or cardio interval training twice a week. I have a passion for real food, organics, GMO labeling, Young Living essential oils & green living. It really depends upon how long it takes you, your intensity and your current weight and such.
There are apps that will tell you how many calories you burned based upon the type of workout and your weight and such. We eat fresh fruit, veggies, nuts, dairy, meat, and even indulge in the occasional ice cream (We buy Edy’s natural with nothing artificial in it).Let me know if you have any other questions!
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