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Eating a fruit and vegetable diet takes all the complexity out of eating healthy and losing weight and puts the pleasure and enjoyment back in. Instead of being pressured into thinking you need to buy fancy bars and shakes and costly frozen meals, keep it simple. You may be so excited about fruits and vegetables at this point that you want to go stuff your face with anything that seems like a fruit or a vegetable.
Many people who are looking lose weight, get fit or just live healthier will generally look towards changing their diet and eat foods that are healthy and good for them. This is one of the biggest, if not the biggest and most popular healthy food that people opt for on a daily basis. With all the buzz about Greek yogurt lately, many people are making the switch from regular yogurt and are going Greek. Vegetable juices that you can buy in stores are often rich in vitamins, fiber and minerals and are way easier to gulp down than taking time to eat the real deal.
Don’t assume that grabbing a salad from your favorite fast food place is always going to be a healthier option than a burger.
Greek yogurt by itself is a tasty, high protein, low fat snack that has tons of benefits for the body. Fresh vs dried, you would assume that there is no difference, but most dried fruits are glazed over with sweeteners making it more candy-like than fruit.

Prepared salads from stores or restaurants can often be loaded with tons of hidden calories from their dressing.
People want to eat healthy, without actually eating healthy. They want the benefits from vegetables without the gross vegetable taste. So it only makes sense to go grab a fruit smoothie for lunch instead of eating a cheeseburger or having a pasta dish. But add in some artificial sweeteners and fruit syrup, and it makes it into a horrible choice if you wanna keep the weight down.
But these juices are often loaded with tons and tons of salt, and if you happen to drink a few glasses a day, you’re going over your daily recommended sodium intake already. If you do go out for a salad, ask for dressing on the side and dip accordingly to avoid the calorie overload.
Many foods that are listed above can often be far worse than eating the junk foods that you love. The brand is everything that I believe in and so much more when it comes to my passion with fitness.
But what a majority do not know is that this “healthy” food is often loaded with more calories than a cheeseburger!
Opt for plain Greek yogurt and add fruits such as strawberries, cranberries or blueberries for taste.

These vegetable juices are quick and convenient, and often taste way better than vegetables itself, but you cannot beat out the real deal when it comes to getting your veggies in for the day. But with salad prices in restaurants and fast food places often being more than a delicious burger, you’re better off making your salads from home.
Fill your diet with fresh, preferably organic, fruits and veggies and you can be assured that your body is getting much of what it needs, all for the price of just a few meager calories.
Depending on the diet you are used to, you may not necessarily enjoy these new foods like you think you would enjoy some of your favorite junk foods. You will find that you effortlessly shed unwanted pounds, while never having to feel deprived or hungry again. Because fruit is seen as healthy, people tend to opt for the larger sizes, but what they don’t know is that store bought smoothies from popular smoothie chains can have as much as 500 to 700 calories depending on what you order. If you are a dieter who still mentally thinks that you need to eat large quantities of food to be satisfied or to feel full, pile up the veggies sky high at dinner and enjoy! No more misery due to forcing yourself to stay with a rigid plan that stresses you out and makes you feel deprived.

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