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Education on proper technique and form is used to correct muscular imbalances and is essential for injury prevention. If you said yes to one or more of the above challenges, consider hiring Fadi Malouf as your Personal Trainer. We will have some exciting news coming very soon on Heart Rate monitor and how you can buy yours at FFHQ.
Even though there is no replacing the personal touch in fitness training, it has however, been coupled with online technology for social interactions, on Facebook and on Twitter. Message boards and community forums give support for working out, losing weight, and how to eat right. Zumba Dance classes continue to be popular at local health clubs.  Even though it has been around since 2001, it is still picking up momentum as a fun, dance- fitness program.

Fitness centers are also stepping up their programs for a more holistic approach - catering to the younger set, as well as to baby boomers.  Wellness programs have been set up to deal with stress management. So get into gear, form that beach volleyball team and show off that fit body, using summer fitness trends!
Fadi’s fitness training will vary your workouts to include weight resistance, functional exercises, core training, flexibility training, and cardiovascular activity. He will monitor your progress and adjust the intensity level of each workout in order to maximize your results.
There are many software programs to choose from, including the popular Wii Fit and numerous virtual weight loss plans for slimming down.

With Latin-inspired moves and sexy hot international music, Zumba is being practiced in over 110,000 locations, in 125 countries. Being able to cycle and sweat, without unpleasant consequences from the environment, have people flocking to join these classes.

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