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I have tried this product twice at different times and both times I have used it, is has made me sick. I've taken this product for a week now; besides the disgusting taste and smell of the green brownish pills(energy pill),this product is great!
Initially, I had to deal with an upset stomach, but only because I'm having to take 7 vitamins in the morning which I was not used to. I have not experienced any unusual bloating, headaches, have seen improved energy and sleep patterns, improved stamina, and no problems with waste elimination.
I've taken the women's ultra mega multivitamin for about 8 years and now I'm taking the Active pak for the first time without iron. I have taken this twice both on a full stomach once in the morning and another time in the afternoon.
I was recommend this product by the lady at GNC do to the fact I was working out and had low energy and not losing any weight at all. The lady at GNC recommended this product to me because I had hit a plateau in my weight loss and was looking for something to aide in my diet and exercise plan but I hate diet pills that jack you up on caffeine. Love, love, love the product - The convenient packaging helps ensure I get everything I need for the day! Equally exciting, donations and proceeds from an on-site silent auction went to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of Greater Los Angeles to raise money and awareness for this wonderful charity and provide a chance to make a big difference in the lives of terminally ill children. While Curvelle stole the spotlight as the must-have gift, it isn't just for celebrities. Curvelle, Natural Weight Loss Supplement for WomenCurvelle is a new natural weight loss supplement, designed specifically for women, and is the first ever to use special antioxidants to enhance your radiance and beauty.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Women’s ripped vitapak program is scientifically designed to boost performance and help develop and maintain a lean, beautifully sculpted physique. Unfortunately, the full schedules that women keep challenge every effort of following a balanced diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

They taste awful and sometimes it seems like a huge number of pills to take, but based on my experience alone, I think these vitamins are effective. I do think that it helps to break up the pills, and take half in the morning and half in the afternoon always after a meal. I swear by it and I hope by leaving these comments the price doesnt jump up another 10 bucks! It's very convenient to carry with you, it's very cost effective, and it contains everything you need in order to maintain and help supplement an active lifestyle. Adrienne Janic with Curvelle at the Golden Globes gifting party.Adrienne Janic, host of the smash hit TV show, Overhaulin, stops by to talk with Julia Lacy-Adele, from iSatori Technologies, and to check out new Curvelle. However, i still tried to work through it and took it for a week and my body didn't respond to it any better. I notice that I sleep better, have more longterm energy and my face, skin and hair seem to look healthier. Drink plenty of water and if the tummy bloats froms the vitamins and water when you first start to take them, be patient, it will go away. The next day I was nauseated, as well as my stomach felt like I had 18 meals and they wouldn't digest. The "Energy" formula doesn't make me feel jittery or anything like that, but I do think it gives me a long-lasting lift. I especially like that it contains an extra calcium supplement which is extrememly important for women, and a energy enhancer. I have been using this product for several weeks and have noticed an overall improvement in my health. I thought my body needed time to adjust, but I'm thinking the energy pill is what contributes to the side effects. Of course like anything else, these are not drastic changes, but since I was concerned about improving the specifics listed above, I have noticed an change for the better.
Not only did they help me break through my weight loss wall but they give me the perfect amount of energy for the day without the jitters and nausea I get from diet pills.

The energy enhancer doesn't have a lot of caffine in it, which is great for me because I am very sensitive to caffine. This scientifically designed formula features B-vitamins for carbohydrate metabolism and energy production and a Proprietary Performance Blend.
I've taken the other pill for women so i know it's not the vitamin or the calcium that is making me sick.
And I think CLA1000 is the real deal in helping burn fat and gain muscle, especially when combined with some good exercise. It has just enough to give you a slight boost but doesn't make you jittery or sick like other products.
Like others have said, I would no take this product at night because they will keep you up (unless you skip the grayish energy pills). I do have to be consistent with taking this product, but even skipping a few days, I notice a difference.
I take the first multi-vitamin and energy enhancer along with the calcium in the morning after breakfast. I take the second multi-vitamin and energy enhancer along with the L-carnitine, after eating lunch. Oh and also the taste isnt that bad, and its only if you dont take the pill quick, like if it sits in your mouth for a long time.
The only drawback that I have, is that it has a funny after taste, but other than that, I highly reccomend this product.

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