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This post presents some of the good foods that your dog or puppy can eat without any kind of problems.
Fresh vegetables: a wide range of vegetables are good for your dog, including carrot sticks, cucumbers, green beans, flax seeds, pumpkin, zucchini slices and sweet potatoes. Green beans contain vitamin C and K and they are a regular way to maintain a dog’s weight because of their low number of calories. Sweet potatoes are a good source of fiber and vitamins (B6 and C) and they can be given to dogs instead of treats, just like carrots.
Flax Seeds, either oil or ground, are an important source of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for a shiny coat and healthy skin. So, to draw a conclusion, all the presented fruits and vegetables are good foods for dogs but in small amounts.

Since there are many foods that could harm your dog, you’re probably wondering: What should I feed my dog? Most dogs enjoy this food and it’s quite healthy, especially if you remove the fats and avoid excessive seasoning.
Although a fat fish, salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, an important ingredient for a healthy coat. Also, make sure that the meat is well cooked and that there no bones left in it before feeding your dog. Steamed vegetables are also good, but avoid overcooking them because most of the nutrients are lost through the cooking process. Avocado is toxic in all its forms and grapes and raisins are another bad choice because they can cause kidney failure.

Avoid feeding your dog the core of the apple, as the seeds might contain cyanide, a harmful chemical compound. While many Jews make latkes only during Chanukah, latkes are great to make with any holiday, special event, or family dinner. If you are on a restricted diet, dona€™t mess with the recipe to make your doctors happy-you dona€™t have to deny yourself for one special night-just eat less of them-like three or four of them (I dare you).A  In terms of the other ingredients, they are basic, so you dona€™t have to run to Fresh Market or Whole Foods (except to get really good apple sauce) to get the right potatoes, onions, etc.

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