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Choosing healthy fats is something I never thought of before beginning this clean eating journey.
I only had a vague idea about what kind of oil should I buy if I want to cook healthy, so this post really helped me a lot. If you have high cholesterol, make these smart and delicious changes to your meals to satisfy your heart and your appetite.
The American Heart Association recommends that less than 7% of your daily calorie intake be from saturated fat, with less than 1% coming from trans fats. Cholesterol intake should be less than 300 milligrams per day for people with healthy cholesterol levels. If you have high cholesterol, start reading labels; it’s the only way you’ll ever know what you’re eating. Keep telling the brothers this BS bad fat stuff and they will keep dying in even greater numbers.
It’s important to understand the difference between good fats and bad fats in order to maintain a healthy diet.
There are two main types of fat that are good for you – monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat. When consumed in moderate amounts, these fats provide many health benefits like lowering cholesterol and decreasing the risk of heart disease. Bad fats can cause many health problems such as raising cholesterol and increasing risk for heart disease. Probably you are trying to lose your weight through bad procedures, or even you just struggle and you dont take action. I just assumed that all fats are bad and that the best oils to use are the ones derived from plants.
Refined oils are processed, cleaned with chemicals, and usually come from GMO corn, canola or soy.

I still feel sad when I think of all the margarine, that was advertised as a healthy alternative to butter, that I have eaten in my life. They are good for your body and your brain needs an abundance of healthy fats, ESPECIALLY children.
Trans fats and hydrogenated fats are dietary fats created when processed; fattening ingredients like margarine and shortening are made. Cholesterol is actually a fat-like material that we get in our diet by eating chicken, beef, pork, eggs, and whole-milk dairy products—many of the same foods that contain saturated fats. This unsaturated fat is found in healthy, cholesterol-lowering foods like flaxseeds, sunflower seeds and walnuts.
It’s a satisfying meat alternative for sandwiches and wraps, and a tasty topping for salads. But for those with high cholesterol, less than 200 milligrams of cholesterol should be your daily limit. Avoid saturated and trans fats as much as possible because your body doesn’t need them, and experiment with healthy recipes and exciting new flavors to satisfy your taste buds as you lower your cholesterol. Your body actually needs fat for energy and cell growth, and many fats have positive effects on your health. However, all fats are high in calories, so too much of any kind of fat can lead to weight gain and other health risks.
You should limit the total amount of fat in your diet, and especially aim to decrease saturated fat and trans fat. You should keep your overall fat intake low, and have most of it come from monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Little did I know that this was not fact, but mostly marketing ploys or based on unsound research. They need a certain amount of fat in their diets to help the brain and nervous system develop correctly.

This is an unhealthy fat found in animal products like beef, lamb, pork, butter, cheese, cream and other whole-milk dairy  products. Many processed foods, commercially prepared baked goods, and fried foods contain trans and hydrogenated fats, which when ingested lead to high cholesterol. Limiting intake of foods with high cholesterol content boosts heart health and lowers cholesterol. You can also get this good fat in your diet by eating nuts (such as pecans, almonds and hazelnuts), seeds (including pumpkin and sesame) and avocados. Total fat consumption each day should be 25–35% of your total daily caloric intake or lower. There are 9 calories in one gram of fat, so you can also measure this as 44-78 grams of fat per day. For decades, doctors and scientists touted a low-fat diet in order to ward off heart disease and lower cholesterol (which unfortunately a lot of fat was replaced with refined sugar anyway).
You can bulk up on this good fat by eating fish two to three times a week; try great sources like salmon and mackerel. Fat-free cookies, cheese, and chips are missing the fat that our body needs to feel satiated, so we eat way more to make up for it.
Plant oils are also a good source of polyunsaturated fats (sunflower, corn and soybean oils). The fat-free craze of the 90s increased America’s waistlines and made us less healthy.

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