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Add this blog to your feeds or put your e-mail in the box below and hit GO to subscribe by e-mail. Our entire society is on a protein binge, brainwashed with misinformation that we have been hearing since childhood.
Proteins are made up of amino acids, and help build muscles, blood, skin, hair, nails, and internal organs. These eight amino acids are called essential amino acids and must be supplied by the foods we eat.
The average American consumes about fifty percent more protein than the recommended daily amount. It is true that resistance training and endurance workouts can break down muscle protein and increase our need for protein to fuel repair and growth. A typical assortment of vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, and whole grains supplies about 50 grams of protein per 1000 calories. Consider that the maximum muscle mass the human body can typically add in one week is about one pound. Studies on supplemental amino acid consumption have not supported claims that such supplementation increases growth hormone or provides other touted benefits. Out of more than 600 Olympic athletes on the East German 1964 Olympic team, fewer than 10 are still alive today. Protein is good for you when taken along with a healthy work out regiment to promote muscle gain and weight loss. I don't know why you people would use such a pathetic argument against what this person wrote.
That was full of plenty of logical information; your argument however was vauge and not descptive.
But, please consider the following: Countries with the highest consumption of dairy products, such as the United States, Sweden, and Finland, also have the greatest incidence of female osteoporosis.
The reason is that people on meat- and dairy- based diets are getting far too much protein, generally 2 to 3 times the amount required, and when the excess protein is excreted, calcium and other minerals are drained from the body. The main problem is the consumption of animal protein; studies have shown that protein from non-animal sources has health benefits.
Researchers have found that the consumption of high-fat dairy products is a leading cause of atherosclerosis, heart attacks, and strokes. While lower-fat dairy products represent an improvement, they are higher in protein, and this contributes to osteoporosis, kidney problems, and some forms of cancer. Dairy products are good sources of calcium, but they also contain large amounts of fat and protein.
According to an American Dietary Association paper, vegans (who consume no animal products at all) can obtain the calcium they need from plant foods alone, and studies have shown that vegetarians can absorb and retain more calcium from foods and have lower rates of osteoporosis than non-vegetarians. Adequate protein can easily be obtained from vegetarian, even vegan (no animal products at all) diets.
Calcium lost due to high protein diets must be handled by the kidneys, which contributes to the formation of painful kidney stones.
A® and other harmful ingredients that place major burdens on the consumer's kidneys, liver, and digestive system. Do vegetarians have to "complement" proteins, that is, get a combination of different foods containing proteins, to make sure that they get complete protein? In summary, more and more scientific studies are finding that the best health results are obtained by shifting to completely plant diets, rather than shifting from red meat to poultry, dairy, and other animal products. Constant processes of repair and renewal takes place inside our bodies with the aid of protein. Studies done with strength trainers and aerobic trainers alike have concluded that the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of 0.8g per kilogram of body weight is too low for serious exercisers. Beginners and even intermediate exercisers generally should not follow increased protein intake, being brainwashed by protein advertisements. The most concentrated sources of protein come from flesh sources like beef, chicken, turkey and fish. There is a protien lobby in the American Dairy Association and several meat producing lobbies. My eight-week program (My Optimum Health Plan) encourages the use of soy foods as an excellent source of protein and as substitutes for animal foods, many of which are loaded with unhealthy saturated fats.
Whey protein constitutes about 20 percent of total milk protein (the rest being casein) and is separated out from casein and increasingly isolated to make the various whey protein products now on the market (everything from powders to various drinks and protein bars). My feeling is that if you have an individual preference for whey protein and suffer no ill effects from its use, there's no reason why you shouldn't continue with it. This article kind of reminds of of what naysayers used to say about weight based on BMI charts.
And in all fairness this author does seem to allude to the fact that athletes and weight lifters do grade their protein intake by a different standard.
But regarding the use of protein supplements in the form of shakes and powders, it is imperative to understand that results can be seen in the short term - they do work very well.
I am here to tell you who care, since I am not loading with the proteins I feel so much lighter, stronger and cleaner thinking!
You need to eat more to gain weight, eat less to lose weight, eat as much as you burn to maintain weight.
Usually the industry that says you need to do something to get something means there's a profit involved. Looks like there a lot of ignorant people on here and who refuse to listen to Doctors advice..
My brother was really into fitness and training for years and he supplemented his diet with the powder whey shakes and now at only 28 years old has developed GOUT, RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS and sometimes hes in so much pain he cant walk. So eating a diet high in protein is not the answer, its eat everything in moderation and exercise. Well Bryan, there are problems with trying to gain weight by copying herbivores such as the elephant.
In my opinion, you are making an incorrect comparison that a lot of the other posts have made.
All I know is that I started drinking Whey Protein shakes with my diet and exercise and developed my first kidney stones. My argument is I don't think my teenage son needs to take this stuff if it is not regulated by the FDA.
Personally I think, whether you're supplementing or eating foods that contains proteins, the amount consumed is critical. At least I will have exceeded the norm, looked great for a while, out performed the couch potatoes and turned more than a few of there girls heads when it's time to cut the lawn. Feels good to take off my shirt and not be as self conscious as so many other men who always want to know what is my secret, like anything in life it's wisdom, love and hard work.
To many Americans have forgotten these basic principles in a quest for more material wealth with less effort.
My kids and grandchildren will remember with the grace of God that this warrior chose life until death came and did not fade away into the shadows and run from what cannot be outran, because we all die, how will you be remembered. I also worked at the Los Angeles Fitnees Convention and most of the juiced up muscle heads couldn't get passed 12-13 pull ups. In the future, when people are suffering from heart attacks and strokes, those who eat their veggies will prevail.
Remember that most of these supplements and protein powders are produce by PHARM companies (theyre in business to make money at any cost) They make money creating supplements and drugs that youll be hooked to or dependant on and wont IMMEDIATELY kill you.. I really would appreciate advice on protein powders, healthy weight gain, and muscle building. A lot of my friends and colleagues are overloaded with the "take our protein supplements and you'll be happy" info from every magazine. Oh as an aside, I also read a lot of magazines and really don't pay any mind to the ads for this and that supp. Yea, u can get ur protein from vegetable sources, it just takes a lot more vegetables to get the same amount of protein as meat does.
After reading all the above comments, I still don't understand why the need to put yet again artificial protein powder in our body for a healthy fit diet? And yes I know this article was written by a "muscle magazine writer;" however such a response to this data would simply be an ad hominem fallacy. The results of the study showed that the whey protein-fed hamsters lived significantly longer than animals fed a standard commercial diet to one degree or another in both the parents and offspring, depending upon the percentage of whey protein in the diet.
The greatest increase in lifespan was seen in the male hamsters on the 20% whey protein diet.
In another study of lifespan in Syrian hamsters by the same group, a significant survival advantage (over a 20 week period) was shown in animals receiving three levels of whey protein supplementation, with the hamsters receiving the 20% whey diet surviving the longest. Every year, plenty of people embrace healthy resolutions such as finally scratching the a€?lose weighta€?.. There are several different types of vitamin K but together they play an important role in body function and general health.
Food sources Foods rich in Vitamin K include peas, spinach, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and asparagus.
Daily requirementThere are no recommended daily requirements for Vitamin K in the UK or Europe. DeficiencyA deficiency of Vitamin K is uncommon because most of what we need is produced by the gut. A lack of Vitamin K reduces the ability of the blood to clot effectively which can be particularly problematic in babies and young children. It's also worth noting that antibiotics can kill of the bacteria in the gut that Vitamin K develops from.
In September a myriad of people from various organisations gathered in the Japanese Gardens at Perth Zoo where the Mushroom Growers Association thanked people for their support. While being delighted with the simple diverse delights of mushrooms, attendees also learnt about the value of eating them. Research has shown links between mushrooms in the diet and a significant reduction in the incidence of breast cancer and other diseases. In a domain of their own, neither a fruit or a vegetable, mushrooms contain healthy anti oxidants and provide a good source of fibre. Ed Halmagyi said the popularity of the Asian cuisine has been a factor in encouraging people to use more mushrooms, adding to quick easy meals such as stir fries and salads. The site is placed at the entrance to the historic township of York and will feature crafts, locally produced foods, displays from local artists, collectables and other WA made products. There will be numerous events held at the York Mill Site such as exhibitions, music, artisan demonstrations and other entertainment, as well as a York Chocolate Factory. The site will also see extensions to the already established Mill Café and Restaurant, which includes a larger beer garden.
Due to the popularity of kids cooking classes at Fraser's ( Kings Park and the Bluewater Grill (Applecross), Chef Ben Davies of Indiana (Cottesloe) has decided to set up classes in the stunning Private Ocean Room . The classes began over the July school holidays; each class has a different theme depending on the age group and skill level of those involved.
Every child receives a recipe booklet that they can take away and re-create the recipes at home.
Well known and loved in the Eastern States, pastizzi consists of beautifully tasting Maltese finger food that come in a variety of sweet and savoury flavours. Some of the varieties on the menu include Raging Ricotta, Cheeky Curry Chicken and Wicked Vegetable, or try the sweet flavours of Awesome Apple and Ricotta Choc Chip.
Kiss Kiss Pastizzi will be open for business in early September with an official launch to be held on Saturday the 18 th of September. Perth's Good Food and Wine Show saw thousands of food lovers and wine connoisseurs embark on the Perth Convention Centre for a weekend jam-packed full of tasty treats. Celebrity chefs Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris, Matt Moran and Manu Feildel entertained the crowds with live cooking demonstrations at the Celebrity Theatre. The Wine Theatre and Celebrity Chef Restaurant allowed people to try both fine wine and dining with the Cooking School proving popular with experts and novices alike. The 2010 Restaurant and Catering Association of Western Australia Awards for Excellence were held on Monday 21 June, 2010. Paul Buckman, President of RCA WA presents Kyllie Graham, General Manager Creating Events with Style with the best Venue Caterer award.
Forest Hill is pleased to announce the appointment of a new Executive Chef, Steven Newcombe who comes to Denmark via the kitchens of world renowned chefs, such as Rick Stein and Jamie Oliver. Our congratulations to the Voyager Estate for being recognised as the Best Wine Tourism Experience in the Australian Gourmet Traveller 2010 Travel Awards. Our congratulations to the Bridgetown Hotel and chef Luke Butler who serves the State's best steak sandwiches, as decided by judges of the 2010 WA Best Country Pub Steak Sandwich Competition earlier this month.
Last night the annual Savour Restaurant and Catering Awards was held at Burswood, and what a sensational night it was! The lay-out and food was brilliant; congratulations to the Burswood staff for such a successful and well-run event. A massive congratulations to all the winners: It is great to see some acknowledgement going to those in the hospitality industry who are constantly striving to improve and innovate our industry. A special mention must go to Ishka at the Breakwater, who won the public’s vote for the Best Restaurant, as well as Jus Burgers, who won the publics vote for Best Casual Restaurant. Things got intense at the media table, as our annual competition to see who can guess the most winners got underway.
The Peel Farmers market which has been trading since November 2008 has moved location for winter.
WA's Feral Brewery has come away with top honours after collecting a swag of awards at the annual Perth Royal Beer Show. The results of the Australian Dairy Industry Association for 2010 have been announced and Bannister Downs Dairy Company scooped the flavoured pool, winning the coveted Givaudan Award for the Best Flavoured Milk in Australia, with its Mango Smoothie.
Our congratulations to the Bannister Downs team it is great to see Western Australian produce come out and top.

2010 is the second year that Bannister Downs deliciously fresh Mango Smoothie has won the Givaudan award, since the commencement of its production in 2009.
The finalists are Port Denison's Southerlys Harbour View Bar and Restaurant, Mundaring Hotel, Kalgoorlie's Exchange Hotel, South Hedland's Last Chance Tavern and the Bridgetown Hotel. Champion Chef has been adopted as a team building exercise by Electrolux Home Products Pty Ltd, recently implementing the game throughout their offices in Australia and New Zealand. This brings Chantico's awards tally to seven, making it one of the most awarded of their blends. On Friday night Elmar's in the Valley celebrated its fifth birthday with a fantastic event in the Swan Valley. The Swan Valley has officially celebrated its end of vintage, the weather was realatively kind this year and reds of all varieties are expected to be good.
Tourism WA and the Australian Hotels Association (WA) are leading the search for 2010’s Best Country Pub Steak Sandwich.
The competition is now in its third year and continues to raise the bar of steak sandwich culinary excellence. Two Feet and Heartbeat's Eat Drink Walk tour was originally on offer for a limited season to coincide with City of Perth's Eat Drink Perth events.
Having sold out in March the Eat Drink Walk tours, stomped happily on through April and are now taking bookings for May. The recently opened Macc Coffee Bar stays true to Fremantle’s laid back vibe, and is a great new addition to some of the fantastic cafes found in WA. Found on Blinco Street, Macc is a huge venue sharing its space with a number of art studios. The Margaret River Wine Industry Association has joined forces with Tourism WA's Extraordinary Taxi Ride. After a successful trial late last year, Araluen Botanic Park is pleased to announce the permanent reintroduction of its popular special seniors group lunch offer, from 1 April 2010. Only available on weekdays the special offers a combined entry and dining package with the choice of a two or three course meal. Winjans Manja cultural tours together with Mandurah Ferry Cruises and Forté Mandurah Quay Resort have worked hard to present the Mandurah and the Peels first ever cultural Cruise. The cruise sails once a month on the last Monday of every month and includes commentary of the waterways and its inhabitants and the importance of the waterways in the life of the indigenous in the past and present.
Experience a true smoking ceremony on arrival before sitting down to an indigenous inspired 3 course meal, where bushtucker meets modern cuisine, while being educated on the tools and customs of the Manja cultural members. The Chilli Festival rolled into town on the weekend following an exquisite poolside cocktail launch last Thursday night at the Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle. The festival, held on the Fremantle foreshore for the first time after previously being at Araluen's Botanic Gardens, was more spread out than previous years but the extra space and parking facilities at least got people through the door quicker! The spread of chilli products on display was quite amazing (with the chilli 'Death Sauce' looking to nearly actually kill a few unsuspecting patrons) and Menu Magazine enjoyed the day, even through the humid weather. The Margaret River Wine Industry Association has signed a formal agreement with the Federal Government's AusIndustry (Department of Innovation, Industry, Science & Research) for a Small Business Online grant.
The project will use multiple methods to educate and enhance the skills of people within the wine industry enabling them to grow and sustain their businesses through online commerce and internet marketing.
The first 'Uncorking the Web for Wineries' workshop is scheduled for early April 2010 with more information available from the Association website shortly.
CMG’s three divisions - meat and livestock, seafood and recycling - jointly turnover more than $A300 million a year and employ 450 people across Australia. West Coast Cafes was invited to Maurizio's Restaurant to talk about the new year ahead and be wined and dined in the process. Maurizio Di Ciano our vibrant host treated us to fantastic food created through Maurizio's traditional Italian style of slow-method-cooking.
Apart from the food a highlight for us was Maurizio's eye for the future with two exciting projects this year. The first, Culinary Education of Primary School Children, is hands on cooking classes in schools where Maurizio turns simple backyard produce into tasty and nutritious meals; teaching children the value of recognizing and preparing nutritious and flavoursome meals.
The second, he will also assist in creating a curriculum for Perth 's newest Italian Cuisine & Hospitality Academy for West Australians serious about a career in hospitality. Pork Industry Training WA (PITWA) last week introduced 20 WA pork producers and piggery workers to the Pork Industry Skills Passport, which details and endorses a person's workplace skills and competencies and provides an employer with verification. Conducted in association with C Y O'Connor TAFE and the State Government's Rural Business Development Corporation, the 12 month training scheme began last July.
According to PITWA Training Officer, Frances Gartrell, all pork producers should be aware of the new staff competency requirements, effective from March 2011, in the Model Code of Practice being regulated in each state. So if you work in the industry and you haven't already looked into it you may need to consider certification of your skills.
Craig Mostyn Group and Paspaley Group today jointly announced the purchase, effective February 1, 2010, by the Craig Mostyn Group of Great Southern Pig Company business operations based at its two outdoor piggeries at Albany and Narrogin, Western Australia. Great Southern Pig Company has one of the largest outdoor pig herds in Australia, with 2000 sows enjoying a combination of free range and straw-based eco-shelters. Clydesdale dining takes you on a tour of Fremantle in a fully enclosed horse drawn dining carriage.
Theo Kalogeracos has expanded his empire of gourmet Pizzerias by opening at 127 Oxford Street in Leederville. Menu Magazine and West Coast Cafe readers, followers and subscribers will be even more up-to-date after we signed ourselves up to Facebook. Unfortunately, most trainers and bodybuilders are influenced by what they read in exercise and bodybuilding magazines. The educational materials used in most schools have been provided free by the meat, dairy, and egg industries for more than seventy years. There are twenty amino acids required for growth by the human body, and all but eight can be produced in an adult body. But the increased need of protein is proportional to the increased need for calories burned with the exercise. Keep in mind, green vegetables are almost fifty percent protein, and when you eat more vegetables it does not promote cancer or heart disease, like it does when you increase consumption of animal products. Athletes who choose to ingest these supplements should be concerned with the safety of long-term use. Animal products are acidic foods that require a huge output of hydrochloric acid from the stomach for digestion.
When you artificially stimulate growth through overfeeding and excessive animal product consumption, you may achieve a heightened body mass index unobtainable by other means, but you will add fat to your body as well. Promoting muscular growth with supplements and steroids doesn’t seem too wise in that context.
Health must be judged by measuring strength per body weight, resistance to serious illnesses, longevity potential, and maintenance of useful vigor into your later years.
However, many are prevented from necessary changes because of myths about certain nutrients. Eskimos, who consume the highest amounts of calcium of any of the world's people, have the highest number of cases of osteoporosis. A recent study showed that people getting 1400 milligrams per day of calcium along with about 150 grams of protein had a negative calcium balance of 65 units while people getting only 400 milligrams of calcium per day with only 50 grams of protein had a positive calcium balance of 31 units. So the answer to preventing osteoporosis is not to consume a lot of dairy products, but to reduce animal protein consumption through a balanced, nutritious diet centered on the "New Four Food Groups": fruits, vegetables (especially broccoli, a very calcium-rich food, without the negatives of animal products), grains, and legumes. 3,000 calories of rice alone would provide 60 grams of highly usable protein (for 3,000 calories of potatoes, 80 grams of protein would be provided). As indicated, it can result in a negative calcium balance and osteoporosis, because calcium and other minerals are lost in the urine, along with the excess protein.
Excess protein causes destruction of kidney tissue and progressive deterioration of kidney function. This was a theory first advocated by Frances Moore Lappe, who mistakenly argued in the first edition of her very influential book, Diet for a Small Planet , that vegetarians should combine proteins in order to get the same "protein value" as meat. The rest will be excreted in the urine and excess amount may even cause liver and kidney strain. Proteins are everywhere in the body - in muscle, bone, brain cells, blood cells, genetic matter, skin, hair, fingernails, etc. Maintenance, repair and growth of body tissue is accomplished by the digestion of protein into subunits called amino acids. Out of more than 20 identified, our bodies cannot manufacture these and thus protein restriction will have its consequences.
Muscle wasting can occur if protein intake is inadequate as it may be needed for more important body functions. Higher dosages have produced more strength gains than control groups and less muscle wasting in endurance exercise or rigorous strength training.
High protein diets should be avoided, especially from animal sources as they are usually high in fat, cholesterol and linked to early disease and death. Therefore you must authorize construction by stimulating the body through physical activity like exercise.
No matter where you read it, or who said it, even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense".
I am 190lbs SOLID, lift heavy weights 5 days a week, and swim and run hard and fast the other two days.
What builds muscle and what are do most american neglect to put in their system due to hectic lifestyles? In addition to the protein they provide, soy foods also contain healthy fat and isoflavones - unusual compounds that may offer significant protection against cancer (particularly hormonally driven malignancies such as breast and prostate cancers). The other is casein, which can irritate the immune system and stimulate mucus production, worsening allergy symptoms. If you're lactose intolerant - that is, if you develop digestive symptoms after eating dairy products - you may or may not have problems with whey protein products depending on the amount of lactose they contain.
For instance, he was able to point out that exercise generates free radicles and that anti oxidants are required to counter balance this effect.
However, because of the fact the body gained so much protein in the form of muscles, it also means it loses it very quickly when there is a lack of exercise.
I am like mentioned above having to eat a lot more to get my protein in my beans, green veggies, egg whites, etc but I have never ran so much faster and longer since I have cleaned out! The man has been a vegan for a long time and eats a very simple diet and trains for strength using the "basics" as they are called. On the one hand you have people who think that they need to have at least 1 gram per pound of bodyweight in protein and have it of "high" quality in the form of meats in order to build muscle or be athletic. I started to drinking a Whey Protein drink every day, I been hearing things on the news that too much of these protein drinks aren't good for you.
Proteins are made up of amino acids and the body has no way of storing them and they are strictly use or lose when it comes energy. The only people to get passed 20 pulls ups were moderately healthy people who did not use supplements. I'm more concerned with health and I'm in damn good shape for eating like a paranoid hippie.
Thinking you can equate natural food protein and health benefits to synthetic whey protein is ludicrous. They just go crazy about that and constantly looking for a better supplement instead of training and eating healthy. I am 22 yo male, am a competitive athlete paddling outrigger canoes trainning twice a day up to six times a week, as well as hold a 9 to 5 day job. What you put in your body is your choice so wouldn't anything organic foods that do contain protein healthier than artificial powder? There are many reasons studies which seemingly indicate the benefits of whey protein, specifically denatured.
One must look into these studies and give a sound rebuttal to them if one wishes to maintain the ill effects of whey protein. Birt and associates at the Eppley Institute for Research in Cancer and Allied Diseases at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, compared the effect on the lifespan of Syrian hamsters (starting at 4 weeks of age) of three dietary levels of whey protein (10, 20, or 40% of the diet).
There were no significant differences in growth and weight (compared to controls) in the hamsters given large amounts of whey protein.
The last surviving control animal died at 88 weeks of age compared to 140 weeks of age in the whey protein-fed hamsters -- an extension in maximum lifespan of about 60%!
Vitamin K1 is the natural plant form of vitamin K, and is the type of vitamin we consume in food. However, in some cases where the intestines are damaged or due to an underlying illness such as cystic fibrosis, the body is unable to absorb Vitamin K.
The main symptoms of Vitamin K deficiency are bleeding from the nose, mouth, skin, intestine and urinary tracts. Ed Halmagyi (Fast Ed of Better Homes & Gardens fame) cooked up a storm with the most delicious barbequed mushrooms - Japanese style.
Glen Cardwell, Consultant Dietician, spoke about the health benefits of mushrooms and the important research that continues to reveal the therapeutic properties of the fungi.
Cholesterol free, they are filling and very low in kilojoules, making them a great 'weight control' food while providing a good source of vitamins and minerals. Mu shrooms are quick and easy to prepare and the flavours are exciting and very user friendly for home cooks as well as chefs", he said. Perfect for canapés, entrees or as a meal on its own, Kiss Kiss will be providing fresh and hot dishes to eat straight away, or frozen if you wish to prepare it at home! With the chance to sample quality products, learn restaurant standard techniques and taste drops from award winning cellar doors all under the one roof.
While Tobie Puttock combined forces with Matt Skinner to produce three recipes from over two decades with a complementary wine list. Perth Concert Hall, managed by AEG Ogden (Perth) Pty Ltd , won the much coveted award for best 'Venue Caterer'. With discussion revolving around how to encourage the healthy traits of pork and ensuring that Australian pork is of the highest possible quality.

From 9am to 1pm you can get fantastic produce from the Peel region at the Peel Education & training Campus, Education Drive, Greenfields. This not for profit organisation seeks to bring you affordable, quality, seasonal produce from the Peel region. In its 4 th year the event saw 246 entries from around Australia compete for places in both commercial and amateur categories. Maggies Place is a new farm stall and tasting shed that has opened in conjunction with Edgecombe Bros. Chantico took out the Silver Award in the espresso category and the Bronze Award in the cappuccino category. With exceptional food, award-winning beer and the beautiful sounds of Ben Merito, the birthday bash was a massive success.
Customers are encouraged to have a wander and check-out some of the fantastic art on display, making Macc a fun and different place to enjoy your favourite brew. So for something new and a little different, look no further than Macc Coffee Bar where you are guaranteed to be pleasantly surprised. A landmark in Fremantle the Little Creatures brewery offers a range of quality beers and, if you go and visit them, a bite to eat.
This funding will support the Association's 'Uncorking the Web for Wineries' project, designed to assist grape growers and wine producers to deliver best practice eCommerce. We discussed Il Giro D'Italia a dining experience where guests explore a region of Italy through music, food and history. Be the first to find out about our latest food adventures and get a sneek peak into what's happening with the Mag. He advocated I eat more protein and advised I consume about 150 grams of protein a day, including the use of protein drinks with whey protein. These industries have successfully lobbied the government, resulting in favorable laws, subsidies, and advertising propaganda that promote corporate profits at the expense of national health.
As your appetite increases, you increase your caloric intake accordingly, and your protein intake increases proportionally. Plus, the additional calories from plant food will give you much more than just protein; they will supply you with the antioxidants that can protect against the increased free radicals generated by the exercise. The excess protein you do not use is not stored by your body as protein; it is converted to fat or eliminated via the kidneys. This acid tide in the blood after a high-protein meal requires an equally strong basic response by the body to neutralize the acid.
Let me remind you that higher body mass index, even if that additional body mass is a mixture of extra muscle and fat, is a strong indicator of premature death. Excessive body mass, and even excessive muscular development, gained by gorging on high-protein animal products is a risk factor for heart attacks and other diseases later in life. Once you go there you cannot read anything until you pay the $35 joining fee.Not to mention i'm sure this website gets commission for re-directing us readers to that site.
For example, it is the common wisdom that one should eat ample amounts of meat in order to get adequate protein and large amounts of dairy products in order to get adequate calcium to avoid osteoporosis. Osteoporosis occurs relatively infrequently in China, even though they consume very little milk or other dairy products.
Actually, milk is a wonderful product, but it was designed for rapid weight gain in calves.
It is almost impossible not to get adequate protein, even on a plant-based diet, providing that one is getting enough calories and consumes a reasonable variety of foods. Many people in affluent societies have lost 75 percent of their kidney function by the eighth decade of their lives.
In this form these amino acids can enter cells where, following instruction from DNA, they can be synthesized into new proteins as is needed. Some specific proteins require these amino acids to synthesize and failure to provide them results in muscle breakdown and other protein functions named earlier.
Research shows that even on RDA of protein strength trainers built muscle as well as those on twice the amount (1).
Protein in animal and dairy foods should be avoided as they are high is saturated fats and cholesterol.
Not everything they present is wrong but it should be considered and some research done before jumping on the bandwagon.
This reaction to casein is why milk consumption is associated with recurrent childhood ear infections, eczema, chronic bronchitis, asthma and sinus conditions.
And if you're allergic to milk protein, it is important to know whether the troublemaker is casein or whey before using whey protein products. As a rule, I discourage use of protein supplements of any kind (including soy) because most of us eat too much protein anyway, even if we work out with weights.
Thats when you see incredibly buff men in their twneties and thirties become unimaginably fat in their forties and so forth.
You may feel great now, but it slowly creeps on you and then its too late, suffer the ill effects of too much protein, supplements.. For example, when I need carbs for a swim or workout, oatmeal with skim milk for carbs and salmon and chicken or turkey for protien. Even though they do work, the dependency Americans have with drinking a chocolate malt shake after a workout can't have good results later in life. Pharm companies would rather have a person die (due to theyre wreckless claims of improving your health or fitness) at 60 and be a customer for 40 years of that time then have a person live to be 80 and never try their products. Depending on the season we do several 500 - 2000 meter sprints or up to 30 km marathons per training session or a mixture of.
Most are from scientific studies and or personal experience and I find it useful at best and interesting at the least. And what about the over building up of tissues inside your body if you take protein powder on a long term basis? One particular area that is the subject of ongoing research is the ability of whey protein to enhance glutathione levels. They looked at lifespan in groups of 40 male and female hamsters (F0 generation) as well as the offspring of these hamsters (F1 generation). The fact that the longest surviving whey protein-fed hamster lived almost three years (about the upper lifespan limit for Syrian hamsters), while none of the hamsters fed the commercial diet reached two years of age, suggests that supplementation with whey protein may have an anti-aging effect. Feral Brewery picked up Best Commercial Brewery and Best WA Brewery along with its Feral Hop Hog taking out Best Commercial Beer of the Show, Best WA Beer of the Show and Best Ale Draught. Elmar has had five fantastic years and after the food and beer on offer it is not hard to see why it is the second biggest tourist attraction in the Swan Valley. Six years and 31 stores latter is has finally travelled across the desert to feed Perth from Mt Lawely. La Lola doesn't take reservations, so enjoy a drink and some friendly Italian hospitality at the stylish bar while you wait to be seated.
Look through any current bodybuilding magazine; what are the vast majority of advertisements selling? Although athletes have a greater protein requirement than sedentary individuals, this is easily obtained through the diet.
Eliminating excess nitrogen via your urine leaches calcium and other minerals from your bones and breeds kidney stones. The dietary-derived acid load from high-protein animal foods must be buffered, and to do that your bones dissolve and release phosphates and calcium.
One might wonder if drinking milk is natural to human beings when we recognize that no other mammal on earth consumes the milk of another species or consumes it after a weaning period. If this is true, how is it that we have gone so far wrong and so many people think that getting sufficient protein is a major dietary concern. Extra kidney capacity enables the kidney to carry out its function in otherwise healthy people, but for people who suffer from additional diseases related to the kidney, such as diabetes, surgical loss, or injury from toxic substances, damage due to the excess protein may be fatal.
The American Dietary Association stated in its 1992 paper, "Eating Well - The Vegetarian Way", "Vegetarians do not need to combine specific foods within a meal as the old 'complementary protein' theory advised. The train of though that strength athletes followed is that the more material you supply the body the more it will build. This is because the protein utilization increased in efficiency and exemplifies on how the body adapts to what is available. Too much building material and not enough work inevitably cause a deposit which will inevitably contribute to weight gain. People who have autoimmune diseases or digestive problems may find that their symptoms improve when they eliminate milk and milk products. Incorporating soy protein into the diet as a substitute for animal protein remains a healthy change I would like to see more people make. This piece can count as one of the most irresponsible pieces about protein supplements regardless of the other truths and facts it offers. I have even split up my protein drinks from the Whey during pre workout and the casein protein for evening and quick fill up drink times.
I attend karate 3 nights a week and hit the gym and do HEAVY weight lifting 4 nights a week. This comes in sharp contrast with what people, particularly in the "strength" sports have come to believe over the decades. I have no argument with the science behind the post as I have also gone through a phase where I followed a very low meat diet and I can say the stated benefits that come from it are true.
For those that are unaware, glutathione is one of the most universal antioxidants in the body with a impressive correlations with various diseases. There are also facilities to create the perfect hamper with items you have tasted for someone special, or even just for you to enjoy.
We wish Elmar and his wife all the best for the future and look forward to some more memorable experiences at Elmar's in the Valley. The reason is that much of our nutrition information has come from experiments on rats, and rats require far more protein than humans do, as seen from the fact that a rat mother's milk has almost 50% of its calories from protein. When people with partial loss or damage to their kidneys are placed on low-protein diets, they are able to maintain much of their remaining kidney function. But perhaps the worst part is that these foods, (proteins and fats) are not the ideal storage foods as excess can contribute to heart disease, cancers and early death. I consume at least 220 grams of whey protein isolate everday (my main daily protein source), along with complex carbs (mostly oatmeal).
Dear sir, what do you think happens if you take your healthy multivitamin supplement with a glass of Drano?
Which is that since muscle is made of protein, it follows that one must eat lots of it if they wish to increase muscle mass. Should I be concerned about drinking protein every day, my blood sugar so far hasn't dropped since drinking protein.
People seem to think they can supplement their way to good health while still eating whatever they want. I also grew up with the other extreme mostly meat and very little veg ect and can say the stated drawbacks are true also.
Check out some of these impressive studies on the positive effects of why protein in-general.
A deficiency in Vitamin K has an adverse affect on liver function and may lead to excess bleeding. It is extremely significant that during infancy, the period when humans have the most rapid growth, mother's breast milk provides only 5% of its calories as protein.
I blend the oatmeal up into a powder in a blender, and put in about 30 grams of protein with about 60 grams of the oatmeal powder into sandwich bags to take on the go-just add water.
However, this low protein diet in my humble opinion would be suitable to those who participate in zero to medium exercise, and also depends on the type of exercise, ie marathon runner vs bodybuilder.
It could be that the strength athletes who have succeeded, have succeeded in spite of their dietary preferences.
Trying to consume enough protein from a mainly vegetarian diet with the kind of routine I have is not only impractical (try getting up at 5 every morning, train for two hours and come home to cook a full meal before work) but would also reduce my ability to recover quickly enough and make gains in terms of fitness and strength. Excessive stimulation of bone turnover also causes an increase in bone breakdown and remodeling, which can lead to osteoarthritis and calcium deposits in other tissues. The presence of this bone material in the urinary tract also lays the foundation for calcium-based kidney stones.
Thank you for serving my country and fellow citizens, but try to put me down for eating more protein and being stronger than you are. I have found I crave it during periods of intense training, but on holidays or off season, my protein needs reduces dramatically. Also I have noticed that once I reach a certain level of fitness and strength, the amount of protein I need is reduced, but in order to bust through new plateus it is a lot easier with protein supplementation. I pack on a lot of muscle with exercise quite easily so I guess that might be one reason why I need so much, and no I don't take steroids btw. As for non anecdotal proof, Peter lemon suggests strength athletes increase protein intake beyond the RDA.
I am concerned about taking too much protein as well because I have found that too much hinders my gains, however I use the amount my body craves as an indicator of how much I need. They get through just fine on a regular diet, however they adapt to training a lot slower than I do and don't pack on muscle like I do, most due to genetics I think (they're tall and lanky). To those people who haven't tried protein shakes or don't need to try it, (ie: don't exercise) don't discount what you haven't tried.
Science is not at a stage where it can answer all the questions we have about the human body and how it works. Adopting a bit of common sense and moderation in relation to our diets should do most people just fine. I think with the "if you don't need it don't take it" approach that I am taking with regards to protein supplementation, detrimental effects to my health further down the track are at a minimal.

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