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When considering green tea and weight loss, it is important to realize that one pound of fat is equivalent to approximately 3500 calories.  Regardless of the weight loss program chosen, it is going to take a calorie deficit or shortage of 3500 calories less than your normal “set point”.
Current research suggests that drinking five cups of green tea each day could actually burn an additional 70 to 80 extra calories per day. Of course, burning an additional 70 or 80 calories per day is not even close the 500 calories needed to lose a pound of fat per week. NOW Green Tea Extract offers a convenient way to obtain the active constituents of Green Tea in a concentrated form. Our tea bags are sealed for freshness in airtight, flavor protecting fresh packs to ensure your full enjoyment. Primula Flowering Tea Set includes a 40-Ounce Glass Teapot, 6 Flowering teas and a Loose Tea Variety Pack. Obviously, simply drinking green tea alone will not be enough to result in losing weight at the rate many people would prefer, but it can be very helpful as a weight loss aid or weight loss supplement. If you are serious about wanting to learn how to lose weight, a green tea diet may not result in melting off the pounds all by itself, but it is certainly recommended as a diet supplement, not only for its metabolic boost, but also for the many other documented health benefits of green tea.
You may be familiar with the above words.  Green Tea which referred by almost all doctors and dietitians and Weight lossis an important factor of everyone’s life.
But do you really know how Green Tea works for our body and ultimately results in weight loss?  It is really interesting to know its benefits.  After a great search on this information and discussion with my dietitian, I got some information which I will love to share with all of you.
Many of us face the problem of tooth decay.  This problem now days prevail in every age group. You can keep away a common cold or flu with its help.  Vitamin C in green tea helps a lot as prevention major for all such troubles.
Your immune system gets boosted up with its use as it makes you stronger to fight the infections. Green tea helps in preventing high blood pressure and helps in lowering your blood sugar level.

Problem of obesity can be easily avoided with regular exercise and drinking green tea regularly.
Now days doctor recommend people to have a bone density test periodically.  Green tea helps in preserving your bone density.
Are you worried about skin aging or wrinkling?  Then just get relaxed.  The harmful effects of free radicals can be avoided with regular use of green tea. The prevention from all the above problems ultimately lead to weight loss with its consumption since Green tea is just perfect for boosting the metabolism rate naturally.
Recent CommentsJohn Shahin on Earth Day 2012: How much Time it takes to Decomposepatricia carmell on Are you really worried about your abs?Preeti on Misal Pav Recipesushrut on How to make Pav Bhaji?aavishkar on How to use Computer tablet? Green Tea is proven to aid in improving the metabolism of the body, which eventually helps in weight loss.
This set point is the point at which you neither gain, nor lose weight, but simply maintain your current weight. Green tea weight loss results when these additional calories are burned through a process known as thermogenesis, a physiological process of heat production. And for anyone who wants to lose two or three pounds per week, obviously they will need to do more than drink green tea or weight loss tea, this is not a method for quick weight loss.
Those extra 80 calories burned each day can be exactly what you need in order to help tip the scale and create a calorie deficit. The exact quantity of consumption of green tea on a daily basis for weight loss is not really defined.
It doesn’t make a lot of difference if you consume iced versions once in a while, but try and take the hot version as much as you can. Moreover, good brands will ensure that there are no additives or preservatives, so that you get completely fresh and natural green tea, which is naturally rich in anti-oxidants and offers many benefits for the human body. Most packs from the market will mention an expiry date, but if you get raw extracts, make sure that you consume them within six months at least, while they are still fresh.

The calorie deficit necessary to lose weight can result from a change in diet, an increase in exercise or a combination of both of these.  If you want to lose one pound per week, you will need to create a calorie deficit of approximately 500 calories each day. A good portion of the thermogenesis effect is a result of the occurrence of caffeine; however, studies also show that the effects go beyond the caffeine content of green tea and some of this therogenesis benefit is derived from epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG. However, there is no denying that green tea weight loss benefits do exist and drinking green tea or oolong tea weight loss supplements will certainly help you lose weight, especially when used in conjunction with the best weight loss program. Most experts say that 2 cups a day should be sufficient enough, keeping in mind that too much of caffeine is anyway bad for health. For green tea to work effectively in your weight loss plans, it is vital that you alter your diet alongside and control on the amount of calories you consume.
According to recent research, if you did nothing more than drink five cups of green tea every day, it would take 43 days to lose one pound.
I love nature, photography, paintings, reading books, cooking, watching movies, being with family and friends, working with devotion, taking care of others and so on. The upper limit of caffeine intake is different for each person, depending on their overall diet, health condition and lifestyle. Make sure that you follow a good diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, and minus too many calories, so the effect of green tea can actually be seen. Now, that might seem rather insignificant, but over the course of a year it would result in losing 8 pounds. If you consume an additional 500 calories per day, above your set point, you will GAIN one pound per week. Considering the only change made was to add some tea that can be a considerable amount of weight to lose.

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