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We are proud to have teamed up with Freedom Leisure to offer our guests full use of the local facilities, should you wish to have an early morning swim before breakfast, or use the gym after you return from your day out. We have limited passes to offer our guests and they will be issued on a first come first served basis, but we offer this free of charge for your personal use during your stay with us and can be booked in advance subject to availability. Welcome to Rye Sports Centre, operated by Freedom Leisure on behalf of Rother District Council.
At freedom leisure you will find everything you need to work out, improve your fitness and enjoy the time you spend in our leisure centres.
From the hotel, turn right out of the hotel and walk down traders passage onto Mermaid street, turn left to the bottom of Mermaid street and take your second right, follow the footpath right until you get to Jempsons Bakery and the pelican crossing. For 40 years, Sport Court has partnered with leading sports organizations to create surfaces that deliver outstanding performance and maximize the athletes playing life, all while minimizing the cost to the facility.
Our CourtBuilders™ work with sports clubs and training facilities to custom design and install sports flooring that meet your clubs look and feel and meets your facility’s needs.
Tennis: Chosen by the USTA as its official modular surface and as a partner in 36’ 60', Sport Court Tennis can install and service a variety of Tennis court surfaces to meet your clubs needs.

Futsal: chosen by the US Soccer Foundation as its official court supplier, Sport Court Futsal courts deliver safe, hard, fast playing surfaces that make the sport fun for athletes while reducing the fear of injury. Most Comprehensive Warranty: No other warranty offers the same protection as our 15-year limited warranty. Canterbury have designed the England Hybrid Gym Short to have a looser fit and longer leg than that of the standard training short, making them perfect for gym and running sessions. We believe exercise should be effective and fun and our teams will make sure it is. From our fully equipped gyms and wide variety of exercise classes to racquet sports and swimming. Cross over the road and head towards the train station and turn right through the coach park, then turn left and the Leisure Centre is 30yards on the left. Our synthetic suspended gym floor surfaces are tough enough to be the official flooring for hundreds of sports events, while still providing the performance standards required by the NCAA, USTA, USA Volleyball, FIBA and the U.S. If you are leasing a facility and concerned about installing a permanent basketball court,  Sport Court is your answer. Serious athletes around the world have discovered the benefits of playing on a high-performance suspended basketball court from Sport Court.

Our CourtBuilders provide long term, safe surface options that reduce or eliminate issues inherent with standard acrylic surfaces. You can find out about swimming and all the sports you can do in the swimming and sports section . Its modular nature allows the court to be easily uninstalled, transported and reinstalled when you move to a newer, larger location. Each surface is engineered to provide the highest level of shock absorption and Lateral Forgiveness to reduce the stress on athlete’s joints and backs, thereby extending their playing life and extending the time they are playing at your facility.
It typically can reinstalled in two to three days, making it an excellent choice to retrofit over any hard, flat surface and it requires less maintenance and repair than most other indoor surfaces.

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