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Each week, I alternate weight-training and cardio workouts for six consecutive days and I rest on Sunday. Minutes 4-5, 6-10 and 11-14 work your way from Intensity Level 6 to Level 9, maintain for one minute.
Minutes 15-19 work your way from Intensity Level 6 to Level 10 (High Point at Level 10), maintain for one minute. For the second exercise of a muscle group, I will only perform 1 set of 12 repetitions using a lighter weight.
Just as a final note, remember not to overwork yourself or use weights that are too heavy for you!

This is the mouth-watering, creamy, sensational dessert that I made for Kevin's birthday party. I finished it with great results(strengthened my whole body and I lost 20 pounds), but because it is such a high-intensity program and really beats up your body, there is no way I wanted to continue that for the long term.
I was able to talk with my sister-in-law, Lyndsy, about it for quite a while, and after seeing how great it has worked for her, I decided to try it out for myself!
I rotate which two exercises I choose for a given muscle group so that my body never gets accustomed to the same one. As shown in the chart above, I do upper and lower body weight training exercises on separate days.

Hurting yourself will only result in you not being able to exercise, pushing your goals even further away.
For the first set I will start with a lighter weight and then with each following set I will increase my weight, except for the very last set.

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