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Our Private Fitness Suite in Berkhamsted, specialising in weight management, includes the most up to date luxury equipment and state of the art audio visual equipment. All copyright and intellectual property rights on this website are vested in Stepchange Personal Training. Fitness Tours"Fitness has never been so much fun"Danny Fisher is a personal trainer with a difference, Danny provides result driven fun.
Give a good Personal Trainer a client that follows; the combination of the right mental attitude, correct nutrition discipline, regular outdoor fitness, the gym and you get the body you always wanted!Thanks Rich for your photos!! Having also coached clients to run marathons and shorter races, I can also tailor a running program around your schedule to help you achieve your desired time and distance.

Contact Darryl for more information about Cardiovascular Fitness Personal Training in Malta. They must not be altered, deleted, copied, reproduced, published, sold, rented, transmitted, distributed or used without authorisation from Stepchange Personal Training.
Once my male clients gives in and provide me permission to upload some!Typically a mens session involves more impact upper body and core training. Not only is it important for burning calories, it’s vital for general and improved fitness and helps reduce the risk of heart disease in later life. I will provide innovative and exciting ways to add cardio work to your programme and use a number of engaging techniques to get your heart rate up and your weight down.

Getting fit ‘cardiovascularly’ can be hard work, so I’ll put together personalised programmes that are challenging, yet varied and fun. Whether it's Kick Fit, Circuit Training or Speed Training, you’re sure to enjoy your work-outs more than you would using gym-bound techniques.

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