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A workout routine does not have to be long in order to burn calories and pump up the heart rate. Moderate running or jogging can be a good solution, and there are several other cardio exercises to do at home without equipment or at the gym. It is a typical HIIT workout which is great for pros and for those who are seeking for something challenging. It may seem too easy, but believe me you will not think that after completing this routine.
As you see from the title of the video in this routine you will have to use your bodyweight, and it is a bit longer than 20 minutes.
These is another relatively short routine which needs no equipment and besides the cardiovascular benefits it works your entire body improving the strength of it. This video is made by an expert fitness trainer Kelsey Lee and with the help of this routine you can burn approximately 200 calories and it only takes 20 minutes.
For this routine, you need a pair of light dumbbells, or if you are a beginner, you can neglect them.

In my opinion boxing is the best exercise and that it what I do to enhance my stamina and to burn calories. Walking seems to be a not so efficient exercise, but several studies have proved that it one of the best ways to burn calories and keep your body fit and healthy.
Here are more 20 minute cardio workout routines that support weight loss if you do not like the previous ones. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Reddit Buffer PocketLast updated by James at July 20, 2015.
Jumping rope is part of training programs for Olympic wrestlers, boxers and other athletes. A 20 minute cardio workout that you do four times a week can bring fabulous results if you follow a healthy diet. After 5-minute warmup, you will do a Tabata style routine which combines only two types of exercises. It includes such powerful exercises like push ups, triceps dips that are among the best bodyweight exercises.

Then, this is a routine you need which uses the power of kickboxing to boost your heart rate, burn fat and work all the muscle groups at once. You will have to do different punches and kicks, so if you are new to boxing you may have to spend some time with learning them.
I like walking in the nearby forest with my family but if the weather is not so good then you can try the following routine. These are high knee freeze, walk down push ups, jumping jacks, double dip squats, stutter steps and jacks, and leg pulses. The heart works to deliver blood back and forth in an effort to deliver oxygen to the working muscles.

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