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One of the most difficult parts about starting & sticking to an exercise program is finding the right gym that fits all of your needs.
Our program offers a 3 day cleanse, approved food list, and a food diary so you can keep track of your intake. February 12, 2013 By Gregor Winter 9 Comments Here is a quick read if you are interested in how the Russian’s designed their training back in the days. The paper is called The Russian Approach to Planning a Weightlifting Program [Preview Below] and is from 1995. So what was considered new then is already 17 years old by now. Still interesting to see how they did their exercise grouping based on the varying effects on the human body etc. The model presented here (Tables 2 and 3 below) is that of the national weightlifting team of the former Soviet Union.

To reach their highest potential, Soviet weightlifters must also include supplemental exercises such as squats, power snatches, and power cleans. We combine different types of snatch and clean and jerk exercises in order to obtain the optimum results in the competitive lifts.
The first four groups emphasize overload in the lower body while the fifth group emphasizes overload in the upper body. Alternating high intensity workouts with medium and low intensity workouts will help the weightlifter to recover properly and will prepare him or her for the next workout.
I liked this article when I found it years ago, but it is a little contradictory and confusing.
There are a lot of us, especially those dealing with weight issues, who are not comfortable going to a co-ed gym.

Choose from our list of classes, body wraps, and weight loss plan or do a combination that works for your needs. Being self conscious can get in the way of a workout, and being able to go to the gym and not worry about the way you look is a relief for anyone that just wants to get in a good workout.

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