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There are times in life when I used to wonder how certain clients just couldn’t see how beautifully capable they are.
From April to October you'll find us outdoors at three camp locations in Boulder, Lafayette and Longmont.
If you are truly wanting to make a breakthrough in your life then please consider this remarkable 5-day-a-week program.
We've seen the benefits of combining boot camp and yoga through the results of our campers for years. To help encourage you to join us 5-days-a-week, we have priced our Total Transformation Program to be our best value and a 'no brainer' to 'up' your commitment from just Boot Camp or Yoga to our Total Transformation. Note that if after participating for a week in our Total Transformation Program you prefer to only attend Boot Camp or PowerFit Yoga, we will issue a full refund for the difference in the camp fees. We are so confident that you will like Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp and see results that we guarantee it.
Available for children as young as 8 weeks old, childcare can be provided in the Kids Club at Flatiron Athletic Club. During our normal 5-week Boot Camps, we include a few 'Fitness in the Flatironss' Trail Days and for most of our campers they are some of their favorite classes.

During Second Saturday trail days, your trainer and group will stop every few minutes along the trail for a strength and cardio interval.
You will learn how to turn an ordinary jog into a full-body workout using the outdoors as a virtual weight room. By the end of class you will have incorporated rocks, trees, benches, steps and more and will have sweat on the brow, a smile on your face.
Similar to our Boot Camps, our Second Saturday workouts are designed to accommodate a wide range of abilities. As our Saturday classes are 15 minutes longer than our standard weekday Boot Camps, you should be ready for a high intensity effort. Upon completing our registration process, we will send you a registration confirmation complete with detailed information on our meeting location and how we would cancel a class due to inclement weather. I watch them take that extra mile, an extra set of stairs, or discipline themselves with a clean diet! The phrase may conjure up images of drill sergeants screaming orders into megaphones at unfortunate souls doing push-ups. If life though throws you a curve and you can't make your normal class time, you can swap to one of our other class times or camp locations..

By alternating days between Fitness Boot Camp and PowerFit Yoga, we have created an amazingly effective fitness program. If you are struggling with our standard one hour Boot Camp class then we recommend that you wait until you have a few more weeks of Boot Camp under your belt. You will see results in all aspects of your life and body - strong and confident body, calm mind, balanced life, and a ramped up metabolism that naturally sheds weight.
A fitness expert from Body Inspired Fitness, Parker is best known for inspiring Chelsea Settles of the hit MTV show “Chelsea Settles” to lose an incredible 91 pounds in less than five months. Now with a special deal for new students, she is looking to create the same dramatic results for others through her 6-week Los Angeles outdoor boot camp.
It makes me proud to know this information as I watch them grimace through their workouts with anguish on their face as their bodies and minds duke it out.

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