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Yet when we looked at kids' meals from 10 different fast-food chains, we found that all of them contained more than the recommended amount of calories—and some contained much more.
When we asked the fast food companies to comment on their kids' meals' high calorie counts, many noted that it's possible to select a meal that adds up to 400 calories or less from their kids' menus. But Jennifer Harris, a social scientist with Yale's Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity, points out that customers don't always opt for the healthiest combination. The researchers noted that fast food companies spent $4.6 billion on marketing to kids in 2012. Mother Jones encourages readers to sign in with Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Disqus, or OpenID to comment. JapaneseGrilled salmon bento (hold the rice)‘Salmon is packed with Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, which are super-healthy. With obesity rates rising among both adults and children, Americans have been forced to reevaluate what they’re eating, and fast-food restaurants have been forced to take a hard look at what they are serving. If you’re really being careful, though, which fast-food restaurant meals are truly lower in sodium, calories, fats, and provide better nutrients for diners?
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The most caloric, from Carl's Jr., had a whopping 990 calories, more than twice what a preschooler should be eating (and about 33 percent more than what's recommended for a 10-year-old).

If a parent chooses French fries and soda or soft serve instead of apple slices and fat free milk, the calories can reach more than 600. Help hold the powerful accountable by funding our reporting with a tax-deductible donation today. Which Trader Joe's Foods Are Healthiest?In our latest food smackdown, we put TJ's convenience meals to the test. Most fast-food restaurants have lightened their menus and provided customers with healthier options – but just how healthy are these new menu items?
Whether it’s a quick Lebanese meal or a full-on combo lard-fest, modern life is fast and our eating habits have followed suit. The sauce may have a little sugar, but it’ll be counteracted by the protein.’Chicken yakitori bento (hold the rice)‘It’s grilled and comes skinless with a seaweed salad, as well as fruit, both of which are healthy. The salmon is a better choice and this is a little high in sodium, but it’s OK if you’re sweating it out. Opt for the entree size instead of the full meal; french fries and high sugar drinks will add a lot of calories to your meal. Derrick Branford, a record-breaking Olympic weightlifter, is now taking it upon himself to train the Middle East population on nutrition and healthy eating through his company, American Fitness. With all bento boxes, hold the rice and replace it with lower-glycaemic carbs such as veggies.’Tofu, wakame and cucumber salad‘Tofu is a soy protein, so this is a complete, well-rounded meal because you get the combination of protein and low-glycaemic carbs.

The seaweed is a superfood that’s packed with iodine, which raises your metabolism by maximising your thyroid output.’Any sashimi dish‘Sashimi is pure protein – this is the best option if you’re trying to lose fat. Over time, these kinds of unhealthy food choices can lead to obesity and eventually heart disease.
It’s high in protein and essential fatty acids: your body can use those acids in place of carbs.
This is what an elite athlete would choose.’Miso soup‘This contains a pro-digestive enzyme that’s great for digestion.
Eating this meal a few times a week will have your skin glowing!’Thin Romana pizza (choose any toppings, but hold the cheese)‘These pizzas are stretched thin, helping to reduce the amount of carbs in each slice, but do still use portion control. Cut out the cheese to remove the major caloric contributor of the meal and to avoid combining fats and carbs, which is diet sabotage [carbs and fat combined boost your insulin levels and drive fat cells into storage].’Pizze Integrale (any toppings, but hold the cheese)‘Again, cheese is a no-no [it’s very high in fat], but the dough is wholemeal, which is a lower glycemic option than regular crust.

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