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In mind we learnt about what kind of learner we are and what the type of learner likes to do.My favourite rotation was probably the meditation where we got to focus ono ur breathing and relax. In soul we learnt about things that we like to do that feeds our soul like in one activity we got to do cooking so that is what i am going to be focousing on in my negotiated task.
Negotiated task 1:  Each week I am going to be cooking a healthy recipe that I will demonstrate how to cook it and post it on my blog using vimeo for others to see. At the moment I am working on some little posters that say which would you prefer out of a healthy fod and an unheathy food so at the Expo people can write down what they prefer.I hope that the people at the expo will see that even though unhealthy food is cheaper it better to go with the healthy option and so they can see how delicous healthy recipes really are! That is what I do at the start of each Big idea session and then i have been finishing of stuff that i need to! You can still prepare all your favorite meals using less fat than one of the following methods.
Beyond that, here are 9 cooking techniques that will help you in preparing a healthier meal. This website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any pregnancy complications.

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In today's health-conscious culinary environment, diners expect much more than just delicious food.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. The activitys we have done are going to link to our negotiated task that we will be doing throught this term. My favourite rotation would have to be the cooking one because i love to cook and we got to make a yummy dip and then present it and see which one was the best.
The video wouldn’t go on my blog cause the length of the video was to big so we have made it into a DVD.
If you have substituted ingredients for healthier versions but then fry it, you can drastically reduce the meals health benefits.
To get the most nutrients out of the whole grains, soak 1 cup of grains with 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt.

Try to minimize the amount of time vegetables and fruits are boiled so you don’t lose too many nutrients. The water you used to cook the vegetables will have the nutrients, if you can use some of that water in your recipe, you can add back some of the lost nutrients.
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