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Have a really fast metabolism and need to increase your caloric intake by some extra calories?
We created a special Monday to Friday 3000-calories diet plan that will surely help you to reach the goals. This healthy diet plan is especially good for active and energetic men between the ages of 20 to 50.
Bedtime Snack: five graham crackers, , 1 cup dried fruits, 1 cup skim milk, two teaspoons peanut butter. Breakfast: four whole wheat waffles, two cups cottage cheese, 1 sliced banana, 2 cup sliced strawberries.
Breakfast: French toast (two slices wheat bread dipped in a batter of one large egg topped with two tbsp. Breakfast: Sandwich (1 English muffin topped with ? oz cheese, 1 egg, sliced pepper and onion), turkey sausage link, ? cup non-fat and sugar-free yogurt, 1 cup orange juice. Snack: 2 medium slices of grilled bacon placed on top of ? cup sliced and cooked tomatoes, 2 oz. If 50% of your diet is made up of carbs, then you need to eat 1500 calories worth of Carbs per day.
If you are a bodybuilder or an athlete, then you should know that 25-35% of your diet should come from fat.
I read quit a lot of info about meal planing and I’m amazed at the amount of d-bags that claim to know so much about it. Lol this is hilarious I can’t believe grains are still accepted you don’t need carbs at all you can get all you need for energy from ketones which are fats!!
In the remainder of this post, I want to explain how I theoretically plan my food for multi-day backpacking trips and thru-hikes. For example, if my daily rations consisted of just five Snickers, and my trip was 4 days long, then I would bring 20 Snickers.
For example, if my daily rations consisted again of just five Snickers, and if my thru-hike had four resupply points that were 4, 6, 7, and 10 days apart (27 days total), then I would need 135 Snickers. My experience is that most backpackers only need about 3,000 calories per day, so in most cases I do not recommend that you replicate exactly the food plan above. If a pile of food worth 3,000 calories seems like it’s way too much or way too little, adjust the amount before you even start your trip. Even if I determine correctly the amount of calories I need per day, I may not necessarily leave the trailhead with the correct amount of food for the entire trip because this calculation depends on whether I determined correctly how many days it would take to reach the next resupply point, which itself is a function of the distance I cover each day, i.e.
If I underestimate how much time it will take by overestimating my MPD, I will have to ration my food so I do not run out, as happens in the example below.
If you are new to backpacking, you need data points before you can start predicting your pace on a multi-day hike or a thru-hike. You seem to have a meal plan for all your hikes, but have you had to forage while on the trail? My problem is that we go on weekend hikes and if we have a little extra food or not enough food, it all works out ok.
I tend to look at it from an efficiency perspective: Will the resupply save or cost me time, versus carrying enough food to make it to the next one?
This plan will work if you have quality protein, essential fats, and complex carbohydrates.
The following daily diet which was created by Diet Bites is based on the Food Group recommendations contained in the Official Food Pyramid. At this writing we feel it is the best pattern for losing excess pounds in a healthy manner. The Food Pyramid defines the types of foods that we should eat for optimum health - and it also separates these foods into groups.
The calories are based on the average American and the amount of energy that their body requires in order to maintaining its healthy recommended body weight.
However, this number of calories is simply a guide - a pattern used to depict the amount of food which would be required by an individual meeting this energy criteria.

If you are a small woman with a small body frame size, and if you are older - and if you are inactive you may require as little as 1300 calories per day in order to support your recommended weight.
We have the same amounts of servings included in both of the following Food Comparison Charts. Therefore, the types of foods that we choose to consume do matter, even when they are healthy choices.
Let me tell you this right from the get go, consuming only 1,000 calories a day is not that easy, at first, but when you feel your clothes falling off and the scale becoming your best friend, you will be glad you stuck with the plan. BTW, I recommend adding in some form of exercise too (click the link above), atleast 20 minutes a day if you can, 10 minutes is cool too.
Some of you may already be eating 1,000 calories a day, but aren’t seeing any results or any weight loss. We are happy to share our sample meal plan for younger children ages 9 years of age or older. If you are unsure how much calories your child needs, please visit our meal planning page or try our the meal planner tool. So, if you need a 3000-calorie weight maintenance diet, then you’ve come to the right place. However, 3 healthy meals and 2 or 3 snacks a day means you are eating something every 2 or 3 hours, so you’ll never let yourself be very hungry. By knowing this simple formula you can easily count how many Carbohydrates you need to consume. It is recommended to consume most of fat from almond butter, peanut butter, nut butter, olive oil, flax-seed, fish and nuts. No matter, how hard you train, if you don’t supply the body with the necessary amount of calories and nutrients – you stop the progress. I simply need to go shopping (using the shopping list I developed in Excel), package the food (hopefully with the help of family and friends), box it up, and ship it to my planned resupply points.
On my 208-day Great Western Loop, for example, I resupplied about 50 times, or on average about every 140 miles, or 4 days.
If the 3,000-calorie pile looks reasonable, then make adjustments before your next trip based on the results from your first. If I overestimate how much time it will take by underestimating my MPD, I will be free to eat more each day than I originally planned.
In the case of meals with multiple ingredients, I break down the meal by ingredient and determine the weight of each ingredient per meal, similar to how I break down my daily rations into individual meals. Boil water, add the ingredients, let is sit for a few minutes to absorb the water, stir as needed.
If you list each item you need to bring along, you can use a pivot table to sum everything up and create your shopping list for you…still working on the spreadsheet but it should making plan for the next trip easier. Some thru-hikers really enjoy the town experience, so they will go out of their way to visit towns. Typically I only resupplied at on-trail locations, unless the only way to break up long stretches between on-trail locations was by hitching or walking into town. Double-wall tent weights have come way down since I wrote the first edition of my Gear Guide. Some choices are meat, sandwich, non-fat milk, plain yoghurt, vegetables, fruits, and grains.
In this way, you will know your improvement and make the better plan for diet and exercise.
We are also provided examples of daily recommendations from each group - given both the minimum requirements and the maximum based on a standard 2000 calorie daily diet. If you are a male body builder with a large frame size, who is extremely active and who is a young, tall adult - you may require well over 3000 calories in order to support optimum health. Both of the following Food Guides by Diet Bites contain the MAXIMUM amounts of food servings recommended by the American Food Pyramid.
Our first chart contains about 1800 calories while the second holds well over 3000 calories.

While all choices are considered very healthy choices, the total daily calories are extreme.
Food Groups hold varieties of selections of fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins and dairy foods - all of which vary in energy values. While I don’t recommend eating less then that, 500-700 calories a day can be done as well.
It is often difficult to find a suitable sample diet plan to gain lean muscle mass or to go on a bulking up diet.
Plus you’ll get excellent tips on how to create a successful 3000-calories bodybuilding plan. Making your objectives clear won’t be so difficult if you will make your diet work for you!
Place the bacon with tomatoes and cheese into the microwave and cook until the cheese is melted.
The truth is you are your own experiment you need to truely try a diet for 3 months at least to see results. On my computer, I develop, refine, and perfect every aspect of the trip, notably my gear, supplies, route, and logistics. Also, if you have a friend who is an experienced backpacker and who understands your capabilities and comfort level from other athletic pursuits, then consult them. I want to tackle the AT somtime this year, I will be using your statistics tables, thanks, Looking forward to maybe coming to a seminar ,if you come near the south!
But it seems like the weight-savings are at least partially at the expense of living space and fabric durability. You need to have the types of food that can boost your metabolism so that you can exercise easily.
To know that your fat is getting gone, you will get more motivation to continue your diet plan.
We wanted to show that the choices of foods that we make matter in a huge way where calories - as well as nutrition is concerned.
It's up to us to make the best choices based on both nutrition and calories when planning our daily menus. While this is not necessary, because you’re already in a HUGE calorie deficit, it will speed up the weight loss at an even a faster pace.
To do so, I rely heavily on applications like Excel, Word, National Geographic TOPO!, and Google Maps. For example, I order my gear, bottle my stove fuel, print my maps, and reserve my air flights. At some point in the future, though, I’ll come out with something more powerful and functional. While on a week long hunting camping trip with minimal food (due to lack of preparation) me and my buddy found out 3 squirrels a day per person with some granola bars will keep you sustained for a while until the deer start movin. For example, the Big Agnes Copper Spur has just 29 square feet of space for 2 people, and the REI Quarter Dome canopy is made of 15D PU- or PE-coated nylon. If you have much exercise to build muscle, you will need more energy, so having more calories is fine. This stage can be intimidating because I am now committing my financial resources, not just my time. In comparison, SD's new High Route 1 Tent has 36 square feet of space, and MLD uses 30D silnylon. To do this program, you need to be accompanied by professional instructor to control your weight and to get the right exercise for your body to start.
You do not have to eat the unfamiliar foods because losing appetite will cause more trouble.
It is necessary to put on some consideration in choosing clothes since your performance at the gym is related to the clothes you wear.

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