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The obvious things are practicing the skills and working the muscle groups you need, but without a good diet this can be seriously hindered.You need to make sure that you are getting all the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals to encourage muscle growth and repair as well as general good health. Here are all the core ingredients a rugby player’s diet should entail:ProteinThis doesn’t just mean a steak dinner once a week and ensuring that you have meat at every meal. While this is still very beneficial, if you are pushing yourself hard on a regular basis then you should start using protein shakes. Whey protein is a very popular type of protein drink as it can help your muscles to recover much faster and therefore increase your overall power.
This will give your body the best chance to repair and recover, therefore helping you to gain bulk and increase your power potential.Fats Yes, you read that right.
Fat carries a lot of benefits that can seriously help you in the hard contact, high intensity sport such as:Protecting your vital organs Positively affect health Brilliant long term fuel source – ideal for when you’re in the 70th minuet While this is all a very positive review of fat in the diet, make sure that you don’t have a high intake of it before or after exercise as this can hinder muscle growth.

Make sure you are taking on healthy carbohydrates such as cereal, whole-wheat bread, muesli bars, rice, pasta, potatoes and fruit.
It is always best to take in lots of carbohydrates before and after any intense activity to give yourself the best performances.
Similarly to protein, you want to be eating around 7g of carbs for every kg of bodyweight to recover from intense exercise. Vegetables contain important nutrients and vitamins that assist in muscle development and repair. In addition to this they help your body to fight off illnesses which could damage your performance and prevent you training to your full potential. It also has dehydrating properties which can affect the performance of your muscles and make your reactions slower.

Make sure you are taking on plenty of fluids before, during and after exercise as well as a healthy amount of water throughout the day.
Only a practiced sports dietician can give you a tailored diet plan, but this list will let you know what type of things you should be eating and drinking. Creating a general diet plan is easy to do and can be highly effective when compared to not changing your diet to adapt to your needs.About the Author – Shop Rugby is a specialist provider of top quality rugby kit and equipment providing the latest team kits and rugby clothing from all around the world.
We cover everything from amateur clubs to the biggest internationals, no game is too small as far as we are concerned.

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