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On the new Weight Watchers approach, Penny can eat three filling meals a daywithout exceeding her ProPoints allowance. Carbohydrates currently get a bad press, but one thing you should take into account before your decide to ditch the carbohydrates is that this is the muscles’ main source of fuel!
These are the recommended levels of carbohydrate intake based on duration of activity and body weight in kg. It is crucial that the determined, healthy athletes begin training sessions and competitions well hydrated. If you wait until you are thirsty to drink then it is probable that your body is at least 2 pints dehydrated. The role of protein in our diet is to repair muscles and plays and important role in how the body responds to exercise. Protein seems to be the dieter’s favourite at the moment, but let us squash the myths! Diets encouraging protein as a source of energy (i.e cutting carbohydrates and eating high levels of protein) result in a condition called ketosis. For more information or to identify your individual requirements please contact 01509 218700 or 07973 782 647.
How to use The Mix and Match Meal Planner: You can create a daily menu by choosing a breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Ssome are excellent and some can be harmful but our advice is based on the scientific facts of physical function. If your exercise programme requires power, strength, endurance or speed then you will burn carbohydrates. You should note that these are guidelines only, as intensity of activity is impossible to predict. It is easy to check whether your are hydrated or not – just look at the colour of your urine!
Low- to moderate-intensity exercise that lasts for less than an hour, with low sweat loss, then the choice might be water.
Proteins are not a preferred source of energy and our body only uses them as a last resort.
Remember the minimum daily ProPoints allowance is 26 a€“ yours will be calculated when you join Weight Watchers a€“ which means you can select meals to add up to this allowance, or more, as you also have an additional weekly bonus allowance of 49 ProPoints values.
This is not a restrictive diet plan, so carries its own incentive to stick with it long-term.The result is a balanced, nutritious diet to achieve a healthy weight.
However, when working out a dietary plan it is always useful to understand how much fuel you burn.
This can be worked out on an individual level only – please contact us directly for this!

If it’s clear then you are fully hydrated, the darker and more yellow in colour you are dehydrated. Moderate- to hard-training sessions which last more than an hour, with greater sweat loss choose isotonic sports drink or make you own. The ProPoints plan is designed to lead to a healthy and sustainable weight loss of up to 2lb per week. The Mayo Clinic claims that the plan can help reduce your risk for heart disease (by lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol), cancer and Type 2 diabetes. For good health we recommend you include A? a pint of skimmed milk a day (3 ProPoints values).
Dieters are provided with tools and advice that will help them to let go of negative behaviors while incorporating positive habits.For the first two weeks dieters follow the ‘lose it’ phase, which helps to kick-start weight loss and allow dieters to lose up to ten pounds.
After these initial two weeks dieters progress to the ‘live it’ phase, which is followed over the long term for healthy weight management.The authors say that the key to weight loss is to eliminate five bad habits, adopt five good habits and, over the longer term, take on five bonus habits.
Filling and healthy foods (highlighted in bold in the meal planner) will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

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